(2018-03-18) What Are Neighbors For?
What Are Neighbors For?
Summary: Eddie and Penny visit Sue's apartment, to get back something that she… borrowed.
Date: 2018-03-18
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Player Characters: Eddie, Penny, Sue

----| Sue's Apartment - Old Tenement - Baker St. |

This apartment is in poor condition. Underlying the heady scents of jasmine incense is the vague smell of mildew and dust. The walls are covered with peeling and faded red and yellow ornament paper, and the floor is a varnished hardwood that is swollen and distorted in places, creaking loudly with every footfall. Though the occupant has covered areas of it with brightly colored, if somewhat ratty and abused looking throw rugs that look like they belong in a dumpster somewhere, rather than occupying living floor space. This studio apartment leaves little room for the small kitchenette and half bath that is sports. The kitchenette cabinets are a drab brown color, the fridge several decades old, and a simple metal basin occupies a precious space there too. There's also a second or third-hand kettle. A plain double bed base is crammed into the corner of the room, covered in well-mended sheets and piles of aged looking pillows, continuing in the theme of bright, if somewhat faded colors, all looking like they've been patched together from other people's cast-offs. A double seater couch and wobbly coffee table occupy the center of the room, both apparently salvaged from a dump, judging by the dodgy looking stains on the couch's ratty upholstery. Though fortunately they look old enough to not be a problem, and mostly covered by patchwork throws.


Sue has been busy decorating her apartment; you know those curtains of what can best be described as tinsel that is used as a backdrop on stages? That is hanging on all the walls. There are white Christmas lights strung about everywhere on the walls and hanging from the ceiling. A lamp in the corner has a bare light bulb - red from one of those dark room lights casting a red glow everywhere. There are piles of things, all pocket-sized here and there and collections on every flat surface. There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to it at all. Several crystals dangling in the windows. Sue is sitting on the couch, watching something on TV as she eats Funions. She shifts uncomfortably around as tries to find a comfortable position to accommodate her tail. She's wearing a giant tshirt right now.

Eddie called Penny after he got back from Forks this afternoon, to check out his new digs and fill her in on some recent developments. He's not in her apartment when she shows up, though. He's out in the hallway, knocking on number five. "Sue?" He thinks that's what her name was, anyway. They've only met the once, but he has a hunch she's the one he's looking for. "You in?" He sounded a little funny on the phone, but he seems to be doing okay right now. Better than usual, even, kind of relaxed and easy.

Penny clomps up behind Eddie, finally arriving at the scene. "Heya Eddie. What's goin down? Scopin out a target?" She grins. For some reason, she's not rocking her usual pony tails, her hair unbound and actually brushed. Freaky.

"Yeah, it's open." Sue calls out as she sits up and gently places her tail to the side. She licks her fingers and goes back to watching TV.

"Pennywise," Eddie grins a greeting back at the clown, then does a double take at what she's done with her hair, reactions on a slight delay. "What's this? Hot date, tonight? No targets, today, it's my day off." He hears Sue's voice through the door, so he opens it up and sticks his head in. "Hey, neighbor. Sue, right? I'm in number three," he jerks his thumb back in that direction, "and I'm looking around for something I lost in the move. Little pin, yea-big," holding his fingers a little more than half an inch apart, "shaped like a magnifying glass. You haven't seen it, have you?" He looks around from the doorway, then lets the rest of him follow his head in, so he can get a better view.
Sue has partially disconnected.

"Oh, the hair? Nah, I went to the tent revival. So I did my hair church girl style. It was fun." Penny giggles. Then she yells, "Hey, where's the man's pin, girl? Handdit over!" She gleefully opens the door and walks in, since Sue did say it was open. "Howya doin?"

"Oh hey!" Sue pauses. "Bug Guy! You gave me that magic marker. It ran out. How did you know? Ooooh. Are you the marker fairy? I could use more." She hasn't been using it around here, at least it's hard to see the walls anyway. "Does it pay well?" She enquires earnestly. "Pins?" Her ears perk up a little bit. "Or sure, I've pins!" she starts pointing around the room. "There, there, and over there." She pauses, thinking. "None in my room or the bathroom. Just all here. Or sticking stuff to things." She explains happily. Then Penny is yelling and her ears flatten a little bit, tail bristling as her mantle flares out, the smell of right after the rain on dry soil on a spring day, and lavender. She hugs her bristling tail. "Rude!"

"You and Audgrim both, huh?" Eddie makes a guess, then laughs. "Well, I'm glad you've found some solace in these trying times. Go with God, sister." He gets distracted for a moment by the television and the Christmas lights, but he shakes it off. No markers, he checks, patting himself down, but he comes out of his pockets with something that's maybe almost as good. One of those fidget spinner things he just learned about, all glittery. He sets it to spinning on one finger, and holds it out to the raccoon girl like a peace offering. "Don't mind Penny. She's joking. That's what clowns do, when they're not hiding under your bed. You mind if i look around, see if I can't find my thing?"

"Dude, it was a total glamour fest. I swear, I should have walked outta there stuffed like Templeton," Penny blabs as she walks around the apartment. "Sorry about that yellin thing. Nice tail, by the way. Ooooh, one of those spinner thingies! Pretty." She continues to stomp around, not in a rude way, but in a checking out the place way.

"Whoa, yeah, sure!" Sue is up and halfway to Eddie, hand out and eyes wide, nearly hypnotized. She's never seen one before. Or maybe she did on TV but it wasn't as interesting then, that's for sure. "Oh yeah sure, look around. It's hear somewhere. Probably. Maybe? Honestly I find so much stuff in my pockets at the end of the day, I don't remember where half of it came from." She won't snatch anything out of a person's hand, not directly anyway. "Right?" Sue exclaims to Penny while she stares at the fidget spinner and swishes her tail at the other woman. "People love the tail! Makes it hard to sit and watch TV, and I have to wear really low riding jeans which is cool and all but it gives people the wrong kind of idea. I'm not that kind of Spring!" She grumps and briefly hugs her tail, still staring at the spinner. "Where did you get it?" She's in awe. It could be millions of dollars in Eddie's hand. "I need more of them!"

"Oh, I understand! Just because you have a tail, doesn't mean that you're that kinda Spring. I just think it's cool that you can wag it around and stuff." Penny begins to actually look for the pin, instead of just being nosy. "And yeah, those spinnies are so neat."
"Gas station, right next to the lighters and the slim-jims," Eddie says, then puts on a conspiratorial air, "but I bet Penny could hook you up. They've got to confiscate a dozen a day, at the school, I bet." He gives the spinner a little flick to keep it in motion, so it's still spinning when he transfers it to Sue. This little bit of bribery complete, he goes off into the room to hunt after what he came for. And to just be nosy, he's still him. "I don't know from tails, but the wings are tough on my tailor. Or would be, I guess, if I had one. I like what you've done with the place."

"Oh right! You had the flowers!" Sue suddenly remembers Penny. "I remember because Eddie gave me the marker to draw on the statues, but I got the light instead, and I'll need to know where to get more of those when this one burns out, because Eddie likes the decorations." Sue explains her train of thought as she stares transfixed at the fidget spinner. "You had the flowers, which I have to say is an odd choice for a burglary, but you do you!" She exclaims happily, looks over at Eddie oh so briefly before looking back to the fidget spinner. "How did your real break in go? I hope you got something better? You should learn to walk through walls, so much easier. I'm trying to figure out how to take things from reflections. Can't quite get it yet though."

Penny nods enthusiastically when Sue remembers her role in the burglary. "Yeah, the flowers. That was so much fun." She giggles. "And I'm tryin to work on that walk through walls thing. I think I've got the handcuffs thing down pat, but it's a work in progress and stuff. But man, snatchin stuff out of reflections? That sounds so boss! Do you get the reflection to tell you if you're the fairest of all, too?"

Sue's ears flatten a little. "Not really. I try to forget that part of me and embrace my the beast in me more." Her tail bristles behind her. "NOT that kind of Spring." She says again, a tiny growl in her voice.

"Almost killed, is what I got," Eddie says, without any of his usual bitterness. He finds it kind of amusing, if anything. He pokes around at the crystals in the window, setting them to swaying and getting distracted again. "The trick with the walls is pretty good," he admits, once he snaps out of it, "but it seems like it'd take a lot of the fun out of things. I can do mirrors, though, kind of. I think." He actually babbles on about that for a little while as he goes back to his search, since it's to do with the break-in Sue was asking about.

Penny holds up her hands, almost defensively. "Didn't mean to get your goat, Sue." She pokes around more. "Huh, is this a pet rock? Or just a rock?" Then she looks over at Eddie. "What? You can do reflection mirror stuff, Eddie? Yowza!"

Sue relaxes almost instantly, watching the spinner, her whole comment forgotten. "Oh, I think it was someone's pet rock at one time, but I set it free and brought it home with me. I think. It was in my pocket one day. I don't believe much in captivity." She explains to Penny. Cool as Eddie's story is, it gets a quiet "Cool" from Sue, since it's not nearly as cool as the fidget spinner in her hand. "I don't usually plan on stealing things, they just happen to be in my pockets when I come home. I don't believe in doors. Or pants." She swishes her tail. "Sorry if I took your thing. I'd say I will try not to later but truth is, I will anyway."

"Apparently," Eddie says, like he's surprised as anybody. "Who knows what other secret talents I've got, that I just forgot about? Maybe I can play piano." He drums his fingers along the wall, by way of demonstration. "Maybe you can do it, too. Who knows? Maybe— aha, there we go." He spots it, pinning a little string of glass beads to the wall, and he pulls it out and holds it up to the light. A little pewter magnifying glass, like he described, with a little glass lens shining a circle of light onto the wall. "Don't worry about it," he says to Sue, "You don't keep things in a place like this without figuring they'll get stolen, every once in a while."

"But I hope you don't mind if we kinda use your place as a Lost and Found, though," Penny quips to Sue. "And - oh, you found it?" She peers at Eddie. "What is that, the Sherlock Hemlock Award for Detectiveness?"

"Stealing is kinda harsh though. I call it recreational borrowing. At least when I do it on purpose. I mean, how can I be blamed if it ends up in my pockets and I find it when I get home. Maybe it wanted to be liberated. Did you ever think about that?" Still staring at that fidget spinner, she hasn't moved from her place since she's had it in hand, except for the occasional contended tail flick. "Value is subjective anyway, what some people find important others don't. Like those flowers that were really expensive. I mean they are pretty, but there are better things to be expensive." She briefly looks up at Penny, then back to the spinner. "Oh sure, drop by any time. I'm good at patching people up, no questions asked. Normally I don't change, but I think I'm going to charge one of these now." She exclaims happily.

"I got those flowers out the dumpster from behind the florists," Penny says, indignant.

Sue says, "Noo. I meant the ones from the museum on the news!"

"It was a gift," Eddie says, a little dreamily. He rolls it around in his fingers a little while longer, watching it twinkle, then tries to stick it to his lapel. His fingers are a little clumsy today, and he manages to jab his thumb pretty good in the process, but he doesn't even seem to notice. "Borrowing, huh? Well, what good are neighbors, if you can't do a little borrowing once in a while." He listens and grins at the back and forth between the clown and the raccoon, then finally notices he's bleeding, so he sticks his thumb in his mouth.

"The museum? You mean that Romancin Robber, or whatever that guy on the news calls it?" Penny watches the news, it looks like. "Jane really should just stab that Ken Doll, he's totally stealing her thunder." Then she sees Eddie bleeding. "Dangit, do you need me to pin your pin, Eddie? You're gonna make a mess here."

Sue glances up at the mention of blood, that being about the only thing that would distract her from the spinner for more than a second. Her ears perk up, curious. When she sees she's just stuck himself with a pin though she goes back to the spinner, flicking it tentatively. "Yeah that guy." Sue agrees. "Had one of the cops I know ask me about it the other day. Like I would know anyone who would steal that stuff. Well I mean, okay, maybe I might take the diamonds. But I couldn't eat them and there are lots of things just as sparkly and a lot cheaper."

"I'll get it, I'll get it," Eddie says around his thumb, waving his other hand in a vague dismissive gesture. He gives the pin another shot, and he gets it this time without any further exsanguination, though he does leave a little bloodstain right behind it on his lapel. "It's fine," he decides, looking down, "looks like a proper crime scene, now." His blood is darker than it ought to be, kind of tarry and thick. Maybe it's his diet. "Wish I had time to look into that," he sighs, on the subject of the recent robberies, "or someone to pay me to do it. It'd be a nice change of pace, detective work."

Penny shakes her head. "That's a job for the cops, Eddie. They get to look like morons chasin this guy around. Until they get desperate and come lookin for you to take care of business, I guess. And if they do, charge them extra!" She finally puts down the pet rock, and pokes around some more. "What the? You got pogs!"

"Oh yeah!" Sue says looking up. "Okay, those I did steal." She admits. "But I mean look at them! I have a bunch of hologram ones in my room!" Sue exclaims. "Do you have some? We should totally play. I mean, I know people just want to collect them, but what's the fun in that?"

"Maybe the insurance companies," Eddie murmurs, already plotting his approach. His eyes drift over to Penny's discovery, and he lets out a little whistle, impressed. "This is nearly as good as Scorse's place, and without the hard sell. Though I think that one," he points, "is technically a slammer." He wobbles on his feet, just a little. Whatever's got him in such a good mood must be coming on a little stronger, now. "Raincheck on the tour, Pennywise. Think I'm going to go lay down a while." He drifts off toward the door, then stops himself halfway through and snaps his fingers. "Oh! Hell. Almost forgot. You heard about Wendy, right?"

"Wendy? That wacky flyin girl who almost got us all killed?" Penny shrugs her shoulders, then picks up that "slammer". "You know, I never learned how to pog. I barely learned how to play jacks."

Scorse's place? There are likely a couple of dozen knick knacks clearly from Scorse's place littered around this one room. "Hard sell? I never had a problem there." She admits. "My pockets always have interesting things when I come back from a visit from there." She explains. She doesn't know a Wendy, so her attention goes back to the spinner for the time being, pogs already forgotten.

"That's the one," Eddie nods, and he draws his thumb across his throat and bugs out his eyes. That's what there is to hear about Wendy, apparently. "Don't know much, yet, but I'm looking into it. Tomorrow, I am, anyway. One less thing to worry about, I guess." He doesn't really believe that, not even tonight, and his brow furrows a characteristic furrow for the first time this evening. "Well. Penny. Neighbor. I'll try and remember to leave some decoy spinners around my place, in case you get that borrowing feeling again." He gives a wave, and goes back down the hall to number three.

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