(2018-03-22) Mr. Quiet and All-Grim
Mr. Quiet and All-Grim
Summary: Audgrim goes to visit the theatre and Mr. Quiet, finally.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-22)
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Player Characters: Mr. Quiet, Audgrim

Auditorium - Princess Theatre - Downtown
The Princess looks as if it was a posh little theatre back in its day, back when tickets cost a dime and vaudeville acts still took the stage. Now, however, the noble lady is very much showing her age. The deep reds and golds of the once grand lobby's decor are fading, the carpets are worn bare and the paper is peeling. The remaining gilding and vintage art-deco facade is barely able to disguise the slow decay. Spiders skulk in the shadows and cobwebs cling to nearly everything. The sense of neglect and seediness is strong inside and out; the perfect atmosphere for presenting horror movies or even less savory fare.

The five hundred seat auditorium is in particularly bad shape. The balcony seems to sag and a whole section of seating on the main level has been torn out and replaced with newer chairs that don't quite match the old. A smoke stains climb the wall nearby, suggesting an old fire and the ceiling above has bubbled in places and is mottled by weird water damage patterns. As in the lobby, spider webs hang thick and the feeling of being watched by a thousand tiny eyes is just as strong. However, the stage and screen are relatively pristine, as if recently refurbished. Even the heavy scarlet curtains look decent and new, suggesting that there may be hope for the Princess yet.

Night — of course it's night time. The shadows, the dim street lights, the dark street outside, everything just come together to make the Princess Theater the run-down, eerie landmark that it's known to be. Even outside, the big neon sign that proudly announces its name, flickers, one of the 'S' having gone completely dead years ago. This is not a theater that parents take their children to watch Disney movies; currently it is showing several old Universal Studio classic monster films… and one of Clive Barker's.

Is it any surprise that there are only very few people here? At least some college kids have taken to frequent the theater regularly… for the cheap tickets, and an excuse to mess around with their girlfriends in the darkness.

Out front right now, there is only a skinny old man sitting behind the concession stand, reading a newspaper. Yes, an honest-to-god newspaper, not a computer screen.

Audgrim much prefers the night, and the shadows are his friends. In fact, when he enters, his shadow peeks in before him - all monstrous teeth and fangs. But when the Beast enters, the shadow reverts to normal for that moment it's still seen from the lights of the door before it swings shut behind him.

Audgrim looks around with wary curiosity and inhales the scents deep into his lungs. Tail move in slow loops behind him as he walks towards the man reading the newspaper. "Hello," he says, voice having that husky rasp, not unpleasant.

The old man is dressed in overalls, and looking the part of a janitor. And he kind of smells like one too. Peering up from his newspaper, he squints a bit at Audgrim, then blinks. And blinks some more. "Oh boy." He murmurs. "Ain't seen you around here before, boyo." Without waiting for Audgrim to even make introductions, he sits up and hollars in the direction of a side door. "Quiet! Someone's here for ya!"

While waiting for a response, the old geezer gives Audgrim another once over. "Don't eat me, man. I'm just skin and bones, and I got bronchitis." As if to make his point, he coughs a few times.

Audgrim's tail swings a little faster, realising the old man can see him just fine. But so can others, and he knows where he went and came here for a purpose. "It's alright. I already ate," he responds and offers the old man a broad, mostly cheerful grin. His accent is noticeably Scandinavian if you know that thing, definitely foreign if not.

He turns towards where the old man was shouting, expectantly.

And as expected, comes Mr. Quiet through one of the side doors.

For someone who hasn't met the man before, he can be an intimidating sight: toweringly tall and almost as wide, he fills up almost all the physical space of the narrow hallway. His steps are ponderous, slow, heavy. He noticeably slouches, thick tree-like arms hanging somewhat unnaturally. And when he arrives at the concession stand, the ogre dwarfs even the rather tall Audgrim, who is studied by beady yellow eyes.

"Uh." The old man gets up and rolls his newspaper in one hand. "Why don't you two get acquainted? I'm just gonna go…" He points to another door. "…take a dump. See ya." And with that he scoots off.

Audgrim is used to being the tallest or one of the tallest in the room or in public, so this feeling of being dwarfed makes him shuffle backwards one step, looking /up/ at the giant in front of him. His tail flicks fast behind him, yellow eyes widening noticeably.

"You are very big," he says, stating the obvious with some awe. "I am Audgrim. I hear, this is where Autumn can come." His mantle is new and weak still, but noticeable.

The gigantic ogre actually leans down a little, as if that will close the distance enough that he can ascertain Audgrim's mantle is genuine. It's a socially awkward thing, but this creature clearly has little sense of social niceties. Fortunately, he seems satisfied after a minute of close study, and he straightens back up. "Mister Quiet." He rumbles with an incredibly deep voice, and points a thick finger at himself. "Autumns welcome to Princess." He announces, before the finger is aimed at the newcomer. "All-Grim new Autumn?"

Audgrim's shadow gives Mr. Quiet a grin. It's part of his mantle and does its own thing every now and then. It mimics Audgrim's grin mostly, toothy and broad. "Mister Quiet, nice to meet you," the Nightsinger says politely, fingers flexing and tail dancing in some excitement; he truly is eager to be here.

"I am new Autumn," he agrees. "Only about a week. I came out from Duke's ship, a few months ago. Not here before people forget things - big mess in town now, but it's alright. I try to help. I learn things, I find Autumn."

Speaking of shadows — they seem to shift just out of the corners of eyes. To the side of the concession stand, perhaps? Or further away, near the ticket booth? Mr. Quiet doesn't seem to care - or perhaps, he fails to notice. "Autumns come here to meet, many years ago. No one comes now." He rumbles, almost sadly. "Autumns forget. Hollow here." Helpfully, he lifts a trunk-like arm and points towards the back of the theater. "Hollow also mess. Mr. Quiet try clean up, but mess come back."

"I will come!" Audgrim says, straightening up to his full height; he also has a tendency to slouch, but that's cause he's just lazy. He trails his gaze to where Mr. Quiet points and tilts his head thoughtfully, scratching his neck. "Whole hedge is a mess. Bea say it is bad everywhere. It will soon be better, we will make it better." He begins pacing about a bit, studying the shadows as if trying to catch them moving, curious. "Penny is still here. You know Penny?"

Did the shadows actually move? Almost as soon as Audgrim looks, the movement stops. Even so… is that a person? A silhouette? It's really difficult to tell. But once more, none of it seems to bother the Ogre one lick.

"Mr. Quiet know Penny. Mr. Quiet also know Bee-Lady." He rumbles, his prominent brows furrowing as the new Autumn promise things. "How make better?" He questions. Completely opposite of Audgrim, Mr. Quiet has not moved an inch since he came to a stop there. Perhaps with his bulk, it's just physically demanding to move too much.

Audgrim swings around fast, sure he saw something moving. He's an animal at heart after all, and it's just a natural reaction trying to catch what is moving out of the corner of his eye. He's having problems just standing around, but even so he's got something fully lazy about himself. Like at any moment, he'll just sprawl out on the floor because he can and it's comfortable.

"We will make bird monster go away, the wind will come back. Then we will find what is wrong with hedge and fix that too." He looks up at the ogre again, pausing for a moment in his pacing. "Many years ago, people make promise to someone. And there were coronets. Now four people must wear coronets, use them, and the light coronet too - five coronets. And then they will die, but monster will go away. I think. All very complicated, hurts my brain. Mostly, I try to help Bea and Eddie."

The ogre's thin lips pull into a line, his brows furrow even more. "Fire-Girl and Bug-Man and Doc-tor talk about crowns." To him, those are crowns. He probably can't even spell the word coronet. "Mr. Quiet no understand. But Mr. Quiet remember Bird-Lady. Many years ago Bird-Lady come. Freehold go to fight. Many die. Bird-Lady die but come back." There is a slow shake of his giant noggin'. "Cannot kill Bird-Lady."

"There's a lot of talking about the crowns. Coronets," Audgrim says, "and lots of not doing things with the coronets too. But did not know bird-lady was here, before. Do they know? They never say. But, if she can't die, we will make her go away. Same thing. Hard to kill the Others forever, I think maybe." Audgrim isn't too sure - he's quite new from Faerie. He's stopped pacing, but only so he can take his violin out and start looking it over, to have something to do with his hands. Testing the strings, plucking at it, making some notes without actually playing. "There is tent revival in town. Pastor Bobby - he is autumn. He puts fear of god in people, it is like a sea of guilty fear treats. You know Pastor Bobby?"

"No, no Pastor Bob-E." Mr. Quiet shakes his head in the negative, but now he is peering at the sudden appearance of a violin, suspiciously. Once more, the big mitt is lifted, and a finger pointed at the instrument. "All-Grim no play in here. Movie playing. No music." He grunts, then pipes down to consider. It's like the slowest-turning gears in the world. "All-Grim follow Mr. Quiet." The ogre then decides, and turns to lumber towards the back of the theater.

Common Room - Coalbrick Vale - Angeles Trod

The common room of the Vale is a large, circular space, sparsely decorated. The walls, floors, and ceiling are all made of that same, iridescent, black stone, although the gloom of it is relieved here and there with tapestries in brilliant reds and golds, each one displaying symbols of the Autumn Court. The room is lit by crystal globes that are fastened to the ceiling with sticky spider webs; each of these gives off a clear, green light, and a few can even be swung on their web lines to hang over specific places in the room. The furniture is, thankfully, more modern and comfortable: there's a large table with several chairs, and a couple of padded sofas and love seats for people to gather. Other than that, the furnishings are sparse.

There are four entrances to the room. A sturdy looking pair of wooden doors leads to the courtyard, an elaborately runed trapdoor leads down to the working areas, a staircase curls around the northern wall, leading up to the sanctuary rooms, and finally, a floor length mirror connects the common room with the Princess Theatre, back in the mortal world.

"Should meet him. Maybe he come here," Audgrim says. He stops plucking the violin immediately, eyes widening a notch. "No music - sorry. I can play other time, or other place." He packs the thing up and swings it onto his back again. He seems to have fully accepted his kind-of new name All-Grim. It works for him.

Following the Ogre, he takes alert notice of details, and steps through the mirror after some hesitance - he doesn't know Mr. Quiet /that/ well after all. But in the end, he walks thrugh and pauses to study the area. "This is good place - but I see there is much work to do here too." He pokes with a claw at a nearby vine, frowning. "Don't know much about hedge things."

Thoughtfully, the giant ogre steps to one side after passing through the mirror into the old Autumn Hollow. It's clearly quite a well built-out place in its glory days, but now? Now it's overgrown by vines, webs and other viney,webby things. Mr. Quiet lets Audgrim have a look first, to get a feel of what he has been diligently guarding for years, before pointing towards the central mess of vines.

"Mr. Quiet try clean up mess. But mess grow back." He explains, with an unhappy scowl on his ugly mug. "All-grim say this go away soon?"

Audgrim tugs at a vine and pulls it lose, just to see what happens. It does come off, but there's already a new one sprouting. He drops it to the floor, where it slithers away like a snake. He glares balefully at it, then nods at Mr. Quiet before he walks over to the central part, crouching down to stare at it.

"We will think of way of making it go away. Can Bea come here? Bea knows everything about hedge and hollows. Maybe she can help. I don't know, myself. I only mostly know how to hit things and play violin."

Mr. Quiet eyes the slithering vine, but doesn't look at all surprised. Clearly, he's been seen all of this. When Audgrim moves, he ponderously follows. "Bee-lady Spring. Mr. Quiet only let Autumns in Hollow, unless Autumn leader tell Mr. Quiet different." He states simply. Which is probably the way he understood the Pledge. Problem is, who is the Autumn leader now? "Here. All-Grim play music here, okay."

"Hmm. I understand, but don't know who is leader of Autumn. There is no kings or queens, of any court. Lucas, I have not met. Thomas, I only hear about. There is you and me and Penny. And you, you are oldest. Maybe if have theater and watch this hollow you can say "Bea, come in, because I am old Autumn and you are friend of Autumn'"." To him, it's not that complicated. He straightens up, and grins excitedly, unpacking the violin once more. "I will play for Autumn. For us. We are not many but we can do many things if we want."

Closing his eyes for awhile, with the bow resting on the strings, Audgrim shifts his mood. Remembers the fall of his boyhood, because he has no other referense. He begins with a soft tune, lilting and almost joyful - the first late summer nights that turn to autumn chill and frost. This is no known tune, he makes it up. He continues with a more up beat music, with plucks, beats and drumming even - an autumn storm. And then the haunting, almost creepy addition of shadows and darkness, of naked branches that reach out from the wind, the long shadows and the death of plants. A Hymn to the Court. And he's rarely played so well in his life, caught up in it.

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