(2018-03-27) Love In The Time Of Pugilism
Love In The Time Of Pugilism
Summary: A romantic setting on the beach, with a show of pugilism and dulcet jazz tones.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-27)
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Player Characters: Audgrim, Denver, Eddie, Ida, Bea

Ediz Hook - Port Angeles
Called "the Spit" by locals, the long, narrow stretch of land that is Ediz Hook runs near three miles long. Jutting out from the west side of Port Angeles, it curls around in a northeasterly direction to form a perfect natural shelter from the tides. As a result, the bay is one of the finest docking areas on the Pacific coast.

Along the entirety of Ediz Hook, there are only two locations that instantly draw attention through their physical presence; the Coast Guard base, at the very tip of the Spit, and the Daishowa Pulp Mill by the lagoon at the root of the Hook. Anybody who takes the access road to drive or walk the length of the spit must pass the mill, though the grounds of the mill itself are fenced off and highly secure.

For the most part, the Spit is a quiet, uninhabited piece of land that serves as a natural habitat crabs and a wide variety of birds. The beach is rocky for the most part: large, edged boulders breaking the waves, with smaller, smoother rocks dotted in between them, or making up pebble-strewn beaches where the larger rocks fade away. Past travellers have been inspired to leave creatively stacked stones here and there in passing. However, near the clustered buildings and docks of the Coast Guard base is a sandy beach: the Ediz Hook boat launch, which also has some park facilities.

It's afternoon and there's moisture in the air that makes everything wet, but doesn't quite soak anything properly either. It does make the pebbles and rocks a bit more treacherous to walk on, as the quartett of Lost have noticed as they found a secluded part of the beach to have a picnic at, and to watch Audgrim lose his teeth.

Audgrim himself is oddly excited about getting beaten up, perhaps not realising what he's getting himself into. "Here good?" he says and kicks a few extra large rocks away from a more sandy patch on the beach.

Eddie actually has a bag of popcorn. A garbage bag, to be exact, a load of stale stuff they were going to throw away at the Princess. He managed to talk the concession worker at the Princess into giving it to him instead, on his way out after checking up on Mr. Quiet. The fact that he has a show to watch while he eats it is a complete coincidence, but it's the kind of coincidence that almost makes him believe in the power of the Wyrd. "I want a clean fight, now," he calls out from the sidelines, sitting on his coat to keep the sand off him. "No swords, no Contracts, no kissing. Not until it's over, anyway."

"Denver, I have faith in you! Do not mince the good man too much," Ida is smiling, gracefully lowering herself to the sand next to Eddie. Her trench coat makes for a more comfortable perch, and she's found an extra sizeable rock to put her little plastic bag of goodness on. Looks like two mystery six packs inside, along with some other things.

Anytime is punching time! Or atleast that's what this ogre will say. Denver follows along the beach, head turned up towards the sun as it splashes down. Even in the cold, she soaks in the rays, the flames around her flickering happily as the sun shines down. Ida gets a smirk. "Hey, this is about learning each other's strengths and what not, right? Best way to learn to fight beside each other is by fighting across from each other first, then learning how to blend the two." The woman is dressed in yoga pants, sneakers, and a sports tanks. That long, lava-like hair pulled back into a high ponytail.

Waggling a finger at Eddie, she smirks. "Don't you tell me when to kiss people, buddy. Maybe I do my best macking when I'm whacking? Ya ever think of that?" Denver grins, giving a chin bob in Audgrim's direction as her stance shifts into that of a boxer's. She did say that she fights for a living. "I'll even give you the first chance."

Audgrim only really has one set of clothes, and that set is starting to look quite worn by now. In fact, the clothes are very damp - as if he's taken a swim in them earlier that morning or night. Whereas Denver is warmth and fire, his gray skin is more akin to a cold lake, and that water theme is very present.

He shoots Eddie a glare at his comments, but decides to ignore it. He instead gives Denver a broad grin, gives her a thumbs up and doesn't wait around; he moves in, feinting a punch to her right and then fighting dirty - which is the way he knows - he socks her in the side, to her kidneys instead, moving in close with his superiour size in an attempt to also knock her out of balance. Though the surprised grunt as he hits her suggests that almost hurt him more.

Eddie claps his hands a couple of times when Audgrim actually connects. Despite his call for a fair fight, he seems a little proud at the underhanded nature of the attack. "Good job, Audi!" he calls around a mouthful of stale popcorn, sending little yellow flecks down the front of his jacket, "I used to be one of you guys, don't embarrass us! Represent!" He's never been much at watching sports, but he's doing his best to get into character as part of the peanut gallery.

"Looks like you need to teach him manners, Denver!" Ida claps too, while cheering for the Ogre. She slides the fly man a can of soda, some kind of cherry-vanilla cola knock off guaranteed to be twice as sweet as the regular. Mmm. Liquid bubbly sugar. Leaning back on her coat, she is laughing, watching the two spar. "Education! Educate harder!" She pauses. "I will treat the best teacher to that pizza buffet all you can eat place!"

Allowing the opponent the first hit is a good way to check their skills, the way they balance themselves, the flow of their punches, a lot of things. Fighters trained in different things move in vastly different ways. Notes are quickly made on Audgrim's style, in that it's not really a style. It is effective however. She grins a little as his fists connects, hissing out a quick breath. "Nice shot," she offers before throwing a quick jab forward, impacting on his shoulder and sliding past. "After this, we're going shopping. Try not to rough me up too much, yeah?"

Audgrim's style is of the 'fight to live'-variant, and he has no other knowledge than to fight with every dirty trick he's learned the hard way. He's probably more efficient against larger targets, though he does his best to weave out of her fast jabs. Even so, those punches /hurt/ - he's getting bruises for sure. But, so far so good, he's grinning crazily at her, eyes glittering. He's enjoying this.

"Shopping?" He's not sure why, but not objecting either. He kicks at her feet to try to knock her out of balance again, and aims a punch right at her face this time; it glances over her cheek and isn't that efficient, but it might leave a mark.

Eddie accepts the soda with a grateful nod, even though he and Ida are rooting for rival teams, tonight. He doesn't even inspect it for poison, first. A testament to good sportsmanship. He winces theatrically when Audgrim absorbs his first blow. "Where's the ref?" he hollers, throwing popcorn, getting it nowhere near the fight. He's back to clapping when the Nightsinger lands a hit, and as a demonstration of good will he waves his hand over the popcorn he's been munching on and suddenly the top layer is as fresh as it was right out of the popper. He holds the bag open to Ida.

Unexpected treats abound! Ida dimples at Eddie and, as quick and nimble as ever, briefly lays her head on his shoulder. "Thank you, darling." Then she's back up, just a few curls of that scintillating hair left draped over the powder blue suit in remnance, while she munches on a handful of daisy fresh and snowy white popcorn.

The sun's come out, dazzling the bay with late afternoon golden light. The waves are small, the crash of the surf mellow beneath the deepening blue sky. Someone's running a brightly colored kite much further down the beach, far away enough that it's just a dot of white-and-gold. From the Coast Guard building, some radio is playing distant music. Something jazzy, sprightly, with a lot of saxophone.
I never knew the charm of spring
I never met it face to face
I never knew my heart could sing
I never missed a warm embrace

""You got two hits on me. And I can feel them! Impressive." Her brows wag. "But yeah, same outfit two days in a row. Plus it's looking a little ratty, like you're wearing it all the time. You only got out recently, right? So you're—oof!" Denver's head shifts to the side at the force of the blow, a little color already blosoming on her chin. Her grin only widens, the flames around her roaring now. "You're still adjusting. Need to make sure you're set up for success. We may not be able to pledge like a Freehold right now, but that's not an excuse not to act like one."

Dancing a couple of steps back, Denver narrows her eyes. She feints for a moment, looking like she's going to lurch to the side, but instead, she launches herself forward, and up, driving an uppercut right under his jaw. If he were a normal human, that very likely would have broken his jaw. As it stands, it's probably enough to knock the much larger man on his ass. Fight over? Maybe?

Audgrim is like an open book here, apparently. "I don't like pants much," he says, because it actually makes sense as a response. It probably does mean something to other Lost, talking to a Beast anyway. But as he's trying to dodge, to stay out of the way of those fast, tough fists, he adds, a little out of breath: "We go shop-"

There's that thudding of fist hitting facebone. Audgrim stumbles back, eyes going dazed. His jaw… doesn't break, but his brain just hit the roof of his skullbone. He then falls flat backwards into the sand, not unconscious, but knocked out. Fight definitely over!

For a moment Eddie's attention is on anything but the fight. It's on those dimples Ida just showed him, a dirty trick he really needs to get around to resenting, one of these days. It's on that good thing he did with the popcorn, a trick he only just picked up that he's getting to like more than he expected to. It's on her head on his shoulder, a pleasant sensation he doesn't get to feel too often. They can't really do that one, standing up. Then there's the sound of Audgrim's jaw getting loosened up, and he remembers what they're here for, sucking air through his teeth in sympathy pain. "You did good, man," he calls out, a little lamely.

He turns his head to look at Ida. "This is gruesome. I can't bear to witness the aftermath." He looks away, up and down the coast. "You know, I really hate long walks on the beach. Would you like to take one?"

The song on the radio ends, but shifts to a classic, as Eddie and Ida wander off.

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

Denver snaps her hand back to her waist, teeth gritting and nose scrunching up as she watches Audgrim drop. "Shiiit. Too hard, sorry! Even without Contracts I can be a little… rough." She moves around Audi's body to kneel at his side, holding a hand up in front of his face with two fingers in the air. "How many fingers am I holding up? Wanna make sure I didn't give you a concussion!" Shopping might have to wait until his brain is back in the right place. She glances over her shoulder to the departing pair, offering them a wave. "Don't worry, I got him," she assures as the love bugs wander off.
Audgrim is very content not doing much of anything while his brain settles in back and stops spinning around. He manages to wave at Ida and Eddie with a little flail of his arm. He blinks, trying to focus on those fingers, his jaw starting to swell up noticeably - but he's also grinning up at Denver. "Four?" he guesses, and closes his eyes again. Opening them up wide, he tries again. "Two." He throws some sand at her, to tease and to show he'll be alright. Definitely no hard feelings.

"Noooo." Not four. But then he readjuts and says two, and then he's throwing sand at her. She coughs and leaves the bits of sand on her face as she pretend-glowers down at him. "Don't make me finish the job and just bury you here!" she warns. The laughter isn't far away as she reaches out to gently poke at the forming bruise under his chin. "I don't suppose you know enough to eat your way healthy, do ya? Otherwise, we'll have to see if we can find a spring to get you healed up."

"I rise up, haunt the beach," Audgrim says with wry humor, squinting at her - the sun is right in his eyes and he's not much for daytime on any given day. But it definitely is a nice day - sunshine, warmth, birds… Yeah, birds, he could do without them, glaring up at a seagull. As she touches his jaw, he winces slightly and then rubs it himself carefully as he slowly sits up. Head not spinning any longer, he shakes his head at her question. "No, I don't know that yet. I just like to eat anyway," he grins, and winces again. Grinning too broadly might not be the best of ideas yet. "Is okay. We get ice, I be all good tomorrow. Just need to avoid short lava women till then."

Denver frowns when he winces. It was a good fight, but now she feels bad. "It's a good thing we didn't use weapons," she states. "But you're pretty good in a fight. I think I'm gonna bruise myself!" She touches her cheek where the red mark has already blossomed. "Remind me to teach you to eat yourself healthy some time. It'll be good to learn." She helps him sit up, making sure he doesn't wobble too much. "Ice! Right, I forgot that's an option. It doesn't last long on me. Summer mantle is too hot, I end up melting it too fast." She lets out a huffy breath, tossing the end of her ponytail over a shoulder. "Not all short lava woman. I'm sure some of them are less likely to punch you in the face."

Audgrim puts an arm around her shoulders even, as he's going to make that arduous attempt to stand up, not shy to get help from the strong woman. "Just really glad you on my side," he notes - eyeing that bruise on her cheek with another squint. "You really good with fists - I hear you are like a godess with sword. I will be your…" He struggles to find the word. "I will help you, in fights." Maybe he means sidekick or support - either or, his meaning is clear enough. "Hmm… I know how to be stronger. I learn in Other place - but yes, need help learning more."

"You really shouldn't try to stand up yet, Audi!" Denver protests. But he's trying anyway, so she's moving with him, holding him steady with a firm grip on either side of him. "Did you teach yourself to fight? You're good, but I didn't really notice a style, just a bunch of really good tricks." She wraps hands around either side of his hips as she helps him balance once he's on his feet. She grins up towards him, since now he's got about a foot of height on her. "I bet we'll get a chance to fight together in the hedge when we go searching for armor, yeah?"

Leaning heavily on her for those seconds it takes him to get his feet steady, he waves a hand to dismiss her concern. "Had worse." In fact, he seem to be rather resiliently resisting the damage, in that way some have just toughened up. But he's likely to sleep for ages, once he does crash. He gestures down the beach towards the docks where they can probably find some ice, but he's in no rush. "If you get hit enough, you learn to hit back," he says, so it was probably a survival thing indeed. He does sniff her hair, cause how does lava hair even smell? Her heat makes his damp clothes start to steam a bit, as they start to dry up. "I want you to come - I know what I need, for armor, but think it is dangerous."

"Ain't that the truth," Denver mutters about getting hit. "To be fair, when I got out I was so angry that I went looking anywhere just to pick fights. I learned in a hurry." Her grip around his hips stays firm as she settles at his side, reaching up with her free hand to hold onto the arm draped over her shoulders. It's a natural enough position that it could look to a passerby like they're just on a cuddly stroll. Not that she's just worried he might tip over. Her hair? Is smells like coconut, hibiscus flowers and heat. Like one might imagine an island smells like. "I will come," she promiseso with another smile. "I don't want anyone getting hurt if I can help it."

Audgrim is quite content to take her support, and begins wandering slowly down the beach - he gives her shoulders a little squeeze even. He walks without wobbling much, getting steadier by the second. "I can see why you are summer," he says dryly, but gives her a grin, this time not wincing. "I'm not angry much. I come out, I mostly confused. But Eddie, Bea - all help." He's chosen his court just recently - but to be fair, he tends not to lay on the fear making or the creepiness very heavy, not with friends anyway. "I know - I don't want anyone to get hurt either. So, we get hit instead, right?"

"Summers found me, taught me how to better deal with my anger. But I still loved fighting, so I embraced it, and learned how to channel it. Then I get pulled here and I see what's going with this bird-bitch, what she's done to people." Denver shakes her head. "It just makes me angry all over again." They continue to walk, her grip loosening a little once he's more settled on his feet. But she stays leaned against him regardless. Just in case. "I'm a lot harder to hurt when I'm all rocky. I'd much rather things come at me than at others, to be honest. Then I can cut them down, and make sure we all get out alive. It's pretty much the only thing I'm good for."

"I don't know, you also pretty good at eating pizza," Audgrim teases, all relaxed and content with life. "If I get really strong, I can pick you up and throw you at enemy - boom, they explode," he suggests, eyes widening at the mere idea. "Lava rock." He snorts at this, the mental image very amusing. He doesn't tend to laugh much, but this is one of those days when life's just good, no matter that he got punched off his feet. His tail dances behind him. Definitely not very autumny, right now.

Denver arches a brow at the mention of being thrown. "You know, I actually tossed a bunch of the local Lost the first day I met them. We were in the Hedge inside a giant plant and we had to get up to a certain point, but it was too slippery to climb. So I tossed 'em." She laughs, grinning at the snort of his and the amusement in his tone. She tilts her head, resting a chin on his arm as she looks up up up. "Wanna try tossing me right now? See how far you can get me?" she offers.

Audgrim stops walking, looking down at her - his tail stops moving. His yellow eyes widen at the thought of her throwing someone, and he looks tempted to ask her to throw /him/ - but when she suggests the opposite, that's even more fun. "I can try," he nods, never entirely sure how that power of strength is going to behave. He grins with crazy humor, and disentangles to focus. "Think I best cheat - if I don't, I might throw you maybe this much." He holds up fingers to suggest a few inches. Rolling his neck, he prepares for that ogre power. Maybe this is a trick from her side, but he's very gullible.

"I'm always the thrower, never the throwee. So it might be fun! We learn how to throw me, work on it, then add a sword to the mix afterwards?" Just a crazy suggestion, because dangerous things are the most fun things, and this seems like it could be pretty dangerous. She untangles herself from him and moves a couple of steps in front of him, hands on her hips. "Do your thing, man! After this, we'll see how far I can get you!" Her brows waggle.

There's only Denver and Audgrim at the this remote part of the beach right now, the former just disentangling from Denver, having had his arm over her shoulder in what appears to be a quite cuddly moment.

Stepping back, Audgrim's focusing and his muscles suddenly bulge - he becomes, literally, twice as strong as his normal self and that shirt has buttons flying. No wonder his clothes are always ruined. "Okay!" he says, happy to be experimented on. Then he moves in fast, before his strength fades, sweeps Denver up and lifts her high on both arms, claws digging into her skin a little to get a good grip, with her face forwards so he'll toss her like a spear. A few running leaps and then he /heaves/ her into the air… straight towards the sea.

Bea arrives, skipping along the beach, pausing regularly to pick up bits and bobs from the sand. She heads toward the pair of fighting Lost when she spots them, starting to wave, then realizing it might not be the best moment to be a distraction. She pauses, a reasonable distance away that she won't be likely to be an impediment, and watches excitedly, wings buzzing, body wiggling from the contained energy.

"Alright, so we're going to need to get you stretchy shirts," Denver states as she reaches up to poke a finger at his chest, now exposed from the flying buttons. The claws dig in, but there's just something about that skin of hers that keeps them from breaking through. She's easily lifted, tinyogre being tiny, after all. Then she's launched through the air towards the water. "Oh, you ass!" She laughs as she realizes she's heading for the water, doing a twist in the air and plunging in like a dive. Where she impacts, they can see the water beginning to bubble and steam. She doesn't notice Bea yet, but probably will as she starts swimming back towards shore.

Audgrim shrinks back to normal size just a second after throwing her - that power is nice, but fleeting. But that smug, amused grin just won't go away as she goes into the water, watching with fascination as the water steams around her. "Nice," he murmurs, and then walks to the edge of the water, offering her a hand if she wants it to get up; he sees movement then and looks over at Bea, distracted. "Bea!" He waves at her invitingly. "You got any ice?"
Audgrim's face is rather bruised, especially his jaw.

Bea hops up and down, clapping, and gives a big whoop, yelling, "GO AUDGRIM! Good job! Just get her!" She's clearly his biggest fan. Though after she's gotten it out of her system, she does take a moment to shoot Denver a mildly concerned look, asking, "You're okay right? He didn't hurt you? Because I have some berries and stuff…" When Audgrim asks for ice, she nods "Oh sure, but still, just try one of these first, if it's just about that smashed face of yours." She digs in a pocket and produces a couple of slightly over-ripe blushberries, offering them to her friend.

Denver has a small bruise on her own cheek, but it's nothing compared to the shiner on Audi's jaw. Looks like the sparring went well. "Don't worry, he didn't hurt me. We were seeing how far he could throw me, to see if we could use it as a battle tactic! Eventually we'll try it with a sword." She takes Audgrim's hand as she steps out of the water, grinning up at him. "That was pretty far! Imagine how far I could throw YOU if I used Stone and Summer contracts? You would soar!" She watches Bea dig out the berries. "You're Bea, right? I can't remember if we've met, but I've absolutely heard of you. Denver." She thrusts a hand out. Even fresh out of the water, those lava and flames are still sizzling around her.

"Hurt her? I-" Audgrim gets all distracted by the blushberries and takes them thankfully, wolfing them down. Clearly, Denver is fine; their spar is over, as the ogre informs. Glancing around the beach, he is smart enough to remember to check if there's any humans around who might wonder how anyone can throw someone like that. That bruise on his jaw is already starting to fade, from the healing powers of the berries. "You throw me now?" he asks hopefully. It's daytime, sun is up, but least they're some distance from prying eyes… mostly.

Once Audgrim takes the berries, Bea brushes her hand off on her pants, and takes Denver's hand, shaking it way too enthusiastically, for way too long. "Oh hi Denver! It's good to meet you, and I am hoping you've heard only good things, and not all those silly rumors, if people are talking about me. But that is a good idea, and I like it, for a battle tactic. You could throw Eddie and me, too, and since we have wings probably we could go farther, since it would be a little bit like flying, if you got us high enough, and that would be fun for sure, if ever you want to try it. But it's nice you guys are having fun anyway." She digs in her pocket again, and pulls out a couple small, easter-themed sweets bags, offering one to each of them. "Here, have some candy, and I can only stay a little while, since still there is a lot to do for the party, but when Audgrim said you guys were fighting, I figured I should stop by and make sure no one got too hurt without a Spring around, you know?"

Denver reaches up as the wounds on Audi's chin fade. She brushes over the skin with a nod. "Thanks, I was afraid he was going to end up with a concussion," she confesses. "But no no, only good things from Eddie and Ida. They talk about what an awesome person you are to have around. Candy and Gobln fruit? They aren't wrong!" She laughs as she claims a bag. "Thanks!" It's shoved into a pocket as she eyes Audgrim and makes a gesture for him to come closer. She's a foot shorter than Audi, but after a little flicker of glamour, she starts to pick him up like he weighs nothing at all. "Keep your body stiff and straight," she tells him as she shifts her hold and then launches him like a lawn dart towards the water. Holy shit that's far.

"Thanks," Audgrim says, always very happy to get candy, his tail flicking in appreciation. But - they are doing important practicing here. It's not because it's fun, of course not. All business, totally. Grinning down at Denver, he does his best to acommodate his tall frame, tensing up every muscle in his body and holding his arms in front of himself as a spear as she does pretty much the same thing he did earlier. He can sense that power, it's like a shimmer in the air around the two - and then he's thrown, shooting like superman through the air, his shirt fluttering. There's a laughter from up there as he prepares to dive into the sea, not quite as graceful as the ogre did earlier - the splash of water as he breaks the surface probably around a hundred meters out, is seen and heard all the way to the shore.

Of course, this being Audgrim and being a Swimmerskin too, he just swims under the surface back towards the shore.

Bea watches the flight of the Audgrim with wide-eyed awe. "Oh wow. That…was a really good throw, Denver." She rousts herself out of the thunderstruck stupor and gives a whoop and a cheer, belatedy working up the excitement and enthusiasm for the launch. "Woohoo! That'll be the best weapon ever, a flying Audgrim!" She then dances around, sounding like an excited child, "Throw me next! Throw me! I can even grab my axe and you can try it out that way, with a weapon too, if you want."

Denver whistles as she watches Audgrim go sailing through the air, her eyes wide. Well, that went way better than she expected it to. Holy crap he went far. She's laughing by the time he reaches the shore, offering a hand towards him just as he did for her when it was her turn in the water. "I think we should find a safe place, get some dummies set up, and practice throwing each other at 'bad guys'," she suggests. Red eyes shift towards Bea, smile only growing. "Hell yeah! Grab your axe, I'll toss you too. You can practice gliding with those wings, yeah?"
Audgrim accepts the hand and jumps out of the water, awed by the whole experience. "Yes, do it Bea, you should go very far with wings - you can even land on land. And we practice at targets, need to figure out good way of landing. Hitting. Something," the Nightsinger says, a bit out of breath. He takes that ruined shirt off and wrings out the water. This whole thing has limited used in a fight, but if they make it work…

Bea whoops with joy as Denver agrees to throw her, jumping up and down and directing, "Okay, you guys set up some dummy real quick with that driftwood over there, since it is about people sized, then you can throw me toward it, since I don't have time for a swim today with no suit. And I'll grab my axe." And she's off, hurrying to her van, and returning shortly with an almost comically oversized hedgespun axe. "Right! Ready for takeoff, captain!" She gives Denver a salute, standing ramrod straight, trying hard to pretend to be serious for a whole…30 seconds maybe, before she devolves into giggles.

A little worried about throwing someone at land, Denver chews on the inside of her cheek for a moment. "You have more healing fruits, right? In case I throw too hard, or something happens? Don't want you getting hurt." But Bea is running off, so she just laughs and goes to pick up some driftwood and stake it into the ground. She starts walking a ways away from it. Too close and no doubt that Bea will be hurt. "You should have a helmet or something," she huffs before grabbing the woman around the waist. "Alright, just like Audgrim did. Stiff and straight. Ready?" Once she's given the go ahead, she lifts the Spring up and tosses her towards the target. "Fly, my pretty, fly!"

Audgrim eats candy and watches the best show in the world. He helps set up that driftwood for axing, but he's getting lazy and is happy to go sit on some driftwood to get a really good view; he gives Bea a thumbs up and a grin - he seems not too worried about someone getting hurt here, knowing Bea can always glide on her wings if the throw is off for some reason.

Bea seems decidedly unconcerned about safety measures, perhaps worryingly so. She nods to Denver, agreeing, "Yup, stiff, straight." She does as told, holding her axe carefully in front of her to avoid catching Denver with it, and then she's launched! She squeals with pure delight, raising the axe over her head as a burst of pollen-like glamour bursts forth, and her Spring mantle with it, like an explosion of colorful winged creatures that disappear as they move away from the Beast. Her wings seem to grow just a little, buzzing faster and holding her at a steady pace and direction in her decent. She seems to be on course! As she gets closer to the ground, and her driftwood target, she lashes out, the axe's size causing her to go a bit off-center, missing the target entirely and causing the landing to be more of a head-over-heels tumble than a graceful landing. Luckily there is no obvious signs of blood, and after a moment, the laughter starts again. "Oh my gosh, that was SO fun! Let's try again! I'll use the strong-magic like you guys for the axing, and that'll make it way better." She hops up, giving Denver a grin, clearly ready to make the Elemental throw her until exaustion sets in.

Denver watches as Bea goes sailing, glancing to Audgrim to check on him really quick before glancing back again. The swing misses and sends the woman tumbling, which sends Denver running in that direction to check on her. As Bea hops up laughing, she relaxes a little bit, offering a smirk of her own, hands once more on her hips. "You freaked me out," she laughs. "I was afraid you were hurt. Alright, come on, I'll toss you again." She gestures for Bea to follow her and lines everything up again.

Audgrim stands up and applauds, no matter the target was missed. He eyes his claws for a moment, as if pondering if he should try something similar, while they're doing it - but in the end, he's sitting back down. He's getting rather tired, after the spar earlier and all the excitement and settles with watching this time, wolfing down that candy. It won't last long. He gives Denver a lazy, charming grin as she checks up on him. "I'm fine," he reassures, pointing to his jaw that has almost healed.

Bea dances happily toward Denver, adjusting her positioning, checking the heft and position of her axe, then nodding and saying, "Right, now I'm ready." She winks at Audgrim, noting, "We could be like the air-force, and we used to talk about that sort of thing a long time ago, after Eddie and I got to jump out of that plane, but this is way easier, since 'Livvy isn't around anymore, it seems like." A nod to Denver, and she aims herself, whispering, "I'm gonna chop that dummy like a tree."

"We can keep trying until we figure it out. But eventually we're going to get joggers or lov birds strolling around and shit. So just keep an eye out for non-Lost. Just in case. I wonder if there's an old junk site or something with old tires or whatever. Somewhere we can hide what we're doing, but still practice? That'd be awesome." Her head bobs at Bea, grabbing her up by the waist again. "I don't know who Livvy is," she states with a laugh before flexing her arms up, lifting the woman over her head and launching her. She reaches a hand out towards Audgrim afterwards, grinning back at that charming smile as she brushes his jaw. "I like hurting the bad guys. Not my friends!"

Audgrim alertly rises to his full height at that and looks around the beach, keen beast eyes trying to see if anyone's coming near. He points towards a boat out on the sea. "Maybe this is last throw," he suggests, then watches Bea soar with a grin; only to get very distracted by that warm touch to his jaw, looking back at Denver. He almost misses Bea's victory against the driftwood. "Hah, I think you liked hitting on me." This is not in fact a pun. He just doesn't know English that well and has no real idea what he just said.

Up she goes again, this time just as delighted as the last. She aims herself, letting herself glide in closer, glamour rippling over her muscles as she adds a little Wyrdy-oomph to her chop, and *CRASH* she knocks the top off the weak driftwood, landing on her feet, but with very little grace, shortly after. "HAH! I told you I could get it." She dances with joy, throwing down her axe and even doing a cartwheel in her excitement, before she settles down enough to return to the other two. She nods, trying to get serious, agreeing, "We should find someplace quiet, and we could do it at my place, and just give everyone an afternoon off or something, sometime, or even in my garden, except that might be a little cramped. But anyway, that was super fun, and I think it's the best idea in fighting since someone invented the axe, if you ask me."

"Oh, I love fighting. Don't get me wrong! I love sparring too. But the after effects sometimes suck. I don't like being the cause of bruises on people I'm fond of. Call me a sucker." Denver's smile widens for a moment as she watches him before dropping the hand and glancing back towards Bea. Just in time to watch her chop that driftwood hard. She lets out a whoop of delight, cheering the woman on. "That was -awesome-!" she exclaims as he moves to look at the wood, picking up the chopped piece off the ground. "Oh man, I think we just created a new style of fighting, you guys. And going up against bird-people, that might be a good thing."

Audgrim applauds Bea again, eyeing that axe with renewed respect. It certainly seem that coming flying in with it would be very efficient. "Birds fly," he sums it up, so yes, if everyone also flies… kind of. "Only thing - one person must throw, so that person don't hit anything if throwing. We be smart with it." Least he's got that tactical thinking every now and then. "Denver - you don't hurt me bad, and I need to train fighting with the best. If I never get hit, how I learn not to get hit?"

It's a good thing Bea has dropped her axe, because she impulsively tackle-hugs Denver, then Audgrim, or at least makes the attempt. "Oh, for /sure/ we should use that against the dumb birds." Her phone starts ringing at that moment, though, and any further exuberant babbling is halted as she picks up, listening for a moment before laughing and reassuring whoever is on the other end, "Oh sure, it's fine if it melts, since then we'll just add it to the chocolate river. But I'll be there in a few minutes, I was just helping a friend real quick. Don't worry too much!" And she gives the pair a grin, "Well, I guess I gotta get back to finishing up the party decorations and hiding the last eggs and everything. You guys are coming to the Easter party, right?" She asks this with a mix of hope and command, like she /definitely/ feels attendance is mandatory. "It's the first party of Spring, after all, even if we don't have a real freehold just yet."

Denver laughs and catches Bea in order to return the hug. "Well, I'm glad you had fun." She listens to the phone call, her eyes widening a little bit as she catches the part about a chocolate river. "How big a river are we talking?" she whispers before Bea hangs up the phone. "Um, I'm totally down for a party if it means flowing chocolate that I can just plunge my face into. But if I'm coming, you'll probably wanna double the amount of food you've got. Just a warning. Right?" She glances at Audgrim, knowing he can back her up on the amount of food she can put away.

"Double food," Audgrim says, nodding empathically. "I'll be there - I need shopping first. New clothes." His clothes are a shambles, by now. The boots seem to still work, even if they're wet. "You help me shop?" he asks hopefully of Denver - she was the one suggesting it, after all.

Bea gives Denver a sly look, "Oh, it's not /too/ big, but still, it should be fun. And anyway, there is definitely enough food for sure, since, like, I got donations all over the place, and all of that sort of thing, and so it should be tasty. Plus there will be some games, and prizes and the kids will all have fun with the egg hunt and all of that." She digs around in a pocket and eventually procures a business card with an excessive number of ways to contact her, from address and phone to social media accounts, which she hands to Denver. "Here. In case you ever need to get a hold of me, then you can just have the ways to do it." She gives a wave, grabs her axe, and heads off toward her van, calling over her shoulder, "Thanks for the fun throwing practice!"

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