(2018-03-27) PrP: Port Angeles Blues - Sticks And Stones
Port Angeles Blues - Sticks and Stones
Summary: Sydney and Harris gets drawn into the world of the Lost once more.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-27)
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Player Characters: Harris, Sydney, Audgrim (as ST)

Riverside East PA

It's early evening when a call comes in to Sydney. It's anonymous, the caller doesn't want to say who he is, but the things he does say are enough to alert this as Bureau affairs. Most likely.

The caller claims to know about Miller, the young police officer who has been missing for a week. The caller also mentions that this is probably 'Other business', emphasising Other - and the man has a bit of funny accent. He gives an adress, although a bit unspecific - "East side near old big factory, Harley's is name - come on river side. I will show. I am friend of Eddie's." And - he hangs up.

Assuming the two arrive, they manage to find the old abandoned factory easily enough, there's a giant old sign on the roof of the building facing west. There's a fence surrounding it, but it's broken in so many places that it serves no purpose any longer. Walking around it, the river is almost practically next to the factort, only a short muddy and rocky bank, bushes, old furniture and other junk suggesting this is a half dumpsite, or perhaps a hangout for the homeless. There's some suggestion of squatting here, so the latter is likely.

Lazing on a rickety chair next to an upended refrigerator, is Audgrim. He's eating something.

Jim leans up against the hood of his rusty old '79 Buick Skylark, his features illuminated by the dull glow of his cigarette as he pulls at it. His steely gaze searches up and down the riverbank, looking for any sign of threat. The big man is tense and wary, his reflexes on a hair trigger. "Whatcha think, boss?" he asks in an aside to Sydney. "If this guy really was one o' -Them-… can we trust 'im?"

Audgrim finishes what he's eating and begins to pace about a bit, picking up random junk from near the refridgerator, waiting around. He hasn't heard or noticed them arriving yet, but then it's both dark and there's a light drizzle making everything a bit hazy.

Sydney steps out from the passenger side of the Buick, dressed in her usual nondescript sweater, slacks and gray coat. Walking unhurriedly, she circles around the car to stand next to Harris, while peering at the figure on the chair. "Can't say." She offers to the big man. "But let's give him the benefit of the doubt for now, and see what he has to say. C'mon." With that, she starts towards where Audgrim is sitting… now standing. "Hello!"

Jim leans over as he spies Audgrim. His brows knot together and he straightens his spine. "He's… he ain't leavin' any footprints," he mutters under his breath. "Because of -course- he isn't." He shakes his head, taking one last pull off his smoke before tossing the butt down and grinding it out under his heel. He falls into step by Sydney, a looming presence as they make their way over. Although Audgrim -had- seemed a friendly sort the last time they'd met. But still… he's one of Them. So the burly cop is on his guard. "Hey. How ya doin'?" he says.

Though the bank of the river is quite muddy, there are no footprints anywhere where Audgrim's walked - this much is obvious to both of the alert Bureau agents. It's also clear, that whatever he's doing, he's guarding the refrigerator that lies on its back, with the lid closed. There's a long chain that has been looped around the refrigerator but it's been snapped so the lid can now be open. There are dragmarks from the water up to where the refrigerator is, like someone literally pulled it up a few meters before opening it (with a suspicious lack of footprints near the dragmarks).

It's not until Sydney calls out Audgrim realises they're there - he lifts his chin and watches the two approach. He looks a bit surprised to see Harris, but only for a moment before his face splits into a broad - too broad - grin. "Hello," he rasps at the two. "I'm doing good. Nice to see you again, Jim." He studies Sydney with more suspicion, but he did call her. Up closer, it's clear his clothes are quite wet, like he took a swim in the river. The light drizzle doesn't quite account for soaked clothing. "Look what I find." He flips the lid open on the refrigerator, casually.

Thankfully there's no unpleasant wave of dead body smell. There's not much of a smell at all, except dirty river water. However, it's quite obvious even at a quick glance that it contains a police uniform, all bundled up into one corner. And some other things, hard to see without further examination.

The wet, dripping fridge definitely has her attention, but Sydney's immediate attention is on Audgrim when the agents approach. Her Wyrd sense is tingling, so she knows what Audgrim is; it's just a confirmation though, since he already said he's a friend of Eddie's and by association, he has to be one of Them. Once that is settled, Sydney will move closer to the fridge when the lid is flipped open, so that she can peer at its content - the sight of a police uniform is not at all good.

Frowning, she looks back at Audgrim. "Did you drag this out of the water?" She asks the obvious question, pausing only to gesture for Harris to check out the fridge. "I don't suppose you know how this got in the water."

Harris almost flinches back when the door to that fridge is opened. After the last few days he's had, he's ready for almost anything to come screaming out of the thing. But when nothing does, he edges a bit closer, leaning over to take a quick peek. Seeing the uniform has his brows knotting. "The hell?" He leans closer still, looking for any signs of badge, nameplate, or anything else that might shed some light on whom the uniform once belonged to. He's also looking for signs of blood, or scratches on the inside of the door. Anything that might indicate whether or not the uniform's owner was still inside the fridge when it took its plunge.

Audgrim could have just called and then not waited around, so the fact he did suggests a certain curiosity and a show of trust from his side.

"Yes, it was in river," he confirms, backing away from the refrigerator and closer to the edge of the river. He's not too eager to be too close to either of them. He's not /that/ trusting.

"It has police things. Someone called Miller - don't know him. Don't know why he is in fridge." He pauses, thinking. "He not in fridge, I mean. He /should/ be in fridge, but he isn't." That might not be very helpful, displaying that infuriating cryptic-ness many of the Lost like to torture people with.

He takes another step back. "All yours. We don't have time. We not that many, Eddie is too busy - and this is one of your people."

The refrigerator has, apart from every possbile thing a police officer wears, also a lot of seemingly random junk. Sticks. Stones. Pieces of concrete. Straw. On top of the pile is a flipped open wallet with Miller's ID card staring up at Harris; Audgrim's probably rifled through the items before realising what he found.

Sydney listens to Audgrim, bobbing her head while keeping an eye on the man, but she too is stepping closer to the fridge for a closer look. Flashlight comes out, and is shone at the uniform mixed in with random junk. At the sight of it, Sydney frowns, her lips purse. Something about this is very, very familiar to her, as if she has seen all of this before. She spares a glance towards Harris then. "This wasn't Miller." She tells him. "It was never Miller. Jim, you may want to gather up his things and take them back to the precinct." And then back to Audgrim. "One of your people came after him, didn't they? Is it someone we should be worried about?"

Jim moves to obey Sydney, carefully gathering up the wallet, the uniform, and anything else that might have belonged to Miller. When she asks Audgrim that question, he looks up sharply. "Wait. One of -Them- took him?" He shoots a glower at Audgrim. "I thought you said they were trustworthy!" he growls. His tension, which had begun to relax, leaps back with a vengeance. He takes a couple edging steps back, clutching the bundle of Miller's things in one hand, while the other creeps towards his jacket. "Of -course- it's somethin' we should worry about!" he says to Sydney without taking his eyes off Audgrim. "God only knows what -They're- doing to him!"

Audgrim has certainly thought the same thing. His grim expression at Sydney's question suggests that - he tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve, not very good at this subterfuge game. Probably why it's usually Eddie handling this. But his earlier comments also suggest that the Lost are under a lot of strain - why else would they literally call the cops on something like this?

Jim's reaction has him completely on guard, however; he backs away so he's now standing with his feet /in/ the river. "You got it all wrong," he says, his voice suddenly very melodious, pleasant - and there's some sadness. . "It wasn't one of ours of Port Angeles," he tells Sydney. "None that we /know/, anyway" And with that, unless physically stopped - he whirls around and dives right into the river.

"Wait! Jim, hold on." Sydney holds up a hand at Harris, signalling him to stop. At least, she hopes she can stop Harris long enough so that Audgrim can say his piece… and dive into the river. At least a confrontation is averted, right? Unless Harris decides to do something crazy, that is! "Calm down; it's not like that." She tells the big guy, and crouches down next to the fridge. "This…." The flashlight is pointed at the remaining junk inside. "…is what kidnapper entities use to create a replacement person. Sticks, and stones, and straw. We don't know how, but once a person is taken, the kidnapper entity leaves behind a fake person. /This/ Miller is a fake person; the real Miller has been taken, Lord knows how long." She turns her head in the direction Audgrim disappeared to. "These people? They are the victims. They are the people who were taken, and came back." How does she know all of this? That's also a bit of a mystery.

Jim takes a step back, his hand going under his jacket as Audgrim steps into the water. He doesn't know what to expect, but the last time he let his guard down, he got shot. He's not eager for a repeat of that. "Wait. What do you -mean- it ain't-hey, WAIT!" He steps forward, his shoes squelching in the mud as Audgrim dives into the river. "God dammit—gaah!" He looks sourly down at his feet, wrenching them from the muck with a sucking pop. He trudges back over to Sydney as she explains the ins and outs of Keepers and fetches. She doesn't use those terms, of course, but… when she mentions that Audgrim and those like him are the victims, the ones who were -taken- rather than the ones who did that taking… his expression softens just a touch. "Jesus Christ. I… I had no idea. I…" He looks back over his shoulder at the river. "And these kidnappers… -do- these things to these folks?" He's remembering his dream, now. The dream that wasn't. "My God." He suppresses a shiver, looking back to Sydney. "So… when Miller turns up, he won't be Miller? He'll be one of these… Sticks n' Stones?"

Sydney shakes her head, slowly rising to her feet. "No. This…" Once again, the flashlight is pointed at the pile of sticks and stones. "…IS the fake Miller. When the fake people die, they turn back to this. And from what I understand, it's usually the returned victims who come after their fake doppelgangers. So… our suspect may well be the real Miller." She guesses, then heaves a sigh. "The least understood part about all this, are the kidnapper entities. We… I was never clear on what they are. Obviously they are hostile to people like our friend there… but I don't know how to tell them from each other." Obviously, Sydney has never actually encountered a Keeper.

Jim looks over the bundle in his hands. "But where do they -go-?" he says. "We're God-damn police detectives. We should be able to -find- 'em." He pauses. His face turns pale. "Unless they go… -there-. To that place, from my dream." He looks back to Sydney. "There has to be somethin' we can do," he says. "Some way we can help Miller."

"We have no idea where they go." Sydney admits with a sigh. "The few victims I talked to in the past, tend to be vague about it. If Miller is one of them now, and he killed his double… well, he may try to build himself a new life. Or he may try to reclaim his life from the fake… although, if that's his goal, he would've taken the uniform and badge, so I'm not sure." She frowns at the stuff Harris has gathered up. "What place? Which dream?"

Jim shakes his head. "The dream I toldja about," he says. "At the briefing awhile back. When I went into this… this giant hedge-maze. An' there was the gal there with the sword."

"Well… like I said, I don't know if that place has anything to do with this. We just don't have enough information on it." Sydney states. "I think we should hold on to the badge and the uniform for the time being… in case the real Miller intends to resume his old life. We don't want the PAPD to think Miller is dead, only to see him come back later." She starts to head back to Harris' car. "C'mon, let's head back."

Jim nods his head. "Yeah," he says. He casts one last look towards the river, then starts trudging back to his car. Doing his best to scrape some of the mud off his shoes before he saddles up in his Buick.

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