(2018-03-27) We Forget Things
We Forget Things
Summary: Mr. Quiet remembers.
Date: 2018-03-27
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Player Characters: Audgrim, Bea, Eddie, Mr. Quiet

---—-| Upstairs - Princess Theatre - Downtown |

Upstairs on the third floor, is some work, storage and living space. The one remaining office looks to be the manager's, and probably hasn't changed much over the years. There's a desk with a black rotary phone sitting on one corner, dented filing cabinet and three chairs. A calendar from '73 hangs on the wall with some framed photographs from the theater's long history and an assortment of old movie posters. Attached is another office, recently repurposed as a conference room. There's a single long table within, crowded around by an orderly mob of chairs. Tall, red draped windows offer a view of downtown and fill the room with angular pools of light, both neon and natural. There's a sense of walking into a time warp here, as if this peculiar little world was more a museum exhibit than anything.

Further toward the back, beyond access to the viewing box at the rear of the balcony and some storage rooms, is a secluded apartment. It's just a small bachelor style flat; little more than a place where a lonely projectionist or a tired manager might sleep rather than go home in the wee hours of the morning. As such, there's just a bed at the far end, and an antique red brocaded sofa with matching chairs near the door to denote the sitting area. The other vintage furnishings are few, but tasteful. There's a bookshelf, silk screen to change behind, armoire, full-length mirror, liquor cabinet and coffee table. Unlike the rest of the theatre, the apartment seems as if it's actually lived in - even if there's plenty of cobwebs to suggest otherwise.

The Princess is just as it always is: Shadowy. Spooky. Moody. The only difference today is that the ticket booth is occupied by the skinny janitor - who is usually found manning the concession stand, cleaning, or slacking off. He is forced to work today, selling tickets to a college-aged couple, who are most certainly here for some fun gropey times in the dark theater, than for the scary movies.

"Alright," Eddie says, disposing of his cigarette in the pop-out ashtray on his dashboard, "it looks like it's just us, for now." He'd made a few phonecalls before he rode out, because the Princess is very spooky, and Mr. Quiet is very big. Nobody has made it out, yet, but him and Audgrim. Probably he's just being paranoid anyway. He climbs out and locks up and approaches the ticket booth, checking over his shoulder to make sure the Nightsinger's still there before addressing the janitor. "Hey," he says, "is the big guy around?"

"Okay," Audgrim says - he's not terribly nervous wandering in here, giving the skinny old man a grin. "No eating," he jokes even, giving the janitor a thumbs up. He then lazes against the counter, stifling a yawn, tail just bobbing erratically. He just woke up and is dragging his feet, literally.

The old geezer of a janitor peers through the dirty window of the ticket booth. Ayup, he recognizes them. "Oh it's you people." He wheezes, with a tone that lands squarely in the obscure middle ground between relief and irritation. "Yeah he's upstairs." He answers Eddie's question though. "But I dunno what's up with him. He hasn't left the apartment in two days, and I've never known him to drink. I don't wanna go poke him, so maybe you guys can." He will even helpfully points towards the back. "Just go through the door in the back, the one that says 'employees only'."

The ominous (?) grind of ice cream truck music can just be heard, getting closer and closer, until the Gingerbread Witch ice cream van pulls around the corner. Perhaps spotting Eddie or his car, the brakes are quickly, and not entirely safely, applied, and a sharp turn is made so that Bea can park in the theater lot. Quickly hopping out of the car, she calls out with a wave, "Hey Eddie! Audgrim! Hi!" And then she's rushing around to the back of the van to grab her basket, which she almost haphazardly throws items into- knife- check, honey jars- check, ice cream lollies- rejected. Bea hop-skips her way happily to the ticket booth, giving the janitor a friendly, familiar wave and a small bag of candies, though she addresses Eddie, teasing, "What's up, Eddie? Why're you visiting here? Thinking of joining the old team again?"

"Thanks," Eddie nods at the janitor. He goes to follow those instructions, but looks back over his shoulder when he hears Bea. "Just checking on Quiet. He was in a strange way, last time we saw him. Glad you're here, friendly face might help, and you're about the friendliest face I know. C'mon." He gestures for her to join the procession, and he heads into the back, through that 'Employees Only' door. "Big guy?" he calls out, "Mr. Q? You back here some place?"

"Bea, hi," Audgrim says and he squeezes her shoulder fondly, and eyes that basket hopefully. But he's also here because of concern, so he follwos Eddie and waves Bea along.

He's happy to let Eddie do the talking, but he adds his voice to the friendly ones: "Audgrim here too."

Bea's friendly smile turns to a frown of worry, "Oh no! Quiet?" She looks to the janitor for confirmation of the sad state of Quiet, then starts after Eddie, adding to the calls, "Quiet! I brought you some honey, and honey is good for everything, so just…I'll bring you more, but this is good for like…tree-awge, which is like what nurses do to keep you from bleeding to death, but if you /are/ bleeding to death, then still I have some berries too!" She whispers, after the fact, to Eddie and Audgrim, "What is wrong with him?"

The door leads up a long, dark and creaky flight of stairs, up past a second floor and further up still, before opening up to the "apartment". And "apartment" is a generous description of the place; it's an old office haphazardly turned into a crashpad, and right now there are no lights in here… no lights, but shadows. And sitting on a large couch, enveloped in shadows, is the silhouette of the large man. As the Lost enter the space, they will notice empty bottles and cans scattered everywhere.

At the assorted greetings, the giant shape shifts, head lifting up in the dark. "What's dat place?" Comes the deep rumble of Mr. Quiet.

"He thought he was a lumberjack," Eddie answers Bea as they climb the stairs, like that's a perfectly adequate explanation. He looks around and takes in the scene once they get to the 'apartment', actually sort of liking the place. It's better than his, in some ways. At least without lights you can't see as much of it. The bottles are concerning, though, and he sends one rolling across the floor with the toe of his shoe, frowning. "I don't know," he finally answers, an all too common chorus that he's getting tired of singing, "I wish I could tell you. Some place in the Hedge, now, that didn't used to be. How'd you end up there?"

"Axe man," Audgrim adds, because he isn't entirely sure what a lumberjack even is. So many strange words, in English. He slinks inside after Eddie, concern on his face too, but more grimly so. "Don't know either. You be there, but you not you now, but maybe you many times ago." He tells it as he sees it, prefering the straight forward approach. He taps his head. "We forget things."

Bea nods seriously, as if Eddie's just given her a proper diagnosis of Quiet's condition. Slipping past him, she starts pulling things out of her bag, three jars of honey, set up like a little golden pyramid in front of Quiet, a loaf of braided bread. After a long look around, she purses her lips and then pulls out a bag of potato chips as well, and a small bottle of water. She looks mildly confused, "He was there.." She stops talking to Eddie and Audgrim, looking to Quiet again, "You were there, but not? Or there by surprise?"

"Don't remember how. But I's there." The deep rumble answers Eddie's question, and perhaps Bea's too. "Emery had a wife. She was my wife." Hmm. Not quite as monosyllabic as Mr. Quiet usually is. There is a worrisome pause, and then in the shadows it can be seen that a bottle is upended at his maw, its content drained. "We forget things." He repeats Audgrim's words after the bottle is lowered. "But Mr. Quiet remembers more now." A big hand comes up, and a thick finger taps on his temple. "Not the village. Things he took from here."

Worrisomer and worrisomer. That's how the line goes, right? Eddie listens to Quiet speak and watches him drink, becoming more uneasy by the moment. He didn't know the ogre all that well back in the old days, but he's never seen him act like this. "Emery had a wife," he agrees, "I saw her, the first time I got pulled there. Sleeping. What memories are you remembering? Who took them?"

Having gone through something faintly similar only recently, of examining his past, Audgrim can sympathise. He isn't afraid to wander further into the room, yellow eyes adjustnig quickly enough. "Eat some," he says, knowing that it always seem to help him. "Everything will be alright. We will help you. If you want to remember, we can help remember. Or we find who pull us in there, and hit it hard." He takes that water bottle, holds it out. "We got the ring. Fox person gave it to you, you drop it."

Bea leans over and attempts to give Quiet a hug. "Oh man, that is hard, to be stuck in someone elses's head, I bet. And sometimes those memories we have, they can be tough, but still, it is good to have them, and there are some better ways…" She pulls away and oh-so-gently tries to take the bottle away from the large man, "than this to feel better. And you can trust me on that once, since Spring is full of the most drowned livers." At Audgrim's mention of foxes, Bea adds a helpful word of wisdom, "Just you never trust a fox, Mr. Quiet, and everybody knows they are just sneaky."

There is a moment or two as Mr. Quiet remains seated in the shadows, but his gaze is on Audgrim's offered bottle… and then the food Bea put before him. Any silent menace the ogre may be exuding is, at least partially negated when he doesn't reject Bea's hug. As for the bottle? He relinquishes it to Bea's care, since it's already empty. "Ain't trustin' a man whose name I don't remember."

The ogre then sits forward, his chalk-white, scarred face emerging partly from the shadows. "-HIM-." The ogre growls in response to Eddie's question. "He promised ta take away the pain. But he took my memories. He took my -mind-." One finger points in Audgrim's direction. "The Ring. The village. Something brought 'em back."

"Getting rid of pain usually costs more than living with it, in my experience," Eddie says, still a little nervous but not unsympathetic. He looks away and thinks a while. "So you're remembering yourself. Things from before our seven year nap, even. I wonder, if it could do that for," he makes a face, and reconsiders his phrasing, "if it could do that -to- you, maybe it could do for the rest of us. I guess that can wait. What can we do for you, Quiet? Should we even still call you that?"

If Audgrim has the ring on him, he's not pulling it out - yet. He's still rather confused about what's happening - he paces about in the small area, thinking hard. "Memories…" he murmurs. "Time…" He pauses. "What is village? Is it your village from many times ago? You remember again. It is not a place. It is your memory, in hedge. Isn't it? And rings, maybe, bring back memories. You say ring is about time. Maybe you move us in time too." He is speaking fast, just throwing out his jumbled thoughts. He grabs some chips and munches.

Bea offers thoughtfully, "Some tree I met had a problem like that, and a ring too. It was burned to a crisp, but kept remembering when it was nice and green and part of a whole forest, and just, like…it wouldn't stop screaming about it." The memory doesn't seem to make her happy, and she gives Quiet another quick hug before opening a jar of honey and tryiing to force it into his hand. "But that would be a neat trick, wouldn't it? If you could be like…a time mover?" She gives Quiet a hopeful, expectant look, clearly wanting him to agree to the awesomeness of being a time traveller.

"I's Mr. Quiet." The ogre tells Eddie. "S'who I was before He took me ta his realm. And I ain't no lumberjack then." He is distracted by Bea shoving a jar of honey into his giant mitt, which is stared at with a deep furrow of his brows. "Wendy. She used ta make honey." He murmurs solemnly - the jar is clutched but not tasted. "I'm gunna decide what ta do now. Not just watchin' this place like a guard dog."

Audgrim's face is rather blank - he's trailed off into his own mind, which is a twisted path. He's standing entirely still for a long moment, then shakes out of it with a start. "Wendy?" That's a name he knows al too well. He grins though, encouragingly. "Good. And we fix hollow. Let Bea in. No other Autumn but you, Penny, me - you can decide."

Bea wonders hesitantly, "Wendy?" She gives Eddie a curious frown, silently asking him if it's /that/ Wendy… "Oh, well if ever you need a place to stay, or want something to do with yourself, then always I can help you with that, Quiet," Bea offers with a smile. "There are plenty of things to do, and always not enough people to do them." She looks to Audgrim then, curious, "What Hollow? What's wrong with it? Maybe I could help, if you need," she agrees with Audgrim's volunteering her.

Eddie shakes his head a little at Bea. Not /that/ Wendy, he's pretty sure. "Well, we could use you, out there," he says to the ogre, "if you decide that's what you want to do. You could use us, too, if you want." He dips into his coat for one of those cards he's always giving everybody, and he sets it down some place convenient. "If you need any help figuring things out. It's a big weird world out there, and getting weirder every day. It helps to have friends."

"Wendy. My wife." Mr. Quiet clarifies with a vaguely angry snort. "She died many many years ago." Audgrim's mention of the Hollow nets him a stare… a thoughtful one, perhaps? "Hollow later." He decides, and lifts the jar to eye the honey again. That's not going to help him deal with old memories being dredged up without warning, is it? Still, he lifts it to his maw for consumption. "Princess is the only home I know; I'm stayin'. I'll be in touch when I figure this out." Again, he taps himself on the temple, and subsequently points to Eddie's card.

Though there are still many questions, least some things are resolved. Audgrim's tail makes a few loops of relief. He nods at Mr. Quiet, respectfully, and just aknowledges that without comment. But, he grabs Eddie's card and digs a pen out from a pocket and jots down his own telephonenumber under Eddie's information. "You can call me too. I have phone. It is smarter than me, I think." Is that a joke? Yes, yes it is. "I go now - but will be back soon." And he heads on out with the same usual lack of fanfare he always employs when leaving.

Bea whips out a card of her own, this one with several phone numbers, social media accounts, a website and an address. "Here is my card too, in case you need anything, and even if it's just a friend to talk to, because everyone can say it, that I talk too much, but still, my shoulders are pretty water resistant, so you can use them if you need any to cry on or anything." She nudges another jar of honey toward Quiet.

Eddie looks up at the big man for a long time, maybe looking for something he recognizes, or just trying to think of the right thing to say. "You have my card," he finally says, and settles for that and a respectful nod. "I'll be around." He turns and goes to follow Audgrim back down the stairs, head down and hands in his pockets, strangely solemn.

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