(2018-03-29) Death Wish
Death Wish
Summary: Bea comes over to help Audgrim with his boo-boos, and Eddie shows he has a secret death wish. Denver? Sleeps.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-29)
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Player Characters: Eddie, Bea, Audgrim

Audgrim's Apartment - Old Tenement - Baker St.
The place is tiny, just one room with a kitchenette and a half-bathroom. The walls are thin and the wallpaper is mostly non-existant, but even so, someone's gone through some pain to tidy the place up as best as they can. It's been cleaned and scrubbed, the floor boards (though stained) scrubbed so they shine where they are seen under the plentiful old but colorful rugs. The kitchen area has an old fridge, cabinets in a brown drab color, and certainly no dishwasher.
There's not a lot of furniture, but there's a brand new looking bed in dark wood, fitting one person very comfortably or two who likes each other very much. Two metal chairs with grey cushions are placed by a round metal table right beneath the only window. Heavy curtains in dark green velvet frame the window that overlooks a brick wall of the opposite building. On the windowsill is a half-meter tall orange tree in a brightly colored large pot. Opposite the window there's a new sofa-bed in the same shade of dark green as the curtains; it has a few blankets in orange and brown thrown over it, and a few pillows in the same colors. A small dark wood table stands in front.
The bathroom is tiny, but scrubbed so clean it shines, with brown tiles on the floor and a dark red old 70s pattern on the walls. You can't turn around in the shower. But it works.
There's a faint smell of flowers. Someone's hidden a potpurri somewhere, to hide some of the smell of the building itself.
Quite often, a cockroach is wandering around on the floor or sitting on a wall. Just only one though, ever.

A noticeably very tired Audgrim called Bea and asked humbly if she could come over - he's a bit hurt, not very much, but could use some fruit. He explains that he and Denver has been hunting for armor pieces in the hedge, that they made it back safely, and that the tiny ogre is asleep and doing okay after having eaten 20 pizzas. Audgrim doesn't know this trick however. He knows people /with/ tricks.

Once Bea arrives he's shuffling to the door to let her in, dressed only in some lose black sweatpants with a bandage on his neck. In truth, he's not looking that much hurt at all, as he said - a few bruises and that bandage is all. He's mostly just exhausted.

There's an actual bed here now, a table and a couple of chairs. They look brand new. Denver's sleeping heavily in the bed and there's 20 empty pizza boxes next to it.

Bea arrives quickly enough that it's clear she left immediately after the call. She's all efficiency as she enters the apartment, giving Audgrim an appraising look and shooing him toward the bed or the couch, "You should totally be resting right now. And why did you guys go into the thorns just by yourself? I know Denver is super strong and everything, but still, you guys should be more careful." She sets down the basket she's brought with her and starts unloading, the usual snacks of honey, bread, fruits and veg, that sort of thing. She pulls out a jam jar, the bright pik contents of which she slathers over a thick piece of bread and hands over to Audgrim, "Eat this," she says in the tone of a doctor giving a prescription. Water is put on to boil, and as she waits, she examines Audgrim, then Denver. "I'm just glad you guys are okay." As the water comes to heat, she drops some dried leaves in and leaves it to steep.

The tiny ogre doesn't even stirr - she's out. But she's healed up a bit, it appears - someone's done a good job putting bandages on her.

Audgrim shuffles to the small couch and sits there, so to not disturb Denver unnecessarily - he's just zombie like obeying. "Thanks," he manages and takes the bread and begins to eat slowly. "We had each other," he notes, with a small smile. "But maybe next time we will be a bit more smart." Her mere presence is perking him up, in fact. "But I got the dragon." He points to a little heap in a corner, a towel thrown over something. There's some shuffling and twittering from inside. "Can you take it home to your hollow? Can't keep it here."

Bea nods, looking worried, "For sure I will take it, and if it is a dragon, then put it into a cage. But that looks like a real small thing to beat up you two so bad. Does it, like…grow or something?"

"Very small dragon, and no it won't grow… I don't think. Best not feed it any of your fruit," Audgrim suggests, slumping in the couch. He's finished the bread and that condiment on top and swings his legs up to half-lie down on the couch, pulling a blanket up. "Thanks," he adds again, sighing contently enough. "Dragon not beat us - but it bit me, so I sleep very long time. Denver carry me out. We got beaten by big monkeys." He suddenly remembers something, and points to his bag over in a corner. "In bag? There is a soda can, inside is sap from tree from cloud forest. For you."

Bea looks like Audgrim has just offered her the world. She manages to resist for a moment, long enough that she pours Audgrim a cup of the nettle tea, and sweeteens it with honey before handing it over, "Just have some of this coupnettle tea, and it will make you feel a little better for sure." She then reaches over to grab the soda can, sniffing inside to smell it, "Huh, that smells nice, at least," her strange tongue is dipped in, "And it doesn't taste too bad…Thanks Audgrim. You are like the /nicest/ friend, and this will be so good to add to my book. Once you are feeling better, you and Denver can tell me /everything/ and I'll add it all, and then for sure I will add you guys as, like…contrab…tributar…/contributors/."

Audgrim accepts the tea and watches the bee-lady with tired amusement as he sips it. "It is very sticky," he tells her. "Helped us climb down the tree. I mean up." He's still quiet brain dead, but a few more sips of tea and he's already looking more clear-eyed. "I will tell everything, also you can study dragon. I have to figure out how to get scales from it - not sure I want to kill it. Maybe pull them off?" He doesn't look forward to torturing an animal, so he frowns at the dark idea. "Maybe it drop them."

Bea shrugs and goes over to peek at the dragon, biting her lip, then quickly covering it again and carefully setting the whole package into her basket. "Hmm, well, some lizards shed, so maybe it will too. Or, I bet it might be tasty, and I could skin it for you. Or like you say, maybe pull them off, or cut them off if they are like nails, or maybe it is nice and likes a chat when it isn't being kidnapped, and will jusst give you some." She shrugs and shakes her head apologetically, "I don't know much about this kind of dragon though, so I can't say for sure."

"I think Denver would want us to take it back maybe. She's nicer than us." Audgrim says this fatalistically - he's definitely more callous about things. Like, stealing eggs from cat-snakes. "Will try to talk first. And I have three weeks more, about." He swings his feet to plant them on the floor again, feeling almost like his old self - he looks down into the empty cup of tea with amazement. "Or we take dragon to smith, maybe she will know." He's already told Bea about meeting the Wizened smith in the hob caravan. "Your easter party was very fun, even if it was daytime."

Bea laughs and nods, "Oh, probably because she is Summer, and sometimes they are extra nice, so you don't think that all that angry is all that they are, and it is a good sign, about her. Anyway, that is a long time, and like you say, maybe the smith will know how to get the scales, if you bring the dragon…But still, I wouldn't mind seeing if it is nice roasted, is all." She licks her lips and looks at the basket longingly…maybe Bea's /isn't/ the best place to keep the dragon. "And I am glad you liked the party, it was just a bit of fun for everyone, and since we are so few, who are still awake and in town, I thought maybe it would be nice to celebrate Spring with the regular folks too, so it was like a /real/ party, and just us all staring at each other and trying to keep Eddie from making everyone gloomy."

Audgrim shoots the sleeping tiny ogre a fond look. It's clear there's something between him and Denver - but whatever it is, it seem to be confusing to the Swimmerskin too. Definitely not a stormy love affair yet - maybe never will be. But the two have definitely hit it off - it must've been that punch to his head the other day, right? Summer magic. "If we have to kill it, promise you can roast it. If you let me taste," he adds with a toothy grin. "Think everyone likes to celebrate Spring - even an Autumn. Because winter is over!" he jokes, and he laughs even, a quiet but earnest chuckle.

Bea watches Audgrim as he looks over at Denver, leaning against the counter and asking, "You and Denver seem like a cute couple, I think, and maybe a good match. But just be careful, since Summers fall pretty hard, and can be worse than Winters when things don't work out." She laughs a little and shakes her head at Audgrim's assessment, "Oh sure, and everyone likes it when it is Spring, because it is easy to like Spring, if just you are thinking of the flowers and the drinks, and all the baby animals, and that is what people should think about really. But Winter is nice too, and good even for a Spring, to give us a little rest, to stay inside and warm, instead of always having to work so hard to be the good distraction and keep everyone talking. But, still, I am glad that it is Spring, since of course it is my court, and I am glad that I could throw a good party for everyone to get together and enjoy it."

Audgrim looks back at Bea abruptly. He takes her advice to heart, nodding while looking faintly embarassed - he was never very good at hiding his emotions. He doesn't want to talk about it though; during all the trouble with Tyla he never once spoke about it except to say the barest minimum. "I was only joking. About the winter thing. I will say it to Eddie, because maybe he like joke like that. I like Winter too - more here than in Norway. Not so cold," he reminisces. He's still a bit affected by having all that will drained, so he's more melancholy than usual. "Did you find more about your ring?" he says, changing topics.

Bea grins and nods, smiling a little, "Oh sure, I bet Eddie will love that joke, and it was a good one." She slathers another piece of bread with honey and hands it over to Audgrim. It's not got any goblin fruit in it, but to Bea's mind, honey is the cure-all for everyting. "I haven't…I'm a little afraid to try, since maybe it'll start a fire, so I am going to take it out to someplace like a parking lot or something, but…I have been extra busy with getting the party set up, and spring cleaning all over town, and my garden, and the community garden, and the farm, and then Mr. Smith's son died, so there is a whole wake to help with, and then some mourning to do, and then a wedding cake to make for Kelsey and Marcus, down the street, and it's just been real busy, but for sure I will be trying it out soon." Impetuous Bea avoiding using that ring she worked so hard to get might be a curious thing, and she seems eager to deflect away from it, though she's clearly still planning to figure it out.

Audgrim perks up again, accepting the treat. Food always helps. "I have not used ring we find either," he admits. "I also be very very busy." This surprises him - he thinks back on the last few days. "Very busy. I don't even nap, almost at all." A glance at Denver again - part of that is her doing after all, the keeping busy part. "Maybe we best not - don't know what they do." He munches honey and bread, and gets up to find some beer in the fridge.

Bea smiles appreciatively at Audgrim, "Oh, well that /is/ busy for you, if you didn't take any naps," she teases. She slathers another piece of bread with honey, and begins to much away herself. "But still, we /should/ try them out, since what if they are just all the keys to the whole mess we're in? And if they aren't, then even still, they might do some nice trick, or at least be good for some trade with a hob, and that's always nice."

Audgrim offers a beer - he always has the cheapest lager in stock, because he might be poor but one must have beer to offer guests. He's seen that on TV, in USA you do that. But if she wants, there's regular soda too. He downs his own beer in one go, obviously thirsty. "I will try, tomorrow," he muses.

Bea takes the beer that's offered, having a healthy swig and a nod, "Me too, if I can." She considers, then says, "I am going to be real glad when things do get back to something like normal." She considers, then says almost awkwardly, "I was thinking that once everything isn't broken anymore, like the wind and the freehold and the promises and our memories and everything…we…like you, and me, and Eddie, and Ida, and maybe Denver and Penny, if they wanted, could all do like a promise to be good friends and stuff."

"Yes." Audgrim stops drinking immediately and points at Bea. He puts the beer down and moves in to hug Bea, lifting her up and grinning. "We would be already if we could make promise. We /are/ already - without promise." She's given a big fat smacking kiss to her cheek, unless she bats him off.

Bea laughs, never one to refuse gestures of affection, and returns the hug and cheek kiss enthusiastically. "Oh for sure, we are just like that already, but still, it would be nice to have some promise, and make it official and all that. Plus, once the promises are back, then I am sure that some freehold will happen," her tone suggests that it /will/ happen, if she's got anything to do with it, "and when that happens, then it is good to say that we are like…/us/ and a team. But still, like you say, even without, we are the best friends already."

"We'd be strong, and the freehold would have the best group. We'd keep Port Angeles safe," Audgrim muses, very hopeful for the future. "Everthing will be alright," he says, hopping up to sit on the counter for now. She might notice that he's done some effort to keep up the cleaning here, even if there's a few dirty clothes on the floor near the bed now and some bloodied sheets. But he does laundry all on his own, and he even had a few food things in the fridge apart from the beer. Like a real person. And the furniture definietly wasn't here last she came over. "I remember - I asked Mr. Quiet about hollow?" She was there, so she'd know what he means. "Hollow in theatre is broken, vines growing everywhere, but Mr. Quiet say only autumn can go in - before he got memoreis back. I hope he will ask you to come. He don't know how to fix it, I don't think, and I don't. Penny? I don't know if she can."

If Eddie's been home, he might've heard Audgrim and Denver a few hours back, talking quietly and then he might've met the pizza delivery guy arriving with 20 boxes of pizza to Audgrim's apartment. And he probably heard Bea arriving and they're talking quietly in there now - everyone here knows not to talk loud cause every neighbor would know everything. His door is unlocked though and Eddie would get a loud 'COME IN' from Audgrim.

Inside, there's some bloodied sheets on the floor near the bed (yes, there is furniture here now), and Lava Tiny Ogre is sleeping like the dead in there. Audgrim's sitting on the kitchen counter drinking beer with no shirt on, Bea's munching bread and honey.

Bea nods, listening to Audgrim's dilemma, "Oh sure, and always that is the rule, even before 'only Autumns'," she says it like a little sister who's been locked out of big brother's clubhouse…no girls allowed! "But still, I would be happy to help of course, and evenif it is just giving some tips or tools or something. But maybe still, if Quiet is…/changing/," said with an excessively diplomatic lilt, "Then maybe he will change his mind. But…I don't know, then maybe there are some dead people there, and I wouldn't /want/ to go in, since you never can be sure about that kind of thing with you Autumns." Bea has out her standard 'hurt people' wellness kit- blushberry jam, homemade bread, honey, and coupnettle tea going lukewarm on the stove.

"We can wait and see - no rush with hollow. It not going anywhere, and not much we need to use in there now," Audgrim says, nodding grimly at the Spring courtier. Not because he buried any bodies there, but because he wouldn't be surprised if there /were/ bodies buried there. He scratches at where there's a bandage on his neck, and then nudges it lose - that wound is all gone anyway. Healing fruit will do that to you. "Hope next thing I need for armor will not be very angry monkeys," he muses.

Eddie lets himself in, since the door was unlocked. Not that it would have mattered much, with the locks they have in this place. He takes in the scene: the comatose ogre, the pile of pizza boxes, Bea's first-aid snacks. He frowns a tight little frown and massages his temple, like he can feel a migraine coming on. "What is it with this town," he asks, "and monkeys? You know, you might not need armor if you just stayed out of the Hedge."

Audgrim grins at Eddie. He has a joke he's waited to say and now he can say it. "Hey Eddie. Know why everyone loves Spring? Cause Winter is over." He's making goodnatured fun of two courts at the same time, both of them gathered in his apartment - he might have to duck. "I need armor cause things come out of hedge and hurt us too," he adds, more serious. "But maybe we did not think too long before we go - those monkeys hit very hard."

Bea moves to give Eddie a greeting hug, "Hey Eddie. Want some honey?" She is already back at the counter, cutting bread and spreading out three slices with honey before he has time to answer. "For sure, we can't just stay out of the hedge, since that is where all the best treats are, and anyway, we can't fight the bad guys if we never get into their land, you know? It's like…basic tactics." She's definitely doing some Bea-splaining to Eddie,her tone more than a little condescending, though it's a good thing the Summer who /actually/ knows about such things isn't awake to argue the point.

"You're lucky it was monkeys," Eddie scowls, "because from what I've seen the place has really gone to the dogs. You run into the Wild Hunt over there and I'm stuck breaking in a new neighbor, I don't care how far she can throw you." He nods at the sleeping ogre, taking a moment to see what condition she's in. He doesn't seem too worried on that account, though, having seen all the pizza boxes. Of course he wants honey, there's a reason it catches more flies, and he accepts the bread and starts eating to console himself. "At least once you all get yourselfs killed there won't be anything left to draw attention my way. Were you talking about the Vale, when I came in? Has it still got those spiders?" He puts a hand out above the ground, indicating something about the size of a big dog.

"Monkeys, tiny dragons and a cat-snake. But cat-snake did not hit us, even if I stole an egg - Denver gave back the egg to it." Audgrim looks a bit forlorn about that, like he really wanted that egg. He slides off the counter and walks over to pull the blanket further up over Denver, brushing some of her lava hair away from her face in a gentle gesture. "Not the vale - we went to cloud forest to find scales of cloud dragon." He points distractedly to a corner, where a towel over big lump is. "Dragon in there, but Bea will take it to her hollow." It's like he reaffirms everything Eddie is just warning about and doesn't even realise it. He leaves Denver alone again and goes to sit on the couch. "It's alright, will be more careful next time - I still need two things for armor."

Bea also, upon hearing of it, looks sad about the lost egg, "Cat snake egg? Oh man, that sounds like such a good omlett…" She sighs forlornly, her narrow butterfly tongue flicking out as she murmurs to no one in particular, "It's hard to be a Knight when the hedge is so dangerous." But then there's talk of more things needed, and she grins, "Oh, well at least you get to go back and have some fun, and if you need to look in my library again, then for sure you are always welcome. But still, like Eddie says, be careful and everything."

"Coalbrick Vale," Eddie clarifies, "the old Autumn Hollow. We kept meaning to check it out when all this started, see if the library was in any useful condition, but there was always something else that needed doing and never enough people to risk it." He looks between Audgrim and Denver, on the bed. "Smarter crowd, back then." Three months, and it's already 'back then'. It feels like a hundred years ago, to him. His spirits rise a little at Bea's forlorn sigh, and he nods his appreciation at even the half-hearted agreement. Mood boosted, he looks down at the sleeping ogre, and slowly draws a black felt tip marker out of his pocket, considering.

"Hmm, is that same hollow as Quiet is watching now?" Audgrim asks, cause he has no real idea. He digs out a beer for Eddie, not sitting long on the couch, having regained enough energy to feel almost normal, thanks to Bea's ministrations. "Even if not, we should go back - libraries should be taken cared of." That's true Autumn talk, that. He's gotten quite the appreciation for such things, having been forced to read stuff all on his own. He eyes the felt tip marker with wide eyes. Looks at Denver. Back at Eddie. That /is/ tempting. "If you do it, I won't protect you."
Audgrim adds. "I can't protect you."

Bea starts to giggle, and covers her mouth to stifle it, looking to Denver to make sure she hasn't woken up the dead-asleep Summer. "Oh Eddie," she squeaks, "Just be careful, she might burn your house down or something." She then devolves into a proper giggle fit as she imagines this outcome, or perhaps just Denver's reaction upon waking up to a face full of marker.

He doesn't want to do it, exactly. Everything his friends are telling him is true, and he doesn't even need them to tell him. He's seen Denver in a fight. Still, with a pained and struggling expression, Eddie removes the cap from the marker and begins planning his angle of attack. He can't help himself. A mustache would be the obvious choice, of course, but it's a smelly marker and he doesn't know how deep a sleeper Denver is. Instead he leans in, slowly, and begins to mark in what soon becomes apparent is a black ink unibrow. "It's his house, too," he waves his unoccupied hand at Audgrim, even as he feels a premonition of sudden exsanguination.

Audgrim stares in that fascination you have seeing something horrible and amazing at the same time. But he does nothing to stop this. "I can move out," he says - because watching the outcome is so worth having a ruined place.

He does begin to edge closer to the door however, just in case Denver is awoken. Good thing Eddie is very subtle and sneaky.

Bea watches from afar, shaking her head, "Oh man, and she's so pretty too. Pretty people get extra mad when you make them look funny." But she's still giggling, and hides her face. "Oh Eddie, it was really nice having you as a friend."

Eddie watches his hand with the marker with a sort of sick fascination. Why is it doing this? Why can't he stop it? When the deed is done he stands back and examines his work. It's good, but there's something missing. Bea provides the inspiration, when she says that thing about pretty people. He leans back in and applies the finishing touch, like a period at the end of a sentence: a black dot beauty mark, just a little to the left of her mouth. With the deed complete he recaps the marker and steps away, looking a little queasy. "Remember me fondly," he says, "and plant something nice in my ashes. Petunias, maybe."

"She will wake up here, and I will be here. I be first target," Audgrim says, shaking with laughter. He can't help it either. "I will run and hope to survive and scream, that it was you." Such a nice friend. He adds; "She is very pretty." Another fond look. Least the two don't seem to be a couple, but the tiny ogre and the swimmerskin has hit it off.

Bea shakes her head and waggles a finger at Eddie, "I will put you in my garden, and just you will feed my bloodsuckle vine," she assures him. "But still, maybe lock your door." She moves over to the bed, tucking the blankets up around Denver a little higher and brushing a bit of hair away from her face. "She sure can sleep…and eat." Bea may not be as smitten as Audgrim, but she's definitely getting a bit of a platonic girl crush on Denver. "But I bet she'll be fine, and just have a laugh about it, since she seems real nice."

"I'd rather feed the trenchmint," Eddie says, sighing a little sigh, "but I guess it doesn't really need the help." He puts the marker in his pocket and takes out his phone and flips it open, pointing it at the defaced Denver. If he's going to die, he may as well at least get a picture out of it. "You could always say it was Bobby from number four," he suggests to Audgrim, "he's always busting into my place looking for something to sell. He probably would have been a little more crass, I guess." Like what the roteater did was so subtle and sophisticated. He looks at what he's done and ponders his (lack of a) future and sighs. "If either of you need me I'll in my place, drafting up a will."

Bea scowls at the mention of her eternal garden nemesis, the trenchmint. Bea also starts to pack up, leaving some more coupnettle leaves and another jar of blushberry jam for Denver when she wakes up. "Yeah, I should go too, and let you rest, Audgrim. Just you give her this when she wakes up, if she's not too busy killing Eddie."

Audgrim is yawning himself now - he's had a rough day too, but least he's fully healed up and even got some of his will to live back. He moves to the bed again and begins curling up next to Denver in a telltale 'time for a nap'-sign. "Thanks, Bea… And Eddie, I will visit your grave now and then." He waves sleepily at the two and then falls asleep.

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