(2018-03-28) Fancying Up
Fancying Up
Summary: Audgrim goes shopping again, this time with Denver's help. Time to fancy up.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-28)
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Player Characters: Audgrim, Denver

The Mall - it's a special kind of hell, in a way, but least on a tuesday afternoon it's not that busy. Audgrim did stop by at home to find the money he's stashed somewhere - he's counting it out now that they're inside the main lobby, stores spreading out down a long hallway and up an escalator. "I got fifty dollars," he says, looking impressed. To him, that's a small fortune. "Shirt, pants - should be enough, yes?" He has only a vague idea of what things cost, generally, except for food.

"You don't have to worry about money. I'm not rich, but I'm pretty well off from my fighting gig. Most people that have never heard of me tend to bet against the tiny woman in the ring. It's pretty lucrative." Denver grins as they move through the mall, glancing at the different stores as they pass. "A few shirts and pants. Underwear if you're into that sort of thing. Maybe a coat, since it's still pretty cold. Socks, shoes. I mean, we cold probably stop in JCPenny or something too and grab some furniture if you want?"

Audgrim eyes her closely. He takes a deep breath and tucks his money away. "Alright," he concedes, "you pay. But I will pay back somehow. Maybe help with things, something - but you should not give me too much things, I never do anything myself." Least he knows his own flaws and is warning her about them; sometimes he just needs to be told to handle himself. This is different however, he really needs clothes and he barely has any money and isn't so proud he can't accept the help when freely offered. "Furntiture would be nice when having pizza night." He's not overly concerned about furniture for his own sake - half the time he sleeps outside anyway. "Bea can come help with ice cream truck if we find furniture, don't think we could just carry it home…" he says with a grin. That'd probably look a bit suspicious, with tinyogre carrying around a chest of drawers like it weighed nothing.

"Pay me back with lots of food," Denver offers with a laugh as she reaches up to put her arm through Audgrim's. She lets him lead the way, eying stores as they pass. "Look at the displays in the windows, see if there's anything that catches your eye. Might be a good idea to get a suit for Easter. Or atleast something dressy. Which means I'll have to grab something while I'm here too." She wrinkles her nose at that. "Most places will deliver the stuff, but it might be funny to watch her try to load an ice cream truck full of furniture.

"You going to make me learn how to cook," Audgrim complains goodnaturedly, giving her arms a squeeze towards himself - he likes acting all human every now and then. Least he did have an old black T-shirt in his apartment that he's put on rather than that ruined flannel shirt, so his appearance is more or less acceptable as the two stroll down the corridor. His attention is caught by a store that sells a mix of goth and rock music sort of clothing and he pulls Denver that way, entering the store with eyes darting about and tail looping figure eights behind him. There's a lot of black here, shirts with rock band prints or edgy quotes. Might even be to Denver's taste.

"The place is pretty packed, we might want to, um…" she glances around for a moment and then back up, whispering. "Might want to find a good, solid mask to try on." It takes her a moment, but Denver manages to harden the mask up around herself. The flames vanish, lava and heat no longer seen or felt. Just a pretty brunette with hazel eyes and not a hint of fire. "Ooooh." She follows him into the store, detaching herself so that she can move towards the t-shirts with quotes. "Excellent taste!" she tells him, scooping one up to chec it out. "But yes, cooking is something everyone should know how to do. You won't always be able to get stuff delivered. Self sufficiency is important."

Last time Audgrim was here, a kid saw him and Penny and started screaming; his eyes widen and he stares at Denver as she suddenly appear fully human, a bit dumbfounded by the transformation. So, he follows suit and his skin is suddenly tanned nicely, his green eyes framed by dark lashes and a few wrinkles, his dark hair still pretty much the same. He trails after her, thoughtfully watching her. "I can eat anything. I eat rats," he tells her quietly, leaning against a rack and almost knocking it over, fumblingly rescuing it from crashing. He's not good in tight spaces, or she's making him a bit nervous perhaps. He grabs a shirt and holds it up; it has a hello kitty freddy kruger on it, and it caught his eye - it makes him grin, slowly.

Waggling her brows as he stares down at her, Denver looks pleased. "Wow!" She says, reaching up to brush his mostly healed chin. "Still handsome." She grins, pats his cheek, and then tosses the shirt she'd found over an arm. The clatter pulls her attention from the shirt and back to him, watching him catch the rack before it falls over. "Balance trouble? Without the…" Tail, she doesn't say it out loud, but gestures behind him. "Rats? I mean, get food where you can get it, obviously. But that can't be super healthy for you. How long has it been since you've had a good steak?" She leans over beeside him, studying the hello kitty kruger shirt. "You should totally get that."

"You're pretty now and pretty before," Audgrim responds earnestly, noticing the much cooler touch from her hand - when she pulls away, he touches his own jaw where her fingers brushed. Even if he looks entirely human, he struggles to act it, and sniffs the air curiously to see if she still smells like she did; realising she isn't, he is intrigued. It's likely he's never even strengthened his mask before and only picked it up when she did it. "No, I-" he begins, but doesn't really know why he was fumbling, so he just shrugs and grins again. "I don't get sick," he assures. "Can eat anything. I eat grass, rotten fish, dead cat," - he trails after her, and takes that hello kitty shirt with him - he likes it too, "-I eat roots, worms…." He looks like he could go on, looking at her like this is perfectly normal. "But I like steak better."

"You're just saying that because you know I can beat you up," Denver teases, laughing as she bumps him with a shoulder. She notices the sniffing, her head tilting a little as she watches him. There still coconut in there, but the rest of the scent has vanished into something more normal, human. "Is it different?" she wonders. "I don't really have the nose for it, so I would never know the difference." She leads the way through more shirts, showing him a few varieties and letting him pick the ones he likes out of the groups. "I wish I could eat all that stuff, but I would absolutely get sick."

"Yes, I say you pretty, you don't beat me," Audgrim confirms dead pan, then grins charmingly at her. "You don't smell like before, no. Not much summer. A little." That faint autumn scent he normally has is entirely missing. He finds a T-shirt with a Blue Oyster club's Don't fear the reaper motif - he snorts at this and picks it out too. He might not even have heard the song. A few other shirts find his approval, most of them black or grey at the base. There's a rack with cargo pants - he does love those with their pockets, so he grabs a couple, one pair of black and a pair of grey. Not much for bright colors, apparently. "I learn to eat what I could find. Good for surviving. We all learn to survive, didn't we?"

"Smart man." Denver gives him a little cheek pinch at that, her nose crinkling as she returns his grin. "Come on, lets pay for this stuff and then see about getting some fancy clothes for the Easter party. I bet we could get away with a pair of slacks and a light colored button down for you. Classic, not too restrictive, but still nice enough for that sort of thing. I'll have to find myself a dress." She frowns a little at that. "Something loose enough I can move in, though. Just in case a fight starts." She puts all the clothes on the register counter and pulls out a card, waiting for the cashier to ring everything up. "Sometimes surviving is all you can do, you don't have a choice. But you have choices now, with us."

Audgrim's green eyes are a bit puppy dog as she pinches him. He responds by poking a finger in her side quickly, then slinks past her to the counter, all innocent. He tilts his head and looks at her, not even sure what 'slacks' is, but he nods and agrees. "Okay. Your money," he says, waiting for the cashier to tally everything up. He eyes a fedora on a shelf nearby, a bit wistfully. He can't wear it, unless he puts holes in it. Some things just aren't doable. He has to cut holes in his pants for the tail, too. Buuuut - then he sees it. A black leather coat, a proper long one - he walks over and tries it on and it's like it was made for him. It's simple in design, rather classic. "This," he says hopefully, "won't break so fast."

Suddenly, Denver jolts up, grabbing her side where she was poked. "Ouch! Right in the bruise!" She exclaims, grabbing where he punched her earlier. She is very dramatic about it for two seconds before he can catch sight of a grin that she just can't hide. She's really not good at lying, and that's obvious in that moment. The grin is followed by a giggle, making sure he knows she was just teasing. Maybe she wanted to those pretty green eyes panic for a second. "Add it to the pile!" she says of the coat.

Audgrim's eyes do have a very concerned look for a few seconds, until he realises she's pranking him right back. He points accusingly at her, shaking his head in bemusement. The coat is thrown on top of the pile - he's getting quite comfortable spending her money, here. "Thanks," he does say though because he is thankful.

Cashier is packing it all up in large bags and they can move on to find fancier clothes, fit for a party. Not that Audgrim would care, he'd probably show up in what he wore earlier if not for Denver's shopping suggestion. "Maybe get Bea a thing? Present?" he suddenly suggests. "She always make food for everyone."

Denver giggles again when she sees his face, leaning up against his arm when he returns to give the coat to the cashier. "Sorry. I couldn't help myself. It was funny for a few seconds though." She goes ahead and pays for everything before grabbing one of the bags, and letting him grab the other. "That's a really great idea. We can stop somewhere and grab flowers?" She pauses, eyes narrowing as they head out of the store. "No, she's a Spring, she might not like cut flowers. A potted plant maybe? Something that'll just keep growing?"

Shaking his head, Audgrim is honest enough. "No, no flowers. Bea has flowers everywhere." He ponders it, catching her arm to hook onto his again, orientating himself in the gigantic space. He's been her before though, so he knows the layout somewhat - he knows there's more fancy clothes down the right corridor and starts that way with determined steps. The place is starting to fill up more, but now he has a rather demanding presence and a bit of intimidating look - people move out of the way, leaving the two to walk unhindered. "We buy her a… necklace? Maybe. Or a very big cookie jar."

Her arm is caught and tucked back into his, Denver smiling softly as she gives his arm a squeeze. "Alright, no flowers. But women and jewelry are a tricky thing. We all have our own unique tastes, and unless you know her really well, we could end up getting her something she hates." Her brows arch at the cookie jar idea. "I bet we can find something pretty awesome here. Fill it with all kinds of cookies or chocolates? Maybe we can find a clay one and paint it ourselves?" They pass a dress store and she pauses, gesturing inside. "Lets try here for me."
"We can find necklace with bee on it," Audgrim suggests, because that probably wouldn't go wrong. "And cookie jar - we paint bees on that too." He likes that idea very much, grinning down at Denver. Then he glares a bit at a few youngsters that get in his way, they scamper off hastily. But, immediately back to grinning at Denver as he follows her into the store of pretty fancy women dresses, a bit like a bull in a china store. He slowly reaches for a dress that is basically a few straps of stretchy cloth in the front, short enough to barely hide a woman's behind and with a bare back - in a shocking pink color. It costs 400 dollars. He blinks in disbelief and hangs it back, fast.

"Maybe a simple silver chain with a bee charm, then? Simple enough that she'd probably like it?" Denver watches him pick out a pink dress and winces, happy enough when he puts it back. "Pink and red don't go well together," she offers with a nod, patting his arm. She pulls away with a gasp, grabbing a nearby dress and holding it up. "Speaking of red. Oh yes! C'mon!" She takes his hand and starts tugging him over towards the dressing rooms. "Stay right there, I'll need your opinion." A pair of strange, black thigh high boots are grabbed too before she vanishes into the room to change. "So a cookie jar and a necklace?" She wonders as she changes. It's about two minutes before she steps out and gives a little twirl. It's billowy in all the right places, tight around the smallest part of her waist, and the top looks pretty inviting with just a little string to keep things modest. The boots? Well, they do a good job wrapped around lean legs, leaving hints of bare skin between the bottom of the dress and top of the boots. "Well?"

Audgrim watches everyone else above the racks, keeping an eye on things. With all those people he gets a bit more on edge, but least it's not as bad as last time he was here - he's learned a few things since then. He follows along willingly, bemused by her enthusiasm. "Yes, bee charm, cookie jar." He's pleased with his own idea, and Denver's added details to the basic one. He waits patiently outside, staring at himself in the mirror outside. Pokes his horns - he can feel them but not see them. He pulls his shirt up to check something - well, the scars are all still there. But he is left with his shirt halfway up as she suddenly steps out, and he drops his hands slowly. He can't find the words, but that appereciative stare should be plenty enough. Finally, he manages to say; "Good fighting clothes."

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