(2018-03-29) Healing
Summary: Audgrim and Denver angst together about life and death.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-29)
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Player Characters: Audgrim, Denver

Audgrim's Apartment - Old Tenement - Baker St.
The place is tiny, just one room with a kitchenette and a half-bathroom. The walls are thin and the wallpaper is mostly non-existant, but even so, someone's gone through some pain to tidy the place up as best as they can. It's been cleaned and scrubbed, the floor boards (though stained) scrubbed so they shine where they are seen under the plentiful old but colorful rugs. The kitchen area has an old fridge, cabinets in a brown drab color, and certainly no dishwasher.
There's not a lot of furniture, but there's a brand new looking bed in dark wood, fitting one person very comfortably or two who likes each other very much. Two metal chairs with grey cushions are placed by a round metal table right beneath the only window. Heavy curtains in dark green velvet frame the window that overlooks a brick wall of the opposite building. On the windowsill is a half-meter tall orange tree in a brightly colored large pot. Opposite the window there's a new sofa-bed in the same shade of dark green as the curtains; it has a few blankets in orange and brown thrown over it, and a few pillows in the same colors. A small dark wood table stands in front.
The bathroom is tiny, but scrubbed so clean it shines, with brown tiles on the floor and a dark red old 70s pattern on the walls. You can't turn around in the shower. But it works.
There's a faint smell of flowers. Someone's hidden a potpurri somewhere, to hide some of the smell of the building itself.
Quite often, a cockroach is wandering around on the floor or sitting on a wall. Just only one though, ever.

It wasn't an easy trip from the hedge gate to the apartment, since she certainly doesn't look like she should be carrying a grown man and a sword on her back. Not to mention what must look like a monkey's head strapped to her belt. But Denver is clever, and manages. Eventually she pushes into the apartment and slams the door behind her. Audgrim is settled and the care taking begins. She's in pretty bad shape, but only works to stop her own bleeding enough so that she doesn't get it all over his place. Her main focus is on Audgrim.

He's been laid out on his bed, one she no doubt just got for him yesterday. Already with bloodstains on it! He was checked for wounds, shirt removed so that she could clean his wounds and stop the bleeding. The bag with the mini dragon is set aside in a way that it can't escape while she focuses on him. He's been cleaned up and mended as best she can manage, and Denver is just sitting next to the bed, exhausted and wrecked, holding onto his hand as she waits for him to show any sign of being okay. Calls have been made to the Springs, but nobody has called back yet.

To be fair - Audgrim's not actually that hurt. He's beaten up, but she can see the bruises fading in front of her eyes. The most serious injury is that bite to his neck, and it's also the cause of him being totally dead to the world. He is sleeping heavily, but doesn't seem otherwise poisoned.

With clothes off, those scars she's hinted earlier are now on full display. They cover most of his upper body, and there's a very recent one on his upper left chest above his heart; the injury from that must've been near lethal when he received it. No wonder he's so tough and resilient - he's literally been beaten and tortured so much his body just had to adapt somehow. This? It's just a nice little nap, for him. Even so, he would've died without Denver's company, that much is obvious.

Three long hours he sleeps, and then - his hand twitches first. He shifts slowly and turns over to his side, groaning a little. Then his eyes open wide, he startles awake, flailing to understand where he even is.

When Audgrim finally startles awake, Denver can feel that twitch in his hand. Her eyes bolt open as she straightens in the chair she's pulled up next to the bed, managing to hide her wince as she does. "Audi," she gasps, seat clattering to the ground and she stands up way too fast, reaching up to take his face in her hands. She tilts his head to turn his eyes on her, inspecting him to make sure he's okay and nothing seems off. "Thank god, I was so worried you weren't going to wake up," she gasps. Her lashes flutter, eyes closing in relief. She's pale from bloodloss, drained willpower, and having been up long past the time she should have been. But she's still standing. The relief brings a little color back to her cheeks. "You're in your apartment, you're safe," she assures him, smoothing a hand across his face and back into his hair. Gentle petting to show him he can relax, he's safe. "You're okay."

It's enough to hear her voice to calm him; he grasps her hand tightly and sighs a deep sigh, letting the stress of waking up without knowing what's going on wash away as she cups his face. His eyes are still a bit foggy but he blinks and focuses on her fiery appearance and he manages a lazy grin. He makes a content little growl as she strokes his hair, more animal than human at the moment, but knowing he's safe. Then he frowns and starts to remember more about what went on, and now it's his turn to show concern as he begins to sit up. "Denver. How…" He doesn't remember how they made it back, but he remembers that she had taken quite a beating. Her hand is held even tighter and he's tense. "Are you alright?" There's blood everywhere, he can't even tell how hurt she is.

Watching his face ease into relaxation Denver lets out a breath that she's been holding for almost twelve hours now. She didn't even realize that tension had built up inside of her. But he's safe, and awake, and that's all she can ask for. "I had to carry you down, and out. Then here. It's been about… twelve hours? You had me really scared that you weren't going to wake up." Her can hear the fear in her voice as it wavers a little. It's the first time he's heard anything like that from her. "I'm okay," she whispers as he squeezes onto her hand. "It's nothing I can't heal with some food, or fix with a week of sleep," she teases.

"Huh," Audgrim says - he's lost 12 hours. But now he's not feeling much of anything, touching carefully at his neck where she's slapped a bandage on. It'll just be another little scar, in a few days. Less, if he gets some fruit from Bea. "You carry me out, take me here - and you are really hurt." He's truly impressed - and also extremely guilty. He puts his hands on the side of her upper arms in a gentle but firm grip, looking into her eyes intently. "I was stupid - don't need a stupid armor. You could have died. /We/ almost died."

He begins to look her over, with a trained eye. "I'll bandage you, we will get Bea here, someone. You want to shower? Can you?" He isn't sure how bad it is and it bothers him. He's exhausted, but it's not so much because of injuries - it's just that he spent every ounce of energy he had in him, in that fight. And so did she.

"Um, I think this proved that you do need armor," Denver argues, and rightfully so. He would have been harder to hit with it, after all. "Good armor. Good hedgespun! Almost dying is something I do all the time, it's why we ogres have a contract that lets us heal ourselves through eating." She continues to brush her hand through his hair, offering a soft smile. "I actually had a pretty great time until you collapsed. That part scared me." Ogres and Summers are weird like that, and she is both.

That trained eye probably notices that she reopened a wound when she stood up so fast, but that she clearly doesn't care that much about it. "The fact that I am able to stand at all right now is a miracle. With my luck, I would collapse in the shower, bust my head open and die naked." There's enough guilt to go around, and it shows on her face. "I wasn't my best in that fight. I should have been able to take those things out in one swing. I usually am. I'm so sorry."

Audgrim can't argue that point, but he's trying to find an argument that works anyway. In the end, he concedes it with a small glare her way - he's of course not angry. He just does it because she destroys his argument so easily. "Fine," he murmurs, and stands up, eyeing that bleeding wound. "I was not my best either. Maybe next time, we don't make every enemy nearby see you? Maybe other distraction is better," he says, managing to joke about it - and suggesting there'll probably be a next time. "And if you say sorry one more time, I will steal your clothes and make you leave here naked," he mock threatens. "We both okay now. But, you will lie down on bed, and I will bandage wounds, alright? No argue." He even gently tries to steer her towards the bed, for her to at least sit down on. "Take clothes off - you can use mine."

It's hard to argue with logical points, especially when you're both exhausted. Denver beams with pride as she wins that round, almost smug as she grins back at his little glare. "You're right, though, we need to find other distractions. Noise makers or something like that? Good to carry with us." A hand lifts as he threatens to leave her naked. "Don't start thinking you can kick my ass sir, I might have been off today, but I can cut jewelry off a gentry. Don't go forgetting that!" She reaches up to poke his nose, tone playful.

"If I lay down, I may very well pass out," she warns. But those clothes do need to come off before she lays in the bed, or they're going to stain into the brand new mattress. "Just cut 'em off me. Then I'll lay down," she promises. Clearly, Denver has no qualms about actual nudity in a situation like this. She knows the wounds need repairing.

Audgrim does own one thing - he has stashed first aid kits under a floorboard under a rug. He now rips that up, and begins with taking out the scissors for cutting her clothes off, pleased to see that she isn't going to argue about /that/. However, he proceeds to put water on the stove, to boil some - he does need to wash her up. While waiting for that, he prepares the bandages and checks over the equipment with strange efficiency. Where did he even learn this? Probably on the ship - people there would have been injured too. The water boils fast and he takes it over to the bed with a clean rag, pouring some colder water in so it's not too hot - not that she'd notice, probably.

"Sorry," he murmurs as he begins cutting her shirt off, trying his best not to aggravate the wounds. He goes about this with professional focus - he isn't concerned about nudity at any point, and besides - he'll leave her underwear alone unless it has to come off too. He does offer her some simple aspirin, it's not going to do that much - but it's better than nothing - before he starts washing her and bandaging her. His tail is mostly unmoving through the whole thing, as he's putting all focus on helping her. When he's done, she's got white bandages all over but the bleeding has stopped, she's cleaned up mostly and he's giving her one of those T-shirts he bought the other day. The hello kitty one.

It's Denver's turn to be impressed, watching him as he gets everything ready to work on her. "You can use the boiling water on me if that helps," she offers, knowing it won't do anything to her. She's still while he cuts off the clothes, the top half of her exposed once the shirt is gone, nothing have been on underneath it. But everything is so bloody, fiery, and bruised, it's hard to really see anything anyway. She's left in the bottom half of her underwear, which she keeps on as she crawls up into the bed.

She makes no attempts to stop him from cleaning her up and working on the wounds. They were as bad as he'd thought, but by the time he's finished, she's certainly feeling a lot better. Long lashes dip over her eyes, head tilted towards him with a smile as he returns with the t-shirt. "You're a good guy, Grim," she murmurs, reaching to take the shirt and struggle to put it on. Eventually she manages before flopping onto the bed again. "Thank you."

Once she settles down, he's all exhausted again - he managed to do this, but he's got no will to do jack any longer. Still shirtless himself, but wearing lose pants, he groans and sits down on the bed with her, rubbing his face. "I have never been more tired," he admits. "And I think sometimes I am a good man - but sometimes…" He trails off, remembering a few things with a distant gaze. He shakes out of it, twisting a little so he can watch her, slumping where he sits. "I'll go buy food, lots of it - just need ten minutes. Okay?" He doesn't ask for any money - he still has that cash he got from playing yesterday, which should be enough to buy plenty of pizza or burgers or similar. "I will try to call Bea again, too."

"But sometimes you remember that you were kidnapped and manipulated by evil monsters whose jobs are to manipulate you into doing bad things for them. And you remember that it's not your fault what happened there, especially since you thought you were doing the right thing, and then went so far as to try to fix it when you found out otherwise? Which means that you are still a good man." Denver can be hard to argue with sometimes, it's that stubborn, Summer thing. "That's what you were going to say, right?"

She reaches for him, trying to get him to lay next to her so that she can use him as a massive, cool to the touch body pillow. "We can order food. Probably not a good idea for you to go wandering right now. You might pass out again, and I won't be there to help.

She totally read him there - he watches her with tired eyes and nods. Audgrim knows what she is saying is true, and normally he wouldn't think like that - but it's just he's mentally beat and a bit depressed. So he reaches for the phone and finds that pizza delivery place that is right around the corner. "Hi. Audgrim here." He's called them before, apparently. "I need twenty pizzas, big size." Pause. "No, I said twenty! Not 2. Twenty. Err.. just make it surprise, please. Okay." He hangs up, order done. Then he does collapse back with her, and pulls her close carefully so to not aggravate any wounds. "Will be here in about an hour. Guess it takes a bit to make twenty pizzas."

"That's what I thought," Denver murmurs as she watches his face. The exhaustion is clear in her tone, how she's still awake is anyone's guess. She listens as he orders the pizza, grinning a little bit once he hangs up the phone. "Not gonna order anything for you?" she wonders. But he's pulling her close, and she needs the closeness right now. Her hand rests on his chest, above a bunch of the scars that are peppered there. He's there and he's solid, awake and alive. "I really am glad you're okay," she murmurs, holding him a little tighter. "I haven't lost a friend before, and I'm not looking to start now."

Audgrim makes an amused snort at her comment. "Can I have one?" he asks hopefully - he IS quite hungry too. But he'd let her have them all if she needed. He lightly drags his fingertips along her arm, careful with the claws - eyes closed and her comfortable warmth soaked up thankfully. He pulls a blood stained cover over the two; he can wash it all tomorrow. "I don't want to lose anyone. But it will happen…" Yeah, he'd make a Winter proud, so depressing. But he tries to shake out of it, because he's also hopeful and right now is not a normal situation. "This is why I need the armor. So you don't lose me. But next time, we be more prepared."

"Fiiiine, I guess you can have one." Denver huffs, as if it's a big deal, but it's pretty aparent that it's not as she wraps more tightly around him. There's only a little wince as she presses against one of the wounds. But it's worth it to her as she doesn't move away. There's a contented rumble as his claws drag down her arms, leaving little goosebumps in their wake. "It will. I know it will happen eventually. But I don't want it to." Her head tilts so that she can look up towards him, red eyes wide and sad as she gazes into his yellow ones. "Don't let it be you. Okay? We'll definetaly get you that armor."

Audgrim has only known Denver a few days but they've already gone through so much together - it's like they've known each other for years. He cups her cheek as she looks up into his eyes, brushing with a calloused thumb. There's something undeniably searching in his gaze, and some thoughtfulness. In the end, he sighs and simply gives her forhead a quick kiss with cool lips, before he collapses back and closes his eyes. "Sleep, till pizza comes," he suggests. They could use all the rest they can get.

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