(2018-03-30) Everything's Not Alright
Everything's Not Alright
Summary: Audgrim is dumb. Really dumb.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-30)
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Player Characters: Audgrim, Denver

Audgrim's Apartment - Old Tenement - Baker St.
The place is tiny, just one room with a kitchenette and a half-bathroom. The walls are thin and the wallpaper is mostly non-existant, but even so, someone's gone through some pain to tidy the place up as best as they can. It's been cleaned and scrubbed, the floor boards (though stained) scrubbed so they shine where they are seen under the plentiful old but colorful rugs. The kitchen area has an old fridge, cabinets in a brown drab color, and certainly no dishwasher.
There's not a lot of furniture, but there's a brand new looking bed in dark wood, fitting one person very comfortably or two who likes each other very much. Two metal chairs with grey cushions are placed by a round metal table right beneath the only window. Heavy curtains in dark green velvet frame the window that overlooks a brick wall of the opposite building. On the windowsill is a half-meter tall orange tree in a brightly colored large pot. Opposite the window there's a new sofa-bed in the same shade of dark green as the curtains; it has a few blankets in orange and brown thrown over it, and a few pillows in the same colors. A small dark wood table stands in front.
The bathroom is tiny, but scrubbed so clean it shines, with brown tiles on the floor and a dark red old 70s pattern on the walls. You can't turn around in the shower. But it works.
There's a faint smell of flowers. Someone's hidden a potpurri somewhere, to hide some of the smell of the building itself.
Quite often, a cockroach is wandering around on the floor or sitting on a wall. Just only one though, ever.

It's late in the night, but Audgrim is up and back home - the light that seep out from under the door shows that he's likely there and awake. Assuming a knock on the door he'll open it within seconds; he's looking quite alright, not a hint that he was hurt the day before, and he's got fully alert yellow eyes again. He's wearing one of the new T-shirts, those cargo pants, and he's barefoot - his feet are quite dirty, suggesting he's walked around outside without shoes. If Denver knows about it, this isn't only because he dislikes shoes, it's also the catch for one of the contracts he often uses.

Denver returns, looking fresh as a daisy herself, having showered and changed into her own clothes again. She's got on her normal jeans and a t-shirt with something snarky written across the front, her hair down and eyes bright. "I washed the shirt you let me use," she says, holding it up towards Audgrim. "Thanks again for letting me use it. I probably would have looked even less threatening stomping into Eddie's place naked to punch him in the face." She mentions nothing about the running away Audgrim did earlier.

Audgrim isn't taken totally by surprise - there's only so many people that would knock on his door in the middle of the night, after all. Even so, he looks a bit like a deer in headlight as she talks to him, frozen on the spot as he stares. He grunts, and steps aside to let her in and takes the T-shirt from her - careful not to even nudge her hand. "Eddie would have thought it terrifying," he says with dry humor, "if you had been naked. Want a beer?"

Arching a brow, now that they're seperated again without marker in between them, Denver notices the odd look he's giving her. She offers a soft sigh as she steps past him, noticing the complete lack of touch on his part, too. "No, I'm good thanks," she mutters at the offer for beer. "I'm getting the vibe that you don't completely feel comfortable with me here right now. So I'll just grab my sword and jet, and leave you to prepping for tomorrow."

Audgrim runs a hand through his hair and tucks some strands behind his horns, expression sober. His tail is swinging slowly as he closes the door behind her, and then walks to get her clothes and her sword. The monkey head? He's put that in a plastic bag and tied a secure knot on it. "Are you alright?" he instead asks, sort of avoiding her whole statement, glancing back at her with odd intensity. "You look good." He holds on to the sword, not offering it back to her - stalling a bit.

"Oh yeah, the head! I promised Bea I'd let her use it for fertilizer after we took a couple pieces off of it for ourselves. Future market trading and all." Denver tries for a small smile, a hint of unease starting to wash over her as she watches him. "Thank…you?" she murmurs at his comment. "I'm feeling a lot better. All healed up. See?" She lifts her shirt a little bit to show off where he'd bandaged her, the wound completely gone. She drops the shirt back, head tilting. "Are -you- okay?"

Audgrim is relieved - he looks at her stomach, knowing fully well how ugly that cut was - and nods at her with the hint of concern. "I did not eat the head," he says, because he sure was tempted. "I gave Bea the sap from cloud tree - she was very happy." He knocks at his own head with a knuckle; "All okay now, head and body. I am ready for more trouble tomorrow. It is nice we take fight to them, as you say."

"That's not at all what I meant, Grim." Denver takes a slow step forward, reaching out to gently press her hand to his arm. "Things can't be weird tomorrow. We need our heads in the game. You literally ran away from a conversation earlier and you're acting really strange right now." She squeezes his arm and lets go. "It's okay if you just want to be friends. I happen to really like being your friend. You don't have to run away or try to keep the subject on other things," she assures.

Audgrim tenses noticeably as she touches his arm, but he doesn't move away. His skin is cool to the touch, as usual, but his eyes burn with hot intensity and there's a little snarl forming on his lips, fang-like teeth showing. Not threateningly - more like a cornered animal. "I don't-" he begins, half growlingly. "I can't think right." Maybe he means straight - but him and English doesn't always get along. When she lets go of his arm, he lets out breath he didn't realise he was holding, closing his eyes for a few seconds. Opening them again, he's found some control again. "I'm your friend," he says finally. "Always."

When her hand does pull away from his arm, it's a slow, pained sort of look on her face. She saw the tensing, and it hurt her. She doesn't say it, but she can't hide it either. "Good," she finally manages as he says that he's her friend. "Good, I'm glad. I haven't had that many friends along the way, and I'm not looking to lose any right now. I don't want to potentially die tomorrow thinking we weren't okay." She doesn't seem convinced they are okay, but she isn't going to press him, either. "Can I have my sword? I'll go ahead and get out of your hair." She holds a hand out towards him.

Audgrim's relief is almost tangible, though he's touching the arm with his own hand, where her warmth linger. "I'll be alright," he rasps and grins at her, rascally, the same friendly smile he's given so many times before, his gaze softening. He hands her sword back, presenting it hilt first. "/Everything/ will be alright." The conviction in his voice is enough to inspire men to run towards their death, with his back straight and his chin raised - a commanding presence.

Denver takes the remains of her clothes and just tosses them into the trash. She's grabbing the bag with the ape head and then reaching a hand out to take her sword back. She pops open the case, kneeling to set it inside. Then she closes it again and stands back up with the handle of the case in hand. She looks so very confused as she watches him switch gears, but manages a weak smile, her head bobbing. "I'm glad you'll be alright," she offers with a nod. She stares at him for a long few moments before turning on her heels and starting back for the door. "See ya."

Audgrim walks her to the door - she might not hear or see, but he inhales deep into his lungs, to savor her scent. "I will see you tomorrow. Or maybe not - I will sneak," he reminds her, holding the door open in a very human and polite gesture. "We will win." He makes no more attempts to get her to stay a bit longer - but the hand holding the door knob behind, which she can't see, is digging claws into the wood of the door.

"Well, we'll probably go to the place at the same time." There's a strain in Denver's voice, she clearly doesn't understand the strangeness of what just happened. But atleast he seems better now, and that's what's important to her. The bright, flowing lava of her hair shields most of her face from his view as her head bobs. "But if not, good luck. I hope you guys get that girl out safely." She steps out into the hall, taking a slow breath to gather herself before she glances towards him. "Be safe," she mutters before walking away towards the stairs.

"You be safe, too," Audgrim calls softly after her - it's a rather lame last line, but at least it's heartfelt. He closes the door between them and turns around to look at the apartment where her scent lingers, where the pizza boxes still sit by the bed, the bloodied sheets - all reminders. Without a second's thought, he grabs his shoes and goes to the window, opens it and jumps out; he'll sleep outside somewhere tonight.

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