(2018-04-01) A Quiet Day
A Quiet Day
Summary: A group of Lost recouperate at Bea's and discuss current events.
Date: IC Date (2018-04-01)
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Player Characters: Bea, Mr. Quiet, Audgrim, Eddie

Kitchen - Hippy Homestead - Rural Forks
In the center of the maze of hallways is a huge, round kitchen that is clearly the center of this home. Rustic in design, it's all dark wood furniture and whitewashed stucco walls. A hybrid gas-wood cooking stove chugs away almost constantly, baking or simmering something. An old fashioned ice box squats next to a newer high-efficiency model refrigerator, both seeming to be in use. In the center of the room, a long wood butcherblock makes an island, around which a number of high-backed barstools have been placed. An abundance of fresh fruit, veggies, baked goods, dried meats, and sweets are left out constantly for anyone who might be feeling peckish.

The walls are lined with counters and cupboards, covered with an esoteric mix of kitchen tools, spices, and things in the process of being peserved or fermenting. Smelling of good home cooking, and full of constant work, even when unoccupied, the kitchen breathes a warm life through the hallways that lead away from it.

It's a fairly quiet afternoon at the farm. Earlier that morning, the workers and some locals came by for an Easter breakfast and a small egg hunt before heading off to whatever other functions they had planned. Bea, having just returned and pointed Audgrim and Denver to the 'love shack'- a caravan on the far end of the property decorated with PG-sexy murals, is back in the kitchen, pulling out more groceries, which she quickly whips up into easy snacks, calling out as she works, "I've got more food for you, Quiet!"

Having hid away with Denver for a few hours, Audgrim now stumbles out from the caravan and drags his feet a bit towards the house itself. Barefoot, sweatpants and a tank-top. He's totally diversifying his wardrobe lately. Who pays for all that stuff? Not him. Hearing Bea's call he perks up and shuffles a bit faster, tail bobbing behind him as he enters the house. "Bea? Quiet?" he calls and makes it to the kitchen.

After a day of feasting and resting, Mr. Quiet is looking a lot better. Better than bleeding from his eye, that is - he's still terrifyingly ugly. His jacket and tie are off, but his new white shirt, unfortunately, has a big blood stain from his eye wound. He still has a gauze patch over his left eye, but the big guy doesn't seem overly concerned right now as he sits at the kitchen table, cleaning out the remainder of Bea's stores. Old packages and empty boxes and cans are tossed everywhere, and Mr. Quiet is just chewing on some of Finn's steaks… eating them like biscuits in his big hand. When Bea comes in and announces she's got more food, Quiet glances her way and rumbles between chewing. "Keep 'em comin', Brambles."

[Public] Audgrim has decided to see how long he can go without any resources.
Bea smiles when she sees Audgrim, setting aside a plate of snacks for him. "Hey Audgrim. There is just some gatorade in the fridge if you need any," she teases. Wheeling the rest of the food to Quiet's side she informs him, "Everyone is thinking of going on a hunt in the thorns for your eye…" She pauses, furrows her brow, and then corrects, "For a way to /fix/ your eye."

Audgrim steps over some empty food boxes, giving Quiet an amiable nod. He zooms in on the fridge - he has no real idea what a Gatorade is for so Bea's teasing does go a bit over his head sadly. But he heard her and so he finds one and opens it to drink. Probably could use it. "On Ship, there was pirate with a Green Sea Turtle Eye," he suddenly remembers. "NOt sure what it did, but he was very good at catching fish and shooting."

Mr. Quiet stops chewing abruptly and arches a brow at Bea. "What's wrong with the ones I gots?" He asks. No one told him he's not getting his left eye back?! Maybe he should be worried now. He is, at least, momentarily distracted when Audgrim slips in behind Bea. "All-Grim." He grunts the man's name, but turns back to Bea. "How's yer gunshots, Brambles? Yer shot full o' holes y'self."

Bea nods at Audgrim's suggestion, "Oh, like a turtle eye would be real pretty, I think, and nice to go with your skin and everything." She bites her lip, considering for a long moment before shrugging, "Well, that is what I was saying, just that maybe you wouldn't /want/ a new eye, with just your waking up and everything, maybe you want some new perspective that way too…" She pops a bite of food into her mouth while lifting her shirt just a touch, showing off fresh red scars, but nothing as bad as she should look, "I just used a nice Autumn trick I learned a long time ago, and have been growing all sorts of blushberries, I am pretty much okay, and have some extra for you if you need it too."

Audgrim yawns widely and scratches his belly, then slides onto a seat by the table, sprawling back and stretching his legs out. He drinks more gatorade, looking between Bea and Quiet with a faint frown of concern. He wisely choses not to talk more about eyes. "Eddie doing okay too, still got a hurt arm but he will be fine. Denver is fine." He smiles a very smug smile, at that. "Very fine." Speaking of Autumn tricks, he looks at Quiet; "You leading Autumn now?"

Mr. Quiet scowls a bit. "Don't gimme a damn turtle eye. That don't go with my new tie." He opines, and picks up another piece of steak to shove into his wide maw. In the meantime, he peers at Bea's scars, and nods in satisfaction. "No nice dress fer ya no more." Swallowing the mouthful of meat, he turns towards Audgrim when the question about Autumn is asked. "Who else is 'round? The Doc's gone fer good?"

Bea laughs a little, "Oh man, Quiet you would be the best boss of Autumn, since you run the hideout anyway." She looks down at her outfit and shrugs, "I don't really wear any dresses anyway, so that is no big problem."

"Have not met doctor at all - and I be here for three months now. Don't know what happen," Audgrim admits, his expression rather grim. Maybe Lucas' disappearance is more nefarious, but they'd never be able to find out. "Think only you, me, Penny. And think you oldest Autumn?" He gestures his Gatorade at Quiet. "You leading Autumn." There, settled - he agrees with Bea.

Mr. Quiet ponders that tidbit, taking the opportunity to finish his current piece of steak. "Suppose I am." He snorts. Really. back in the day, Mr. Quiet leading the Autumns is all but an impossibility. "Then I guess we's reclaimin' the Vale. You, me, Pennies." His singular gaze shifts back to Bea, as if able to see her Autumn Goodwill. "Ya too, Brambles, if yer up fer a l'il trip. If I 'member, we's gotta evict that Vizier fella."

The gang's all here! Or at least Bea, Audgrim and Quiet, all around the kitchen counter. Bea is making food as fast as Quiet and Audgrim can eat it. The farm itself is fairly quiet, with most of the workers off doing their Easter thing.

Bea's wings go all abuzz with excitement, and she grins, "Really? I could go too? I would just be real happy to help, and could even get some things planted for you, so you guys have a nice garden and all of that." She wiggles in place, happy as a puppy to be invited along to the horror-show that clearing out the Autumn hollow is likely to be. Belatedly, she adds, "I haven't seen Lucas either, and just I've knocked on his door like a /million/ times, and just he's either really better than any Winter at hiding, or he's gone for sure. Probably that bird lady killed him or something."

Audgrim gives a thumbs up and a broad toothy grin, tail whipping behind him approvingly. He's already more alert from the Gatorade and sits up only so he can instead lean heavily over the table on his arms, slouching. "We will fix hollow." His mantle, though weak, reacts approvingly too - his shadow gives a very toothy broad grin and another thumbs up with a very big claw, before it shifts back to normal.

The excitement of the others notwithstanding, Mr. Quiet's single eye narrows at Bea. "No joke? The Doc's gots the last crown thing. If he's been bumped by the Bird Lady, she's got the crown too." The big brute ponders while he goes for the next steak in the pile. "We oughta go ta his place, turn it over. Just in case it ain't the Bird Lady and the shiny hat's still there."

Eddie knocks on the doorframe to the kitchen, shave-and-a-haircut, just because Audgrim's here. He let himself in, figuring Bea probably doesn't keep the place locked up too often. Even if she does, well, he's got his ways where locks are concerned. "Not a bad thought. Probably in the Hollow, down in the basement. I helped clear the place out, back in the day," he says, apparently having been listening in a little. He's still pretty banged up from getting shot all those times, but aside from a stiffness to his movements and his arm in a sling it doesn't show, much. He furrows his brow, remembering something. "Oh, hi," he finally adds.

That sobers Bea up quickly, and she pops a bit of cheese into her mouth, pondering with a furrowed brow as she considers Quiet's words. A quick nod is given, "For sure, we'll just go and I'll bring my axe, and we'll just chop down the door and if he's there, then we'll yell at him /real/ bad for not answering, and if he's not, then we'll find that missing crown and all of that stuff." Bea gives Eddie a grin and little wave, starting up a plate of food for him, which is quickly passed over. "Hey Eddie."

"Hmm," Audgrim says - he might've heard about the crown at some point but with all the details of this whole mess, he probably forgot. So he nods in agreement and now finally reaches for his own plate of snacks, munching contently but not starving - he's not wolfing it all down. "Eddie, hi," he greets, lifting his chin. "Denver and I stay here a few days." This is informed with a sort of dead pan stare, but his eyes glitter in good humor.

Mr. Quiet snorts a laugh at Bea's idea. "Naw. Don't need no axe to kick down no door." He actually seems to find the idea amusing, because to him, doors are… probably more like something to block view, rather than entry. At least that's a plan. Quiet lets out a loud burp just as Eddie makes an appearance, and the PI gets a quick once over. "Brundle." Is his arm still in a sling? "Ya looks like crap. Thinkin' about gettin' a vest yet?" The big guy actually grins a bit.

Eddie accepts the plate with a grateful nod, and sets it down on the counter where he can start picking through it. He's usually a two-fisted eater, so the bad arm slows him up some. It doesn't do much for his table manners, at least, still talking with his mouth full. "Glad to see nobody perished in the night," he says, glancing from Bea to Quiet, both of whom were in pretty rough shape the last time he saw them. He snorts a laugh at the ogre. "I happen to think it lends me an air of vulnerability. I might, though, if I can find a classy enough tailor." He seems to be ignoring Audgrim entirely until he adds: "I'll stop by and feed the roach, later."

The side effect to all that eating? "I needs a break." Mr. Quiet suddenly announces, and rises to his massive feet. His head also hits the overhead lamp and gets it swaying dangerously, but he does have a gauze pad over his left eye, y'know? And then he's lumbering off to the back. Presumably to the washroom.

Bea waves to Quiet and nods, "I'll make more food later. Rest well." Bea arches an eyebrow at Eddie, wondering, as she looks between him and Audgrim, "Are you two fighting or something?"

"He likes old newspaper and I think he ate a lot of rotten carrot I find in dumpster, but maybe he was just hungry," Audgrim informs Eddie, "but you can always ask - he not talk much with me. But he comes out and sits on my shoulder sometimes." He thinks. "Think he hiding in bathroom last day." He grins sheepishly, then shakes his head at Bea, faintly puzzled. "No, Eddie and I never fight."

"We're fine," Eddie assures Bea, still sounding a little disgruntled but well within his regular standards. "Just thin walls and loud girls. Neighbor things. You'll learn all about it." He pauses eating long enough to give Mr. Quiet a wave on the ogre's way out, annoyed at the need to do so, and redoubles his efforts to make up for lost time. "I think I'll give it a pass on chatting, for a while. I don't need to hear anything he has to tell me, right now. Anyway, I thought everyone liked old newspapers."

Bea ohs and giggles a little bit, eyeing Audgrim and shaking her head, "Well, then that makes it a good thing they are hanging out here for a while, since already I have the shack out back, since sometimes the WOOFers can get /real/ noisy if they start sleeping together or something like that. But still, I'm glad you guys aren't fighting. Anyway, you are doing okay, Eddie? Did you need any blushberries or anything, since I've been real busy growing them to make sure no one had to miss out, in case there were any extra bullet holes you didn't notice before."

It goes right over his head, it does. Audgrim just doesn't get the subtleties of Eddie's jokes all the time. He'll learn. So he just nods his understanding at the bug-man and concentrates on his snacks, spearing bits of cheese on all five of his claws in childish play with his food and then proceeds to eat one at a time. He squints at Eddie, and his arm. He's concerned.

"I'm all blushed out," Eddie says, clearly annoyed with all the concern, "if I eat any more I'm going to turn purple, or grow pointed ears, or something. Between you and Doctor Finn, Medicine Woman I ought to be fine and back to all my favorite two-handed activities in no time." He wiggles his arm in the sling, and barely even winces. "Unless you've got a patch of Amaranthine you've been keepign secret, anyway."

Bea frowns and shakes her head, looking like Eddie just asked her a trick question on a pop quiz. "No…not right now, but I was thinking maybe I would go and look for some, and just make sure I have some extras growing in my garden, just for this kind of trouble." She's clearly deeply apologetic, moving to the pantry to pull out a jar of honey, which she pushes toward Eddie. She smiles a little and looks to Audgrim, "Maybe you and Denver will want to come?"

"I will," Audgrim responds without a second to even consider, giving Bea a broad grin. Popping the last piece of cheese in and finishing off the bits of meat on the plate, he leans back and rubs his belly a little. "Denver too, I think." He doesn't talk for Denver after all, but it's unlikely she'd pass up that chance. "Many things to do." Time for a list, again. "Look at Lucas place for crown. Fix Autumn hollow. Look for fruits. Look for armor." He rubs a temple.

"If I said what a bad idea that is, would it make any difference?" Eddie asks, looking between Bea and Audgrim. He snorts and shakes his head and starts drinking honey out of the jar, like a beverage. The coffee in his office isn't much thinner, so he has practice. "Take as many people as you can, who aren't me. There's nothing over there worth getting pulled apart by apes or dragged off by to fairyland by the Hunt."

Bea gives Eddie a little grin and shrugs, "Oh sure, but in the thorns, then I am pretty good, and won't have any trouble really, and at least there aren't many guns there, and that is way better. And besides, what you think is what you get, Eddie, and so for /sure/ I am certain that it will just be all fine and no problems, and we'll find what we need right away, and if you need anything, then just let me know, and we can pick it up for you." She makes it sound like they're talking about popping over to the corner store for some milk. Bea considers Andgrim's list and adds, "And get that bird lady gone, and things back to normal, and the wind back, and the promises working, and all of that."

"No difference," Audgrim agrees with Bea, "but be more careful this time." So, he's learned his lesson and concedes that Eddie has a point. He makes a groan and nods to Bea, grimly adding all that to his mental list. "And when we can, we make promise. To each other." He raises an eyebrow at Eddie, at this - he's already had this talk with Bea.

"And wake everybody up, and found a new Freehold, and save the whales, and invent cold fusion," Eddie ticks off his fingers, picking up where Bea left off. "I've been over there since this all started, more times than I'd like. Not even if you," he reaches out one long finger and taps Bea on the tip of her nose, "have enough happy thoughts to fix what's going on, there. If you're lucky, they'll get you something that smiles while it eats you." He obviously doesn't expect to change anybody's mind, though, so he adds: "Keep an eye out for any jewelry, while you're over there."

He raises his own brow back at Audgrim, trying to figure if the Nightsinger is asking what he thinks he's asking. "Maybe," he finally says, "if we're all still alive, and I don't move to Branson."

Bea laughs a little and nods, "Oh sure, always careful." The nose-bop gets a roll of her eyes and a laugh, "Oh, you think I might run into a Smiling Snorfler? I only tasted that once, and it was the /best/ roast with some pomegranate glaze and a nice bed of roasted onions." Her butterfly tongue flicks out at the thought. She circles back, nodding and broaching the subject with Eddie, "Like Audgrim said, we were just talking about making some promise, when we fix the broken-bits, and just making like a motley, since that would be nice, I think, and of course you would /have/ to be in it, and Ida too, and Denver and everyone." The /have to/ is said with a serious 'or else' vibe and a narrowing of the eyes at her fellow Windwing.

"We'd hit it," Audgrim says about any smiling monsters - his usual hopeful self, or at least trying to spread it around generously as usual. He gets up to dig in the fridge for another drink, oh look more Gatorade - he snags one of those and takes one out for Eddie too. "Everyone," he echoes and sits back down, sliding one drink over to the bug dude. He stares at Eddie with that lazy intensity, eyes half-lidded.

"And Penny," Eddie adds, quickly enough to betray that he's been doing some independent thinking on this subject. He takes the gatorade and gets the cap off with his teeth and drinks some, then makes a face. He pours some honey in and shakes it around and drinks some more. Better. "And I'm not calling myself a witch."

Bea nods and beams at Eddie, "Oh sure, and of course Penny, we wouldn't leave her out for sure. And maybe even Finn, if he wanted to, since he's so nice and everything." She makes a face at Eddie's comment about witches, and agrees, "For sure, you wouldn't be a witch, and you shouldn't make fun, Eddie, just because we never invited you." So there. After a moment of thought she shakes her head and says, "Anyway, first we have to /fix/ the promises before we can go making any, so we should get that girl we found to put on one of those crowns and just get this thing over with." She pops a bit of bread into her mouth, musing softly, "I wonder if those crowns kill everyone if there will be any bodies left over."

"Penny," Audgrim agrees with a firm nod. Sipping the second gatorade, he stares out into space for awhile as he thinks about the future. But then he shakes his head and gets back to the here and now. "Witch?" he asks scratching his cheek in befuddlement.

Eddie frowns a little frown at the thought of being motleymates with Finn, but he doesn't object. His opinions have softened a little after the whole Angel of the Battlefield routine, apparently. "I'd have made more fun if you did," he grins at Bea, an undeniable truth. He throws out the grin for a very serious face as he explains to Audgrim: "A witch is a lady with a broomstick and a cat, who wears a pointy hat, with a wart on the end of her nose." He wobbles a little, suddenly light-headed. "I think I better lay down a while before I make the drive back. Glad you and Quiet are okay, Bea."

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