(2018-04-01) Neighborly Love
Neighborly Love
Summary: Nothing like some neighborly love to make your day! Or break your mind.
Date: IC Date (2018-04-01)
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Player Characters: Audgrim, Denver, Eddie, Ida

Audgrim's Apartment - Old Tenement

He got himself to blame, really. Eddie, does. He's the one that told the two to go at it. And they did - for like 20 hours with a few breaks here and there. Audgrim's the quiet type, Denver not so much, and then there's the thudding sounds and things crashing to the floor and laughter. Things like that.

It has now been quiet for over an hour however, and the light is on in the apartment. There's low voices coming from inside, and the door is not locked. I mean, who locks the doors in this place, anyway.

Audgrim's standing with Denver at the kitchenette, eating a sandwich. He has pants on. Denver has pants AND a shirt on. Decency!

Shave-and-a-haircut, comes the knock. At 'two-bits', the door falls in, the hinges suddenly rusted away to nothing. It didn't take much. They were halfway there already. On the other side stands Eddie, one arm in a sling, the other one holding a clawtooth hammer. "Sorry," he announces, "just a minute." He enters the room without further explanation and heads off into the corner, kneeling down to pry up those floorboards he found loose on his first visit, along with all that heroin. He rummages around down in the floor for a moment and comes out with something that looks an awful lot like a little microphone, just a little larger than a cufflink.

He sits it on the ground and gives it a smash with the hammer. That'd probably do the job, but he gives it another go, and another, one-two-three.

"I'd say I'd offer him my sandwich, but I think I'mma eat it instead. But I can make him like a steak or something. There's a few in the bag. Thought I would show you how to cook a little while I was here." Something she'd promised that she'd do before anyway. But then there's knocking, and the door falls in, clattering to the ground. She watches as Eddie pries up a floorboard and takes somethign out. There's growing amusement on Denver's face as she watches him take out a hammer and smash something. She pulls away from Audgrim with another little kiss before she moves over towards Eddie, bending and setting her hands on her knees so that she's right by his ear.

"You know, a broken door isn't gonna stop us. You're gonna wanna fix that or you're gonna have to SEE everything, too."

Audgrim eyes the door expectantly at the knock - and then startles as it clatters with a loud thud to the floor. It is with his mouth agape, sandwish held aloft near his face, he watches Eddie go about his business. He might not be the smartest cookie in the cookie jar, but he realises what that thing is that Eddie is destroying.

The table by the window has two bent metal legs and is tilting dangerously. You couldn't put anything on it, it'd slide right off. The bed is looking like it might fall apart on its own, soon.

"Hi Eddie," Audgrim says, tail swishing. He's not sure how to react. His eyes shift around uncertainly. He doesn't care much about the door, however. "Was it something we said?"

There's a clicking of heels from out in the hallway. Ida stops in the now empty doorframe, leaning against it with a somewhat languid air. She reaches her hands up to her head, removing two very incongrous orange earplugs. "Oh thank heavens." She nudges the fallen door a bit off to the side, then neatly steps around it. "I am glad to see you are both well. I am sure we can find some replacement. But if I may suggest, I think you would find sturdier rooms a delightful option. I have brought with me a list of alternative abodes in the area that should be within your budget. Please do review them when you have a moment." She leaves a bundle on the kitchen counter. And gives Audgrim a look fit to scorch the horns right off of his head. Apparently he gets all the blame. "I also included some wonderful suggestions on how to soundproof an apartment. I do hope you will peruse them also."

Eddie listens to Denver's threat- that qualifies, right?- brow furrowed in consideration. "I'll start coming in through the window." Four-five-six, just for good measure, and he finally sweeps the fragments of the poor little mic back down into the hole. He replaces the floorboards carefully, almost tenderly, and rises again to a standing position. "Not at all," he says to Audgrim, a genial smile plastered across his mug, "Just didn't need it anymore, with the walls in this place. Y'know, old mattresses make terrific insulation."

"Incidentally," Eddie turns to look at Denver, "thanks for busting my Smelling Device the other night. Never thought I'd be so grateful for that one."

"You know, I believe that's exactly what you'd do," Denver offers with a laugh as she pushes herself up to her feet. "I guess we don't have to go over there afterall. Also, I'm guessing Eddie is doing pretty good." Because he's there right now, being his normal, charming self. She chomps a couple more bites of sandwich as she glances towards Ida's entrance. "Oooh," she mumbles around ham and cheese as she takes the list. Smartass though she may be, she's all for soundproofing ideas. "I have an apartment we'll go to sometimes, too, you know." It's assures with that same grin, words muddle by bread.

"I like it here," Audgrim murmurs, but he's shifting away from Ida, like she terrifies him - his tail even drops and is it going between his legs just a tad? Yes, for a second or two. Since everyone's here, he pulls out some drinks from the fridge - cheap lagers or cheap sodas, take your pick. "You did not need to listen, I tell you everything," he reminds the bug-man - but admittedly, Audgrim's not great on details so maybe eavesdropping will make it easier for Eddie to understand him. He leans over Denver to peek at the broschures though. "You okay, Eddie?"

"We should get those pears that Bea mentioned," Ida mentions, apparently mollified by Audgrim's body language as she stalks away to lean the door back against the door frame. She will take a cheap soda, too. "Yes, pears for Eddie's arm and pears for Mr. Quiet's eye. Both back in good shape." She sips her drink, considers her shiny pointy sharp fingertips. "Have a chat with magic girl." She is smiling again. "Get everything sorted out. On that note, darling, how do you like your new garment?" She stalks back through the kitchenette again, handing Denver a soda to go with the bread and stuff. "And I hope you enjoy both your living quarters to the full extent." Teeth show in a fresh smile, to the poor Autumn. "After you soundproof this place. Please and thank you."

"I only spy on the people I care about," Eddie reassures Audgrim, "and the ones that I don't." He takes a soda. He'll get more out of the sugar than 6% ABV, with his metabolism. He struggles for a moment with the tab, trying to get it open one handed, then shoots it a dirty look and holds it out to Ida with his best big sad eyes. He's got the 'big' part down, anyway. "I'm fine. Just swell. I don't know why everyone keeps asking. A little worried about my coat." He looks down, frowning. The coat is in for repairs, apparently irreplaceable, but he's got a fresh jacket on. New, for him, the polyester hardly even reflective yet.

Ida opens the can of soda, without even making a sassy comment. It, uh. Might come across that this is almost the new normal for the two of them.

"By 'chat' with the magic girl, do you mean clawing her pretty purple eyes out?" Denver wonders. There's not a hint of judgement in her tone as she studies Ida, who is studying her claws. "You know, so I need to know if I should bring paper towels for all the blood." The ideas for soundproofing are shoved into her back pocket for a moment to review later. Atleast she seems to be taking the request seriously, so that's something. "Everyone is asking how you are because you were shot multiple times and could have died. I thought you were a PI?" Sass! "Yeah, I think we should plan to hit the hedge within the next day or two to grab the pears," she agrees.

"Talk to silver girl," Audgrim agrees, summing the whole thing up. He seems content with Eddie's reassurances and squints at his new outfit. He gives a thumbs up and a grin, at that and lazily leans on the counter. "People need to /sneak/ more," he says, with emphasis. Giving everyone a bit of admonishing looks, like all this being shot at thing is outright silly. "Or you say 'Audgrim, hit things' instead of 'Audgrim, sneak'." He does such a good job of being an obedient soldier, mostly cause otherwise he'd have to think on his own and that's /effort/.

Eddie fixes Ida with an adoring smile when she opens up his soda, figuring he can blame all the painkillers if anybody asks about it later. He ignores all the talk about Sofia, having already made a policy not to mention or- where possible- even think about the silver haired Fairest with Ida in the room. "I tried sneaking," he says, a little hurt, "it just didn't work out." He's more bothered by that than the bullet holes, to listen to him. "You did real good, though," he finally adds, with all apparent sincerity, then takes a long obnoxious slurp from his can to get the taste of earnestness out of his mouth.

Ida gives Denver a soulful look. "I would never claw someone's eyes out. That sounds so violent. I much prefer to have a dynamic conversation in close quarters so as to facilitate a personal connection and clearer understanding. Really get to the center, the marrow if you will, of the problem. I am sure she and I can have a wonderful chat given the right circumstances. Really open up her mind to the way things are now." Somewhere, a sociopathic businessman in Manhattan feels a sense of kinship with someone he doesn't see. She hands Eddie the painkiller bottle. "I vote for both stealth and more straight forwards tactics myself, but we do clearly need more defensive gear. And more offensive gear. And more peop— does anyone know how far Bea has come in, ah, convincing her guests to our side? Those would be interesting numbers."

"Terrifying," Denver offers with raw approval in her tone. Clearly she's okay with exactly how Ida expects things to go down. "Not all of us are capable of sneaking, Grim. I mean, I have actually tried before, and I fail every time. I am made of fire and lava, it's a hard thing to hide." She shrugs. "Besides, I'm usually there to be the distraction. Silly of me to hide in that case."

Audgrim points a finger at Eddie and says, grimly. "You go sneak - but you take me with you. That was plan. No going alone." His tail flick furiously - it seems to have bothered him that Eddie got shot like that and he wasn't even near to do anything. He takes a breath and drinks his soda while idly playing with Denver's hair with his free hand - lava and fire dance around his digits. "Guests in Bea's basement… maybe after bird is gone for good?" He's willing to give people second chances. Ida's given a bit of a blank stare - he only understood about 30 percent of all those long complicated words. But, she too is given a grin and a thumbs up - he's confident she would do wonderfully talking to Sofia.

"I can hardly go to the bathroom alone, with all of you people," Eddie scowls at Audgrim's concern. He waves his good arm in a frustrated gesture, spilling soda on the floor. Lill-Jonas ought to appreciate that, anyway. "Fine, fine. Next time you can come along and get shot, too, if you're so jealous." All this talk about the people in Bea's basement doesn't seem to improve his mood much, and he gets the cap off the bottle Ida gave him with his teeth, tossing it back and chewing through a mouthful of opoids like they were Sweet Tarts. He doesn't even seem to mind the taste. "My understanding is everyone with feathers started acting weird, just before all this got started, way back. Maybe once we kill that thing on the mountain they'll go back to normal."

He doesn't sound optimistic. Go figure.

"You think she has some sort of loose control over all things birdlike?" Denvers nose scrunches up. "Glad I avoided the turkey on Thanksgiving." Lava twists around Audgrim's finger as Denver leans up against him, her eyes narrowed as she considers. The sandwich is long gone at this point and she's already polished off that soda. "They can start acting normal again, but I'm still going to need a lot of pledge verification before I start believing any of them," she offers.

Ida dimples at the lava lady. "Indeed, I thought you would agree." She tilts her head a little bit to Audgrim, fresh amusement at his thumbs up. She instead opts to reply to his earlier comment, "You do not think they have already been fully persuaded? I believe they are nigh pickled in honey by now." She sips her soda, shrugging as she sashays away again. "Stockholm syndrome does happen, and she has certainly had enough time. It has been…. What, a few weeks? Every time the basement door opens, Bea's entrance must seem like that of a merciful angel coming down to rescue them from the dark cellar life. Granted, we are not dealing with entirely normal circumstances." She pauses. "Assuming, of course, she remembers to feed them. Has anyone reminded our dear friend as to her guests? I believe they do need regular food and water." She sips again.

"Good," Audgrim notes, satisfied with that answer. He considers the feathered gang members in Bea's basement, scratching the side of his neck. "She feeds them," he says, "cause she would not forget."

Ida chokes on her soda a bit. Or at least she's coughing. A lot.

The detective takes some time to consider the reality of Stockholm Syndrome and its implications on his personal life, glancing sidelong at Ida. He shakes away these dangerous thoughts and eats another pill, then slips the bottle into his front pocket, behind the handkerchief. "Pledges are in short supply these days," he says grimly, "but I'm hoping that'll solve itself, once we find hat five and take care of the Big Bird once and for all." That's Eddie: Ever hopeful. "Beats the things we'd see crawling out of the walls if we had to do things the other way."

He goes over to the door still lying on the ground, and nudges at it with his toe. It must be pretty light, because it moves quite a bit, but he's still never going to get it back up with one arm. He waves Audgrim over to help, then kneels down to inspect the ruined hinges. "Bea feeds people like breathing. IF she's going to remember anything…" he trails off. Not exactly a definite affirmation.

Audgrim helps Eddie with the door - least they can kinda lean it up, for now. He yawns widely - it's a telltale sign. "I must sleep," he notes, glancing at Denver as he says that. Maybe he doesn't mean sleep. However, since he also mooches over to the bed and lies down on it, he probably meant just that. Tiny Ogre drained him of energy.

"Quite. So. On the assumption that they are still alive and that she did not in fact forget them and now has a basement full of dead bird people - by the way my assumption is that she now does have a basement full of dead bird people aside from the ones that may or may not have already been there -" Ida takes a deep breath, "On that assumption, I do think it is likely that we might be able to use them as shock troops. Or the like. We would just have to have them prove their loyalty in some fashion first. I am sure that we can think of something not too stomach wrenching." She somehow found a box marked recycling somewhere and puts her can into it. Tidy.

Once the door is back in place, Eddie waves his hand over where the hinges used to be. He did a pretty good job destroying them, with time and neglect having done have the job for him already, so it takes him a couple of tries. Finally, though, there they are: good as new. Probably the newest thing in the entire building, actually. He gives the door a practice swing, open, closed, open. On the last one he notices something, out in the hallway. "Oh, hello, Bobby," he says to the man from number four, "Didn't your mother ever tell you it's rude to listen in on people? Ida, you've been to finishing school." He sort of assumes, anyway. "Why don't we go have a chat with Mr. Teabag, pass along some of that education of yours."

"We can always play the name game if we have to," Denver suggests with a slight glance in Eddie's direction. "But I wouldn't let anyone out until after the Bird-bitch is dead. Letting her have any foothold among us is too dangerous." Audgrim is going to pass out, or so he says. Denver grins and glances to the others. "Don't worry, I'll be quieter this time," she promises. "Though you may have to gag me for that." A look towards Grim as Denver's smile grows more amused. "I'll stop by Eddie's later and we'll talk about when we'll hit the hedge for the pears, yeah?" She peeks at the eavesdropper, but she's sure the Winter has that well in hand. "Night Ida, Eddiecakes."

Ida smiles. The man from number four is already backing away. "An invigorating discussion sounds like just the ticket. Oh Bobby. Bobby, Bobby, Bobby. Kindly, do not walk so fast," and here's the disturbing part because she's already out the door like a blur. There's the sound of someone running. There's the sound of something else skittering, rather like a giant centipede might sound going down that hall. Tactactactac. Faintly, "Eddie, Bobby is disagreeing with our request, it is most rude…"

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