(2018-04-01) Spring Picnic
Spring Picnic
Summary: Audgrim and Denver have a picnic and Bea joins
Date: IC Date (2018-04-01)
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Player Characters: Audgrim, Bea, Denver

Community Garden - Baker Street
In this low-rent neighborhood, there aren't many public places given adequate attention for asthetics. This tiny park crammed between the pawn and doughnut shops is an exception to that rule. Carefully tended rows bear fruit and vegetables in all but the deepest parts of winter. A stone fountain burbles in the center of the park, rung around by colorful flowers throughout the season, and a small beehive is nestled into a corner. Decorative items and potted flowers add color, and entice both beneficial insects and people into the little oasis.

A couple rickety, but freshly painted benches offer a resting spot for the folks who sometimes spend nice afternoons sitting out. It seems to be a community garden, though no gates, signs or locks prove it. Just numerous families and individuals making use of the beds, and the trash can full of rusty equipment.

While Audgrim slept, Denver divised a plan, which of course involved more food. Most of her plans do, after all. There's a note taped to the fridge with a little crudely drawn picture of the community garden, a little X plopped in a certain part. 'Find me where the flowers grow', it says. And on the back in a quick hand it reads 'you don't even have to wear shoes'.

A blanket has already been laid out, with piles of food settle across it, leaving just enough room for Grim and Denver to cuddle together on it. The volanic woman must have gone home to change, because she looks more spring-like than ever in a white sundress and bare feet. She's pacing just a little bit as she waits, making sure not to give in to the desire to start eating until he gets there.

A noticeably refreshened Beast comes sauntering into the little community garden - with his shoes in his hand, having kicked those off the moment he stepped through the gate. He's wearing clean clothes - those ever present cargo pants, the Don't fear the reaper T-shirt she paid for the other day - and his hair is still wet from a shower. He stops and inhales the scents from the garden, the flowers and the grass - and her lingering summer scents that he'd recognize anywhere. His tail is curling in a pleased and content sort of manner as he saunters over towards Denver, eyes gleaming with that intensity as he watches her and takes in her appearance. "Hi," he says and looks down at the blanket and all the food; his tail makes a few fast swishes in appreciation. He then leans in to kiss her cheek gently, hand cupping her cheek. But he's doing it with the soft fondness of someone who is quite spent, sexually - and just wants to spend time with her.

Denver turns as she hears him approaching, her face lighting up happily as she spots him. He can see the joy just flood through her features as she watches him coming towards her. "Hi," she whispers, almost breathless as she nuzzles into that cheek kiss. "You look really handsom," she murmurs, leaning in to wrap her arms around him and bury her face against his chest. She takes in the scent of him, all freshly washed and clean, before grinning up. "I thought it might be nice to get out, spend some time together."

"Mmmhmm," Audgrim agrees and sniffs at her hair, wrapping her up in a tight embrace. His skin is cool to the touch, even in the sun. "You are pretty," he rasps and kisses the top of her head. He's so completely satisfied with life, he could stand like this all day - but that food does smell awfully good and he is quite hungry. So, he tugs at her hand and flops down on the blanket, trying to pull her along with him. "It is nice here. I sleep here sometimes." He points over to a corner of the park where there's some dense bushes up against he wall.

"It's the first time I wear this dress. I'm not usually a dress kind of girl, you know? But I want to look pretty for you. Plus this seemed like a pretty neat surprise. Food for me, relaxing for you. Perfectly combination." She laughs as she's tugged with him, curling up at his side as she gazes towards the bushes he mentions. "How would you feel about maybe putting up a hammock for yourself nearby? For daytime naps out in the sunlight?

"You not need to change anything for me," Audgrim says with heartfelt sincerity, staring at her with a slightly worried frown. "You /always/ pretty." He'd think that if she was covered in mud and blood. He settles in, half-lying down on the blanket so he can face her, propped up on an elbow. Considering his suggestion, he gives a lazy shrug and a small grin. "Or night time. I sleep outside during night. It is good for my being close to nature, so we stay friends," he tries, as it's hard to explain how contracts work. It's probably a bit different for everyone even if the effects are the same. As if to emphasise, he digs a hand into the grass and closes his eyes - feeling the vibrations of the little park.

"Don't worry, I know that. But sometimes I might wanna go all out and try to make myself extra pretty. Like this." Denver smooths a hand over the dress, beaming. "If I felt like I had to, then I'd never do it." Because she's stubborn like that." Once he's settled, she leans down to kiss the tip of his nose. "Well, I meant more for outsides naps. A hammock will keep comps from thinking you're just a drunk bum passed out in a garden," she laughs. "But it would keep you raised from the ground, so it doesn't make sense if the point is to be one with it."

Napping /is/ one of Audgrim's favorite things, and napping in a comfortable hammock? He's up for that. "Hammock sounds nice," he agrees, running a hand along her arm and her thigh, tugging lightly on the sun dress as he admires her. "Don't have to sleep on ground," he adds, so a hammock might just be a very nice idea. His stomach makes a few noises and he listens to it, first giving her cheek another quick peck, before he leans over and begins putting food snacks onto a plate. Sausages, some meatballs, sliced fruit, cheeses - whatever is there. "How old are you?" he suddenly wonders, just thinking about it. Apparently the 'don't ask a lady her age'-thing doesn't apply to him, and why wouldn't he be curious?

"Then I'm gonna get you one and set it up for you. I'll get one big enough so that we can even nap together. With me there, you'll even be able to nap in winter and you won't get cold!" That's the benefit of dating a furnace, after all. She beams at the kiss on her cheek, grabbing a bowl of the fruits and pulling it close enough that she can just grab and munch. She pauses at his questions, brows knitting together. "Um, technically I just turned twenty-five. According to the year I was actually born. But time was different in Arcadia. I think I'm probably closer to twenty-nine or thirty will all the years that didn't pass right. But it's hard to know for sure. What about you?"

Audgrim is a bit hungry but not ravenous and eats his food with laziness - he spears pieces on a claw and puts it in like that, chewing thoroughly rather than just wolfing it down. His tail is flicking erratically behind him every now and then, but actually just lies in the grass for the most part. He squints at her and nods, he knows how that is with the time. "I think I am thirty three. Think it was year 1963 I fell in sea, and I was born 1930." He doesn't seem to want to add on the more than fifty years he was in faerie - it wouldn't make sense. And he doesn't seem to worry about it either.

Usually Denver really pounds the food down, but she seems to be taking her time at the moment, just cherishing the time with him. No fighting, no birds, no loyalists. The pair are cuddled up next to each other on a large blanket that is otherwise filled with food. Denver is in a white sundress, with no shoes, looking almost feminine in the moment. It seems quite peaceful and serene. Glowing eyes widen a little bit at the date that he gives her, a slow breath blown out before a piece of fruit is shoved in. "That was a long time ago. You definetaly don't look that old," she says around the bite of food.

Audgrim does not in fact look like he is that old, indeed. He squints at her - he tends to squint a lot during daytime - and snorts in some amusement. He's wearing the usual cargopants and a Don't Fear The Reaper-t-shirt. All brand new and shiny. No shoes on, but those are left near the blanket so he does have them with him. "Eddie say I didn't miss much. Says everyone still mostly stupid," he notes with dry humor.

Bea arrives in her beat up old car, a trunkload of plants and tools in the back. She hops out and starts to unload, only spotting Audgrim and Denver as she sets down the first armful of colorful spring flowers. "Oh! Hey Audgrim! Hey Denver! How are you guys doing today?" She pauses then, belatedly realizing she might be interrupting something. She looks between the two and asks in a gossipy sort of tone, "Should I come back later? Because these plants will be fine for a little bit…"

"I don't know, I'm told the eighties were pretty great. But Eddie would know better than me. I wasn't even born yet." Denver laughs, resting her head against his for a moment as if she could shield him from light, when really her fire is a light all to itself. It doesn't help much. A familiar voice draws her attention towards Bea, a hand lifting in a wave towards the other woman. "Hey Bea! It's my turn to offer you some food, huh? You hungry?" She doesn't directly answer the question about interuption, just offering the woman a bright smile.

"Good music, from eighties," Audgrim does concede - he's heard enough of it to have picked up some good oldies. He tucks a lock of hair behind her ear, lava flowing along his finger for a second. But Bea is there - he sits up a bit straighter and waves insistantly for her, moving a bit to make room on the big blanket. "No, come here," he says and gives her a most fond grin. "We have picnic." Like that wasn't obvious.

Oh, food! Bea considers a moment, then smiles and hurries back to her car, returning with a little ice cooler full of goodies, because of course she wouldn't come for a hard day of work at the park without a snack! She moves to sit near the couple, beginning to unpack the chest as she says, "Oh good, a picnic is always nice, and it makes me happy always to see someone using Ben's garden, and anyway, it's good to see you both, since I wanted to check up on you guys anyway and make sure you're okay after that big ol' fight and everything." She pauses, popping a cherry into her mouth as she waits for confirmation that they are, indeed, okay.

Denver shuffles closer to Audgrim to make space for Bea on the blanket. "I'm doing AOK. All mended and sorted, Grim didn't even get hurt in the first place with all the sneaking." She grins back at him. "We were talking yesterday with Ida about going after the pears you mentioned the other day. Figured that a group outing is probably better than going alone." She offers Bea a cookie. "How are you feeling today? Have you finished mending?"

Audgrim isn't wolfing down his snacks of sausages, cheeses and fruits. He's lazily eating, spearing food stuffs on claws and leaning back to nibble. "I am fine." His tail flick and he wonders, grimly; "How is Mr. Quiet. How are /you/?" He nods to what Denver is saying, but has no real input - he barely knows what those fruits do.

Bea waves away the concern for her own well-being, "Oh sure, I am fine, and just used a trick some Autumn taught me a long time ago to brow some extra blushberries real quick. And Quiet is doing okay, I think, just eating a lot, and that is understandable, I guess, since he is pretty big." Even Bea seems a bit overwhelmed by how much a Stone-pumped Ogre can manage to pack in. She nods slightly at the talk of hunting down Hera Pears, but seems a bit hesitant, "Oh sure, I guess we could go and find some….But still, I am not sure they will do what you are hoping, and they are a lot of trouble to get, because of the hobs and all, but for sure we could find some tree I am pretty sure, if we look hard enough. And anyway, could find some nice fruit at least, like amaranthine and stuff, at least, which is not /quite/ as good, but still, pretty nice if we're going to be getting shot up again some time soon." The cookie is accepted and devoured, and then as she talks she begins to putter, sticking close to the pair, but starting to tend to the nearest garden bed as she chats.

Denver doesn't seem at all surprised at the mention of how much Quiet can eat. She points at the piles of food on the blanket. "Yeah, most of this is for me and I'm my sizedd. I can't imagine what it takes to feed and heal him." She notices the hesitance, but much like Audgrim, Denver doesn't really know what the fruits do. "It was suggested that it might help with his eye. Do you think that it won't? To be honest, I don't know a lot out the fruits. I just want to help him get an eye back.

Audgrim is quick to snag one of the cookies for himself, before Denver hoards them all. He munches it and lies down on his back, adjusting so his tail won't get all squished. "I want to make bird monster go away," he says quietly, staring up at the sky where some birds circle high above. Least they're not watching the park. Remembering something, he sits up again. "I need to go into hedge and find more things for armor. We all need armor now."

Bea shrugs, waggling her hand back and forth, "Hera Pears /are/ pretty powerful, and Ihave heard of them curing cancer, and AIDS and all sorts of things like that, but I am not sure I have ever heard of anything that can grow back an eyeball, even that. But…maybe if we found some amaranthine before he heals up all the way…/maybe/ he would grow it back, like…naturally?" She seems unconvinced, but shrugs and seems willing to try in any case. " Audgrim's announcement about the needs of everyone gets a shrug and a nod, "Oh…maybe. It /did/ hurt a lot to get shot like that, and for me that was something new." And clearly something she didn't love to experience. "Anyway, for sure if you guys want to go into the thorns or whatever, for fruit or…armor or whatever, then just let me know and I'd be happy to help."

"Be happy they weren't token guns. Those hurt even more." Denver frowns, rubbing where old wounds used to be. "Eddie's got that gun now, though. Too bad he didn't get too much of a chance to use it." Denver bobs her head at Audgrim's mention of people needing armor. "Everyone should wear armor. I think this might have actually convinced Eddie that I was right about that. But yeah, no more big fights until more people have better protection." She reaches out to poke a finger into Bea's side with a knowing look.

"Also, sneak more," Audgrim suggests to the bee-lady - he tries to convince everyone of the merit of moving around like a ninja, but few take him up on it. Knowing what Denver usually says about that, he leans in and plants a kiss on her lips to stop her, grinning mischievously. If there were any doubts that the two have become a couple, that should be gone by now. "Denver - maybe we can go stay with Bea for a few days? Bea, you want help at farm?" He hasn't been out there much in the last week or so.

Bea smiles at the kiss, wings a-buzz with delight at this turn of events, but for once, she seems to keep her opinions to herself. "Oh sure, you guys are always welcome to come visit, for sure, and stay as long as you want. And maybe we can find something like armor, and practice sneaking and all of that stuff if you come, and make it like some fun summer school, except in spring, and no real classes."

"Some of us aren't meant fo—-mmph." Well, it looks like Audgrim knows Denver well enough to know that she absolutely was going to argue with his comment. But his plan works, and by the time he pulls away, she is laughing. "That's not gonna work every time," she warns, prodding his nose with the tip of one finger. But it worked this time, for certain. "I'm down for visiting. We can do some more axe practice," she promises Bea. "Though you were doing a great job with it the other night. That was impressive."

Audgrim grins at Denver, rascally, tail flicking in amusement. He looks back at Bea with an empathic nod - he likes the suggestions she has. Finishing off the last of his snack food, he climbs to his feet now though and walks over to the tools and plants Bea brought over. "Let's finish here," he suggests, "and we can go with you back to farm. Just go get some clothes and things at my place first. And Denver maybe need to get some things."

Bea seems rather pleased with Denver's assesment of her skills, her chest puffing up a little, "Oh, I am okay, when I have my hedge hacker, but I am glad you think so, and am always happy for more practice." She looks to Audgrim and Denver, suggesting, "If you guys are done with your picnic and need to grab some things, why don't you just go do that and then you can come back when you are ready. And it will be faster if just I do this on my own, and can get everything done without everybody's slow eyes making things take so long."

As Augrim stands up and looks like he's ready to finish the picnic up and get going, Denver looks momentarily sad. "That was… a really quick first date," she murmurs, looking out over the food. She'll just have to try again another day. "You go get your stuff ready, I'll clean up here and pack it away for later. But yeah, we'll have to stop by my place so I can grab some stuff too. She gives him a quick peck on the cheek before starting to pack the food back away, preparing.

Poor Denver - she's dating a lazy and yet oddly restless Beast with a penchant for totally losing focus if something else comes along. He doesn't do it on purpose. He nods to Bea and is QUITE happy to let her do all the work - but he offered! So, he goes to help Denver instead, quite uselessly moving things about in containers and then almost forgetting his shoes in the grass as the two head out, having to go back and get them and then jogging after the lava girl. "I don't even like shoes," he says.

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