(2018-04-06) Date Night
Date Night
Summary: Audgrim and Denver go on a date
Date: IC Date (2018-04-06)
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Player Characters: Audgrim, Denver

Main Room - Dread Red - Harbourfront

The Dread Red, one of the more infamous locations in the Port Angeles area is a raucous high spirited restaurant. Often boasting odd hours and even odder menu options, it appeals to an odd collection of clientele. Despite often being rowdy, and with the exceptional presence of liquor, it still manages to have enough of a family appeal that it isn't unusual to see a table full of college kids getting smashed, right next to a family with three kids enjoying their fries. The Cajun over arching theme bleeds into everything else in the building, the walls bare various pictures, old signs, posters and equipment relative to the Bayou bay. From fans from a wind boat, to Pure Gas signs and even parts of a restored cotton gin.

The tables about the room vary in size from two person to large eight-man tables, that are even then often found slid together for larger parties and engagements. The seats are a dark oak with a blackish brown leather covering, each chair back denoted with the Dread Red's pirate raccoon mascot. Above each table is a ceramic pot, hung upside down with a mirrored and shielded bulb. Managing to provide a fair amount of light without shining directly into anyone's eyes. Each table also boasts a wooden box filled with various items needed for every dinner. A roll of paper towels, three bottles of hot sauce and other condiments. Place mats change by the day, but are most often simple brown paper bags, alluding to the quick cleaning and change over each table experiences in the busy rush.

While the thick rich smell of gumbo, fried food and olive salad often fill the air. They're mixed and countered with the scent of coriander and curry, as the small but growing Indian food portion of the menu catches on with customers. As well as the employees who scurry about on their tasks, the ceiling boasts the omnipresent black glass globes that denote a security system. As well as the many interlacing pipes for the fire extinguishers. These are dwarfed by the massive ventilation ducts and pies that make sure the building is a comfortable temperature and keep the outside moisture at bay.

Audgrim pulls Denver along down to the harbor and manages to not say /why/ - only that it's a surprise. He's dressed in that grey outfit - grey nice fitting pants, white shirt, grey waistcoast - that he wore to the easter party though and asks her to put on 'nice dress, not too nice, just nice'. Not that he'd know the difference. He got his violin case with him as he pulls Denver into this lively, vibrant restaurant.

"We have dinner!" he says, grinning at her. "I book table for us. Celebrate gym."

Nice but not too nice of a dress? That ends up being something black and slinky with a pair of flats strapped to her feet. If Denver were in heels there's no way that she could keep up with Audgrim's tugging towards the place. Her eyes widen as the enter, taking in the atmosphere for a moment. It's a lot to take in. She's grinning by the time she glances up towards Grim's announcement about their reservation there for the night. "That's so sweet!" She leans up on her toes to press a kiss to his cheek before dropping back to look out over the place again. "Let's get some gumbo!"

THere's even a bit of a shared few looks and nods between Audgrim and one of the waitresses - like he's gotten some help planning. He leads the way towards a table that's set apart somewhat but still enough in the middle of things to be part of the whole bustle and hustle that takes place. There's some very happy college kids in a corner, loud but not obnoxious. A group of co-workers are having an after-work gathering, eating and talking amicably. But, they get enough space to be able to talk. Audgrim remembers to pull the chair out for his girlfriend, grinning proudly at her - he gives the waitress a thumbs up. Clearly, he's been asking for some advice, making a real effort. "Never eat gumbo. I take that. Maybe something else too." And before she asks, he adds; "I already paid. I play here the other day - we eat dinner tonight."

Denver doesn't entirely look like she knows how to react when the chair is pulled out for her, but after a second she sinks into the seat and lets him tuck it in for her. She waits for him to sit too before reaching out to grab one of his hands and push her fingers through his. "This is probably one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me." Her face brightens as she watches him. She probably notices the interaction with the waitress, which just shows her exactly how hard he's worked on this and only makes that expression all the more smitten. "You are amazing."

Audgrim sits and curls his fingers into hers, squeezing her hands tightly - the look she's given is absolutely smoldering - he pulls her hands up and kisses her palm, cool lips contrasting with the heat of her skin. "I don't know all human things," he admits quietly, staring into her eyes. "But I like doing this, with you." Probably, she anchors him - makes him actually make that effort, more than doing nice things as a boyfriend, but also in general. "But it's alright - it's alright to be like we are. You understand?" He smiles at her, a genuine smile more than that beastly grin he mostly offers.

As he kisses her palm, Denver's thumb brushes at his cheek gently before returning to the grip around his hand. "I like doing this with you too. Everything is just more fun, more alive with you there. Which is probably because you—- you make me happy just by being here." She gazes back into those yellow eyes, her head tilting just slightly. "I normally hate feeling vulnerable. Completely hate it. But with you, even vulnerable, I feel safe." She squeezes his hand, returniing the smile with a brilliant one of her own. "Yeah, I understand," she assures.

"You make me happy too," Audgrim says warmly, gazing into her eyes like he's captivated. "We not vulnerable, we stronger, together," he says thoughtfully. He points a clawed finger at her and says, half serious, half jokingly; "But you worry too much." He lets go of her hand, but only so he can accept a menu from a waitress, Denver offered one too of course. Drink orders are taken and Audgrim orders beer for himself - he's not really the wine guy. Waitrss will take Denver's drink order and then slink off again. The buzz of voices is all around them, but they got their own little bubble right here.

"A different kind of vulnerability. An emotional one." Dener seems loath to let him go, but reaches up to take the menu with a thanks. She orders a pitcher of beer for herself and starts to glance at the menu. She keeps stealing looks over the top of it, though, having a hard time keeping her eyes off of him in that suit. It's just too cute. "But you're right about one thing, we are stronger together."

Audgrim hasn't strengthened his mask, so he's all devilishly handsom - literally. Hair is combed back and held back by his horns, somewhat pointed ears in full display. Clawed hands hold the menu up as he stares at the text - he doesn't really know what he's looking at. He looks up at her and meets her gaze with those animalistic yellow ones of his own, and loses interest in the menu - instead he smiles that lazy, sensual grin at her, his tail bobbing back and forth behind him. "You make me not think," he repeats, half accusingly.

Denver's face ducks behind the menu again for a moment, hiding a flush of red to her cheeks. She never really got that butterflies in the stomach, first big relationship experience before, but she certainly is now. Big bad warrior chick thwarted by a pounding heart. She reaches out for him again, brushing her fingers over his hand. "So you've said," she rumbles in appreciation. "You make my head all floaty, too. And the rest of me."

Audgrim looks about ready to leave and drag her out and find the nearest private area outside - but he forces himself to look back at the menu, taking a deep breath. He's not about to abandon his mission here. Which is dining with his girlfriend, like a normal person. Plenty of time for other things, later. "Gumbo," he decides, cause it's the only thing he can decide on that he knows she wants too. "They have all you can eat icecream after dinner…" he tempts her, grinning.

"Yes, gumbo," Denver agrees as he works to distract them both back towards their reason for being here. Only he seems to be able to distract her away from food. "They have a pot that looks like it's supposed to feed a big family. That would probably be enough for the two of us." Her brows lift at the mention of all you can eat ice cream. "Well, I doubt it'll be all /I/ can eat. That wouldn't be fair to everyone else here," she laughs.

Audgrim waves at the waitress to indicate they're ready to order, a bit impatiently - but with a charming grin nevertheless. "We get that big pot," he agrees, his stomach making a longing noise at the mere idea. He tends to go long between his meals if he's not reminded of it, despite his love of food. Just the way he is. He lowers his voice, and agrees with good humor; "They would never let us come back, if you eat all icecream. Don't do that."

Waitres comes over and Audgrim orders that pot of Gumbo for the two, the waitress looking faintly dubious about the choice - but the Nightsinger just looks so determined, she just jots it down and promises it will be out in about ten minutes. They got that sort of food ready to serve rather promptly.

"I like it here, it's fun. I would hate to be kept from coming back. Plus, there are kids. All kids should have access to ice cream," Denver laughs. She folds up her menu and passes it back, just grinning at the mention of the pot. The real question is, will it be enough food for the two of them? She waits for the waitress to move away before turning her beaming smile back to Audgrim. "So everything is going great with the gym so far. Met with all the trainers. They're all pretty awesome."

Audgrim looks faintly smug - like he's quite proud that he brought her here. Maybe it's not the cozy romantic sort of place new couples would go to. But then, they're both exceptionally different to normal couples. At the mention of kids, he looks around sharply - he is always wary around children. There is a family dining over near the entrance, with a four year old and a six year old. They haven't noticed the two Lost yet - maybe they can't even see them. Not /all/ kids can, after all, or at least not all the time. He relaxes again and looks curiously at her, but waits for the waitress who's coming over with their drinks now - he grabs his pint and drinks thirstily before asking; "More trainers. Of course - I think, you train everyone yourself. Did you have many people come in today to train?"

The warriness is noted, and understood, though Denver doesn't seem to share it. Maybe she likes that some kinds can see the real her. But then, she doesn't look like a devil, so her reactions tend to be very different than the ones that Grim might get. She offers thanks to the waitress as she grabs the pitcher of beer and pours herself a glass from it. "Oh no. People will need a special appointment to train with me. It'll be a bit more expensive, too. I do have a reputation in the underground fighting world, after all. Might as well cash in on that, yeah?"

"Ahh. Like, pay more to get beaten by tiny girl," Audgrim says, dead pan, eyes glittering in good humor. He rubs his jaw, remembering well how she knocked him out - but it's a fond memory. "I come watch big men think they can beat you. And then point and laugh." He snickers at the mere idea of this, his tail making a few joyous bobs. "Or maybe not point and laugh. Want them to come back to get beaten again, right?"

"Exactly. Though I imagine I'll get a lot more women clients who want to learn how to defend themselves the way that I can. Even outside of my other… gifts, I'm a skilled fighter. So I know I can teach them without having to tap into anything else." Denver smirks. "There's likely to be a few men who need to prove themselves and think they can do that by taking me on," she assumes. "Those guys you can point and laugh at. Those are the types of people who need exactly that."

Audgrim has, to his credit, never shown an ounce of machismo, or wanting to be the 'stronger' party in their relationship. In fact, her strength and combat skills is something he admires greatly. So, he nods his understanding about women wanting to learn how to fight. He nurses that beer, not gulping it down immediately, content to sip and to listen and talk - always with a wary look around the place. He's deceptively lazy most of the time, like many animals are. "Oh food," he says and sits up straight, as the waitress comes out with their pot of gumbo - she's pushing it in on a cart as it's quite big and heavy. It's set on the side of their table, with fresh bread and butter on the side, and they're left to dig in on their own.

He likes her for who she is, and that's probably one of the things that Denver appreciates about Grim. Though there's surely a much longer list of traits than that. "But, you'll always be welome to come and watch. Or come and help even, if you wanted to. You're pretty handy in a fight yourself." Glowing eyes glance up as the food is wheeled out, a hungry look starting to flash across her face. The time for talking is over. The time to feast is now!

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