(2018-04-07) Very Shiny New Friend
Very Shiny New Friend
Summary: Elijah, new in town, meet some of the other Lost.
Date: IC Date (2018-04-07)
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Player Characters: Elijah, Ida, Denver, Gwen, Audgrim

Baker Street

You never know what the next turn will bring in the Baker Street neighbourhood, save that it's unlikely to be uplifting or overly pleasant. Perhaps this has to do with the abandoned Rayonier Mill site; what could have been a valuable waterfront property is merely a vast, polluted swath of ground, fenced off from public access. Or maybe it's the wastewater treatment plant in the east of the district, ensuring the resentment of those who live downwind from it.

More likely it's the housing that leaves the impression, alternating between cramped conditions and odd little homes that stand alone: weather-worn row houses with chipped paint and dirty windows; little moss-covered homes on overgrown lots; and shabby homes crammed close together with derelict cars parked on overgrown lawns. The businesses of the area don't offer much respite from the imagery: whether that's the unique shabbiness of the dingy and run-down Chinook Motel, an 'Adult' store run out of a trailer in a cluttered lot, or the strange, coffee-selling presence of Hi-Caliber Guns. Only the fixture of Frugal's Burgers stands above, with the stainless steel art deco look (and the constant flow of customers) standing out from the general impression of the neighbourhood.

Audgrim is often around these parts, and now he's finishing up a busking session near a corner shop, the last few notes of an upbeat violin performance drawing a few applauds and a few bills and coins in the violin case. He grins and thanks the audience with a few bows and accented words of thankfulness, then gathers up his money and his violin.

Recently come to Port Angeles, Elijah is still getting his bearings. Having established his office and the lot that he will build his residence upon, he takes it upon himself to explore. The man is dressed in a suit, well tailored and fitted to his frame which is suited more towards a laborer or an athlete then the architect that he is. He carries himself with a curious, light air, despite his size. His steps have varried him by chance near to Audgrim, and the bright yellows of his eyes fall on the other changeling lightly, "Greetings."

Somewhere along the lines, Denver snuck into the crowd to watch as Audgrim busked. She hears his music often enough, but it's a totally different thing to watch him work a crowd of people over with it. She doesn't entirely blend, since having lava for hair and flames licking around you does tend to leave you sticking out in a crowd. Plus there's that whole not at all sneaky thing. But she's trying, of course, as best she can. When he finishes, she claps along with the rest of the crowd, beaming with pride. She doesn't approach yet, spotting the unfamiliar Lost that's walking up towards Grim to speak. She'll watch for now.

There's the sound of a door slamming, an engine revving up and then…

"WELL YOU CAN EAT MY COOKIES YOU SHORTNECKED DUCKBRAIN PREVERT!" The shouting is Gwen, who hops back as someone in a shitty dodge speeds away from Frugal's at high speeds, tires squealing. "HEY! YOU DRIVE LIKE A BLIND DOG WITH NO SENSE OF SMELL, ASSHOLE!"

The car reverses, and a purse is thrown out the window at her. She yelps but snatches it up off of the ground and starts stomping down the sidewalk away from Frugal's as the car peels away once more. Her stomping carries her in the direction of the busking Audgrim.

It's early in the evening yet, the sun is only just starting to set. The air is cool and moist, clouds heavyladen and ripe with rain. There was a sprinkling earlier, just enough to add a gloss to the city's streets, here then gone. The lights of Port Angeles reflect against the cloudscape, combining with the impending twilight to create otherwordly shades from a copper umber to a deep, greenish blue. Birds are coming in from the sea, escaping the worsening weather out there, seagulls calling out in worried protest.

Adding a counterpoint to the evening's growing orchestra, here is laughter. A tall woman of bright jewel-like colors and the eyes and antennae of an insect steps out from a door nearby both Gwen and Audgrim, laughing softly as she claps her hands together a few times. Ida is beaming at the Manikin, shaking her head in wonder. "As always, your entrances in an area is to be admired. It is so good to see you. Please let me know if you need any help chasing down that person." She gestures towards the escaping car.

Audgrim looks absolutely /baffled/ as he looks up Elijah, slinging his violin case on his back and stuffing coins and bills into a pocket for now. In fact, he rubs his eyes with thumb and fingers quickly, then opens them up wide to stare - like he thinks maybe he's seeing things. "I think you real," he decides, accent scandinavian, but his English pronounced well enough to be understood just fine. Seeing Denver - cause he would never miss her - he waves a beckoning wave at her. "Have not seen you before." He's suspicious, but not outright hostile towards Elijah, squinting at him closely.

His tail stops swishing and goes still, straight up, as he looks towards the shouting Gwen - he relaxes just as quick, seeing the other two Lost over there, so he looks back at Elijah - he glances a bit warily at those huge hands.

The shouting draws Elijah's attention; as he furrows his brow, an arc of electricity strikes between strands of his hair and begins stepping in along from hair to hair until it reaches his forehead, and there it slides almost like a little spider of electricity until it inches around his eye and settles into the circuits that trail from his eyes down his face. The electricity then fades. This, friends, is Elijah suppressing startlement. Very little startlement shows on his copper features so people not getting that might be understandable. But to Audgrim, he turns slightly, one of his hands opening and extending outward in a gesture of peace, then in what would be for a handshake, though his hands would engulf anyone's. "I do not know why I am here." he admits, voice calm but curious, "I felt a sense of… need. I could not abide my home, the home I built with my own hands, nor the motley that I knew since my freedom, for the demand of that need. Following that need has brought me here, and here, I feel… content. The need fulfilled. I am Elijah Peters, though most call me Eli."

Shoulders straightening, Denver glances towards the yelling, reaching back to the case on her back when she realizes it's coming from a familiar voice. She will clearly not hesitate to cut someone in half if she needs to. But it's a mundane sort of yelling, not something that needs the kind of violence that the volcanic ogress has in mind. She relaxes in time to see the gesture from Audgrim for her to come over. She's a terrible sneaker, it's true. The woman meanders towards him and Elijah, reaching out to take the elemental's hand as it's offered, even if it wasn't offered towards her. His hand engulfs hers easily, but her squeeze is still strong as she stares at the man. "Same thing happened to me."

Gwen lifts her gaze toward Ida, aggravation melting from her clockwork features. "Miss Ida." She smiles toward the other woman, her joints ticking slightly as she moves closer. "Lovely to see you." A glance in the direction of Audgrim and Denver. Her diamond-cut sapphire eyes narrowing slightly, "Ah." She seems to be drawing blanks, "Those… two. Right, hello. And him I /definitely/ don't know."

"Quite right," Ida agrees with the blue skinned doll-jointed woman's assessment, smiling pleasantly as she walks along with her. "Aud was busking, it looks like. And Denver seems to be of good health and spirits as always, I do hope?" Both a smooth memory jog to the Manikin as far as names go, and a greeting of sorts to her two friends. Then a polite nod to the tall copper Elemental. "Hello, how do you do?"

Audgrim curls an arm around Denver's shoulders, and will shake Elijah's huge hand too - quite fascinated, yellow eyes watching him closely. "Audgrim Larsen," he introduces himself. "Welcome to Port Angeles. You don't ever want to leave - you get sick if you do," he offers with a toothy grin. So very encouraging. "But not so bad here." He upnods at Ida and Gwen, tail giving a wave in greeting at the two as well. "We have new friend," he says and gestures at Elijah. "Very shiny."

Elijah's hand, though it speaks of great strength in appearance, is as it enfolds Denver's, incredibly delicate and precise. Generally, a large hand would be considered rough and lacking dexterity, but his is anything but. The same is done for Audgrim's shake of his hand, precise, controlled, even if delicacy is not as much needed. He considers Denver with a serious look, and he nods to her, his smile slight yet warm for all its smallness, "So you understand, little one. What may I call you with more respect?" His bright yellow eyes turn to regard Gwen and Ida, but since Ida spoke to him he inclines his head to her, "Hello, indeed, and I do as well as can be expected when one finds oneself drawn to a strange city far away from his hold." But then the whole of his expression warms and brightens, "Though that means I have an excuse to build a new hold, does it not?" There's an almost child-like eagerness at that thought. It deflates shortly, "Oh, but you already have a hold, I'm sure. But still, no hold would turn aside one of the Master Builders. There's always work to be done." Pause, and a sidelong glance at Audgrim, "One attempts to buff oneself from time to time." he admits.

Ida seems to choke a bit, coinciding with hearing Denver called little one. She grabs a handkerchief and coughs delicately into it, lady like.

While not as short as Denver… Gwen is still a good foot shorter than Elijah, as such as she has to angle her head upward to look him in the eye. It's either that or speak to his collarbone. Diamond-cut eyes stare at his neck for a moment before they make the journey upward to his yellow gaze. "Hello. I'm Gwen."

The hand in Elijah's suddenly squeezes hard. Hard. "Wanna call someone something with respect, don't start it with 'little one.'" The fire around Denver suddenly flares to life violently. "It's rude, especially given that you don't know what might set someone off." Especially someone's with short fuses and Summer mantles. She releases his hand with the warning, eyes glowing. "You can call me Denver," she offers, without any last name attached. Grim can feel the tention still in Denver's shoulders even as she plasters a smile on her face. "Welcome to town." She glances towards ida and Gwen, waving in greeting, eyes narrowing just slightly on Ida. She heard that, woman.

Ida, out of the whole menagerie, is almost at eye level with Elijah. "Well, things are a bit informal at the moment around here. It is a bit of a long story, perhaps best saved for, ah, different surroundings." She coughs again, covering her mouth with her handkerchief - but her smile is just a bit too big at Denver. Still, she bows her head in apology. Dimpling. "Our fiery friend has a larger than life presence, as you are finding out. She makes a most strong ally, and is very respected."

Audgrim opens his mouth to say something to Denver - but closes it again. Wisely. Instead, he just squeezes her shoulders and gives her a charming grin. "She knock me out in one hit," he tells Elijah - just so he's aware. "And that was a fight for fun." Taking Ida's warning at heart, he glances around - there's people milling about, and they do make for a very interesting group of people, drawing some stares. Three really tall, 2 very short, all with various impressive auras. "We got things that need to be built - but not yet, I don't think. Perhaps we can go to…." He considers. "We can go to my place. It is near. Long as we talk quiet, nobody hear - thin walls there." He glances at Ida at that, a hint of sheepishness and nervousness.

Gwen looks between Denver and Elijah and rolls her eyes. Plainly she says, "It's not near by, but the Club House is empty at the moment." A slightly blank look, "What with the boys in Canada."

"Denver it is, then." agrees Elijah amicably, though he grins slightly through the wince at her squeeze, and shakes his head slowly, "Though if you would think to teach a scion of the Court of Fear with a threat, you do not know the Harvest well. No rudeness was intended, Denver, only description. You are small. That does not mean you are weak; I am not fool enough to suggest the one links to the other. I know some that are small are so worthy of fear that I would make it my life's mission to call them to join the Autumn Court and number themselves as one of us. Please, if offense was given, accept apology in equal measure." He looks to Ida, "Ah, well. Long stories are tales for hearths and ale, at least from where I come. They are also tales of opportunity." He looks back to Audgrim, considers for a moment, and shakes his head, "But perhaps not tonight. I have errands yet undone. Peters and Associates, Architects, in Cherry-Oak. I can be found there. I look forward to these tales at appropriate times."

"You're lucky you're so damn cute," Denver says to Ida as the woman reveals those devilishly adorable dimples. Not fair play by far. "But my ego doesn't need stroking, I promise." A nod is given towards Elijah. "Indeed," she rumbles as she watches him looking more amused at the long string of words that follows. "We don't have time to get into it now, but be wary of birds. If you see a lot of them somewhere, avoid that place." She pulls out a card. "That's my gym, my cell is on the back. If you find you're in a tight spot and need muscle, don't hesitate to call." She glances up at Grim at his squeeze, offering a little smile before darting a look towards Gwen. "What's the Club House?"

Gwen stares at Denver a long moment, before shaking her head. A hand waves and she calls to Elijah, "You wanna share an uber?" She's already headed in the direction of the nearest intersection, phone pulled out as she goes.

"You can find me here and there, but I got phone," Audgrim remembers and he takes out an old receipt and a pen, scribbling his number and giving it to Eli. "Want to meet soon again - many things to talk about," he says with some seriousness, face grim. It's not all sunshine and happiness in Port Angeles, obviously. And his Autumn mantle, though still weak, gives off a distinct scent of Autumn leaves in response, to indicate his own court. He gives Gwen a puzzled look - he doesn't know the club house, either. But she's offered a wave and a grin in farewell.

Accepting the card in his impossibly huge hand, Eli bows slightly to Denver, and then slips it into the fold of his expensive suit. With that, he looks to each in turn, blinks at Gwen, and chuckles. Its a strangely resonate sound. Not quite bells, not quite laugh. Reminscant of both. After he nods to her and offers, "Certainly." his bright yellow eyes turn back to Audgrim's gold, "Please, let us. Tomorrow?" A sideglance at a nearby coffee shop, "Brunch, to begin? And then where the falling leaves will take us."

"Cool. Good talk," Denver says with a roll of glowing eyes when Gwen just stares at her instead of answering the question. "Stay safe," she offers as the two head off to look for an uber, leaving just herself and Audgrim remaining. She glances up, her smile far more natural now as she reaches up to pat his arm. "Look at that, you have a brunch with a new friend tomorrow! Just remember to be careful not to reveal too much information until we're sure he's not on the other side of things and just playing us, yeah?"

Audgrim relaxes too - not that he was terribly tense to begin with, but definitely wary around new Lost, despite however friendly they seem. He kisses her forhead and hugs her tightly to himself for a moment. "What is brunch?" he asks - he has no idea. "Will not say too much," he promises.

Cuddling up under Grim's arm, Denver's flames have gone down into a slow simmer. All content and happy now that the others have gone. "Brunch is a mix of the words breakfast and lunch. It's like a breakfast where it's socially acceptable to also drink." She laughs, resting her chin on his chest. "It's terrible that we can't pledge right now, it would make things so much easier."

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