(2018-04-15) Hedge Forage
Hedge Forage
Summary: Denver and Audgrim explore the nearby hedge for anything of use and to learn more about it, while discussing future plans.
Date: IC Date (2018-04-15)
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Player Characters: Denver, Audgrim

Audgrim has decided to do a bit of a forage in the nearby hedge - he wants to familiarise himself more with it, and learn more how to survive and find his way around. He'd not go without Denver though - so here they are now.

Audgrim is examining some odd looking plants off the path they're on; they're bulbous like tulips but closed up. When he touches one, it spews out soem spores - he scrambles back in alarm and avoids to breathe in. "Will bring one of these to Bea. She maybe know what it is."

"Whoa! Careful touching random fruit in the hedge. My first day here a plant snatched Finn and pulled him inside of it. We had to go into the plant to try to find him. It was a mess!" Denver rests a hand on Grim's shoulder, that massive sword of hers loose in her other hand. "Maybe put a plastic bag over it first, and then cut it at the stem? Avoid any sort of poison or whatever those spores might do!" She lifts her gaze to keep an eye on the area, listening for anything coming in their direction. So far it's been nice and quiet. "Man, I can't wait until the Hedge is fixed."

"Nothing is safe in hedge," Audgrim mutters, but he nods at Denver; he digs out a plastic bag from his bag and moves to another one of those plants, taking painstaking care not to touch it as he puts the bag over it. Then he quickly cuts it off at the stem with a claw and closes the bag. He holds it up triumphantly, like he just defeated a 12-foot monster. "Let's go that way. We went that way when we go to cloud forest," he remembers. "Want to go back and let little dragon go home. I find scales in the nest, so dragon is alive still."

"You wanna go back there after that mess with the apes?" Denver says, sounding a little boggled by it. "I mean, I will totally go with you, of course. I want to see that little guy get back home, but it's going to be dangerous." She watches him with the plant, grinning adoringly when he holds the baggy up like it's the world's greatest treasure. "Bea will love it," she assures him, following in his steps. "So, does that mean that you got a scale off without hurting him?"

"We just go near the forest, let it free - then run," Audgrim says, sounding sure they can manage that without having to fight anything. He's so naive! He walks carefully and tries to avoid brushing against bushes and thorny veins that hang off trees or crawl across the paths; those thorns are just everywhere lately. Earlier he pricked his finger with one - he always does that first thing when coming into the hedge. "Yes, he is quite cute little one, I think he thinks I am not so bad. But he is no pet - I have to set him free. Never had to hurt him." The fact that he was ready to murder the little animal - he leaves that part out.

"Can we be sure he'd make it back to his flock, though? Without going up? I'll go either way, I just really want to make sure that he gets home." Denver's eyes dart towards the pricking of his fingers on the thorns. "I have to learn that trick," she says. "After all the other stuff that I want to work on first." She steps forward to link her arm into his, leaning up on her toes to peck his cheek. "I'm glad you found a non-murdery way of getting it's scale, because yeah, he's super cute. I'd much rather have a giant dragon for a pet though. That's just me."

"He can fly - he should be fine," Audgrim says. He'll only go so far to save that animal. He hugs her close for a moment as she takes his arm, kissing her forhead gently. "You do just fine in hedge anyway. You can just cut everything in the way," he half jokes. "The rest of us got to do it the hard way." Speaking of hard way - their path is suddenly blocked by some very thick fat and thorny vines that have grown over it since they last came this way. "See?"

"That's not true! You're an Autumn, you can learn how to wither plants in front of you. I've seen Doc do it before. One of those neat tricks of a court. Like how eventually I'll be able to shoot lasers from my eyes. Which is going to be amazing. But first, I am trying to figure out how to force people to focus their attention on me." Her face blossoms into a brilliant smile when he kisses her forehead. "I can't wait until I can take you to the Goblin Market. Your mind is going to be blown."

"…lasers?" Audgrim says, staring at her with wide eyes. Picturing laser-eyed Denver in his mind. Least he seems to know what laser /is/ - he's getting better and better with the language day by day. "I don't know that Autumn thing yet," he murmurs, faintly embarassed. Maybe he's not had much of a chance to learn, either - he's focused on other things lately, just like her. He lets go of Denver and walks to the vines, staring at them. He tries to be one with his court; his Mantle flares up and he's flexing and unflexing his clawed fingers as he focuses. He frowns, and lays a hand on one of the thorns which writhes threateningly under his touch. Nothing happens though - but he has to start somewhere.

"Yup! It's a way we summers are able to harness the sun through our eyes. They're pretty deadly, too. So even if my hands are occupied I can still zap someone!" Denver grins at the idea. "That'll be so cool." She watches him walk towards the plant, hiding how much her smile grows as he glares at it while nothing happens. Alright, that's adorable. "Maybe talk with Penny or Quiet? See if they can give you an idea of how to tap into that power? But for as short a time as you've been out, you can't be expected to be that tapped into a season yet, and that's alright. You'll get there. It took me years to form my full bond with Summer."

Audgrim does it the old fashioned way - he begins to tear at the vines with his claws, to clear up the path for the two. "I will," he agrees, shooting back a grin her way. "It's alright. I know many other things - Autumn does not mind either." He seems to think of the court he's in as an entity of its own, personifying it. "Come help with that sword of yours - don't be lazy!" he teases her.

"Awww, I wasn't being lazy, you're just so damn cute I had to sit back and watch for a bit." There's a soft laugh from Denver as she lifts the sword up. "Scoot to the side," she tells him bfore she starts to hack and cut through the vines in front of them, quickly making a path. "Do you know what a motley is yet?"

Audgrim is all too happy to let her do the work. Besides, it's his turn to admire her, so he steps back and watches with his arms crossed. "Nice," he rasps, giving her a lazy grin. He's not /only/ meaning her sword skills or the way she makes sawdust of those vines. "I know," he says and his smile widens. "We will be in motley when we can make promises. You, me, Eddie, Bea, Ida, Penny, Quiet…" Everyone he knows more or less. He has high hopes.

"Well, that's almost everyone in town. The Freehold pledge will probably have to come first, I'd imagine. That's more important for overall safety. But then, yeah, I think a motley with everyone would be a great idea. I don't know Penny all that well, but she seems like good people." A couple more slashes and Denver is able to cut through to the other side of the path, turning with a florish. "Voila!" She laughs. "After you, my darling. Or, well, beside you, anyway."

"Penny is very good people," Audgrim agrees, "we can go see her soon and takl more. I have not seen her a long time either." He kicks some vines out of the way; even though they're hacked into pieces they're still alive and slither off to the side - they will grow right back sooner than it takes them to get back this way, possibly. "I got a problem," he says, starting down the path again, senses on high alert as he looks for plants or dangers. "I need to pay for armor. I offer to write a song and any extra things I find in hedge when finding armor bits. But contract says 'price to be determined'. I need things to pay with."

"Sounds like a plan," Denver offers of the Penny thing before falling in step with Audrgrim as they move along the path. His issue with the price on the contract gets her full attention for the moment, her eyes narrowing in thought. "There's all kinds of things that you can use to pay with. Who is the contract with? A hob? And if so, what kind of hob? Might help figure out what they might like the best. Instead of a just the song, you can offer the emotion with it? Or a memory triggered by the song? Lots of hobs would eat that sort of thing up. I've got actual money, some will take that. We've got the bits from the apes."

"Not a hob, a Lost - she travels with hobs, works as a smith," Audgrim explains. He pauses on the path and crouches down to look at a small spider-like creature with a shell on top. He brings out a jar and grabs it, putting it in fast. "Bits from monkey… hmm, maybe work. But don't need to give all, it is your bits. Don't think she wants money. There should be a little water left from Eridanus once she finish with armor - I took more than 1 litre. Oh, I got bits from dead bugs too, hoblin bugs." He tilts his head, thinking. "She live with hobs that don't talk and get afraid of voices. Or they don't like talking people. But they seem not to mind music. Maybe she wants a musical instrument?"

"Oooh, a Lost and a female smith, huh? I like her already." Her eyes travel out towards the growth, keeping an eye on the area around them while Audgrim does his thing scooping up the bug. "I took the ape bits so that we'd have them to barter with later at the Goblin Market. I'm just as okay with using them for this." Her brows lift, mouth forming an O as his words trigger an idea. "I know that you can play beautifully, but can you make instruments? Maybe if you put the time and effort into making one, it'd be the perfect trade?"

Audgrim gives her a sheepish look. "I once hammer nail through my finger helping Bea. I can not build anything." He truly is absolutely useless at anything relating to building, repairing or crafting. He takes a breath. "I can give my violin. It is just a violin - I can get new one. Maybe she would accept it - the Duke gave it to me. It is not special, I don't think, but she maybe can make it special. It has been in Faerie."

"So that's a no to the making one." Denver's expression is hard to read as he mentions his own violin. "On one hand, it's really the only thing that you came out of there with that was yours, that would be hard to give up. On the other hand, it was from a monster, and getting rid of it might help you move on more from what happened." She studies his face, trying to peg what Audgrim feels about it. "I can't help you with that choice," she murmurs finally. "But if you do want a new one, we can get you one, no problem."

Audgrim is torn on the subject. It's been a reminder of both good things and bad things, from his time in Faerie. No matter how he hates the Duke - there will always be that one little part in the back of his brain that seductively reminds him that it could be like it was, before he snapped out of being brain washed. "We will see," he decides - he's willing to give it up though, because the armor is more important in the end. He looks around, tucks the jar away in his pack after making sure the lid is on and that there's sufficient holes on top to let air in, before he starts down the path again. They're now moving across a more wooded area, with maple-like trees. The leaves are razor sharp however, and they best dodge out of the way if one falls.

Denver had nothing when she left her Durance, so she has no idea how tough this sort of choice might be. Which means that she isn't going to press the subject for now, just letting it drop as he makes it clear he needs more time to think on it. She's quiet for now, keeping a tight grip on her sword just in case anything pops out. But there's no howling, or hints of the Wild Hunt so far, so that's a bonus. "So can I ask? What is it you'd like to do with your life, in general? Any goals or anything?"

Audgrim blinks and stops walking, staring straight ahead. The question takes him by total surprise, and he slowly turns his head to watch her, thoughtful. He leans to the side as a leaf slowly flutters down between the two; it wedges itself into the ground like a knife. "I…" he begins, then frowns. "My brain hurts thinking long time forward. But I think I want to live in Port Angeles and help Freehold." That's vague, but it's the best he can offer. "Maybe I can play music somewhere. Sometimes I think 'Audgrim, you can be what you could never be, before. Before the Ship. You wanted to play violin but you couldn't cause you had to work and make money.' And then I think, I play violin now on streets, it is good enough."

Denver grinds a halt next to him, the stones of her skin literally grinding. She blinks up at him as he turns to look down at her with that surprised look. She moves her foot out of the way of the falling razor leaf, head tilting. "Sorry, didn't mean to stump you. I just figured it'd be good to have an idea what you wanted out of life. I'd like to help you get it." She listens to his plans, nodding faintly. "You play amazingly well, have you ever thought of trying to do so in professional settings as well? For upscale parties and the likes?"

Audgrim crouches down carefully, while trying to keep an eye up in the air - those leaves would cut him. Denver would be fine, of course, stone girl as she is. He finds some cloth in his pack, a T-shirt, and carefully wraps the brittle but razor sharp leaf in it before he puts it in his pack. Lots of little nice bits to be found today - on their own quite useless, but perhaps together, they could work to be something nice in the future. "Not sure," he admits, straightening up again and smiling lopsidedly. "It is hard for me to learn a song from notes. When I play on streets, I take a bit from songs already written, and I play a bit of my own - what I feel like. But I /can/ do it, yes." The burden of the beast - their brains just don't work that way. But sometimes, their passion for something is greater than the burden, so they do just fine.

"Well, there's nothing wrong with playing your own songs to the crowd, winning them over that way," Denver suggests softly. "Something to think about anyway. I just want you to be happy, however you manage it. I want to be there with you while you make your life happy and everything you want it to be." She reaches for one of the leaves herself, lifting it up to study it. "I would have helped you with that," she offers before tossing the leaf towards a tree, letting it sink in. A weapon is a weapon, even if it's a natural one.

Audgrim leans in to kiss her cheek. "I know," he says - he loves her for it. "Hey," he says, snapping his fingers. "I got an idea. Maybe I can find a band? I would not play alone. It would be easier." He perks up at this idea now. "Also good to play with humans. I need to be with humans." It's true - the more he spends time around humans, the more normal he tends to act, and it helps with adjusting to this world and learning the little social details. Watching her throw the leaf, he whistles in appreciation. "Maybe can make nice magic weapon with these leaves."

Denver beams at him when he kisses her cheek. It's like his touch can immediately bright her mood no matter what it is. "A band? Hell yeah, we can find you a band. I bet there's some message boards, maybe craigslist. That's a great idea!" She loos so proud of him. "Being around humans is a good thing, helps staple your feet to the ground, reminds you of that part of yourself." He's full of great ideas today. "You know who would love blades made with these? Ida. She's brilliant with throwing knives."

"A band," Audgrim breathes, looking like he's imagining it. "You help me find a band then." He probably needs help with that - he can barely use a computer, and can only do the most basic things on his phone. He dodges out of the way of another falling leaf. "Let's gather more! You got something to put them in?" He begins rummaging in his bag - he does have a plastic container that they might store a few in. "We give them to Ida or keep them safe, someone will want them yes." He looks at Denver and asks, curiously; "I don't know Ida much. I like her, but I can't… understand her." That woman puzzles him.

"A band it is! If there's not already one formed, you can make one. We can use the gym after hours for auditions even, if you want?" Denver stoops down to start helping pick up more of the leaves. By themselves they just aren't sharp enough to cut through her stone, so she's able to easily pile them into her hand. "She is certainly a woman of mystery. I think that's part of her charm. What is it about her that you don't understand?"

"I can make a band?" Audgrim says - that thought never struck him. (He's lazy, remember.) He looks dizzy at the mere prospect. "Okay." Hey, he'll give that a try - it's a good idea too. He puts the plastic box down and carefully puts a few leaves in - they are definitely odd. You can break them apart easily, but at the same time they are so sharp edged they'd easily cut someone. Bit like a severe case of paper-cuts. "She is nice - but behind nice, is deadly person I think. Hard to read," he admits. "But I do like her - and she likes Eddie." He grins a bit obnoxiously at that.

"Oh yeah. You can pick who all joins, help come up with the name, everything. That might be a lot more work than just joining another band, though. So it's really your choice." Denver sets the leaves she's gathered into the plastic box, pausing for a moment to press a kiss to the tip of Grim's nose. "Oh, she is very deadly, absolutely. A lot of people say that Ogres are the scariest of us. I say there's plenty of Fairest's out there that are way scarier. I can take someone down in a hot second, but she'll make them beg to be put down, way scarier." She grins, in obvious adoration of her friend. "Of course she does. And he her. They are together after all."

Audgrim stares at Denver. "They are?" He is clueless about such things mostly, but even he could tell there was /something/ going on. "I think they would just look at each other with funny looks forever. If not being so afraid Ida would hurt me, I think I would have said 'Why don't you two fuck already'." He closes the container and puts it in the bag, dodges another falling leaf and looks up. "Best move on - think trees angry we take leaves." They're probably not, but who knows with hedge vegetation.

"Well yeah. I'm pretty sure, anyway. They've never outright said it, but I've totally interupted a date or two. But yeah, I would not say that to her, because she might just eat your face off." A joke, obvious, but she's serious about not saying that to Ida. Not even Denver wants to piss her off. "Okay, come on. We've been out here for a while, we should probably start choppng our way back to the gate."

"She /scares/ me," Audgrim emphasises. But he still likes her, so there's that. "I will say nothing. Nothing." He puts the bag on his back and reaches for Denver's hand so they can go back the way they came. thankfully the path has not been overgrown yet, though it's already narrowing where they cut the vines earlier. "It is this way, to go to cloud forest - I remember. We go back this way again soon. But - first I must find root of terror tree. Want to help me look in Bea's scrolls and books again?"

"Well, as long as you're respectful to her, and a good friend, I don't think there's any real reason to be scared. It's more of a 'don't cross her' kind of thing, and you've managed great so far." Denver stands back up and grabs the sword again, looking back towards where they came from. Her other hand twists in his as she starts to move back towards the gate. "I am hoping that the tree doesn't give off an aura of fear. But yeah, I'd be happy to help you look for information."

"It sounds like it would," Audgrim agrees, about the tree. It's not something he looks forward to either - he'd much prefer something he could hit, or sneak up on. He's walking faster on the way back, as they know the path and they didn't wander that far from the nearest gate anyway. Even so, he's still alertly glancing around and listening with those keen senses. "Hmm, maybe we ask if someone else can come - if they not busy."

Denver bobs her head as their pace quickens. She's usually increadibly fast, but with the stone armor up she can't move as quickly as usual. "Not a bad idea. Someone who is not so easily emotionally toyed with would be good. I don't have anything that protects me from that sort of attack. Emotions and mental stuff and I'm an open book, you know?"

"Hmm." Audgrim isn't sure. "Quiet maybe," he suggests - but he honestly doesn't know about that either. "Oh it will be fine, I am sure." He's always hoping for the best.

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