Chargen / Advancement

We do not use standard backgrounds here on Darkwater, we use a +concept instead. See +help concept. This concept should be a no more than 2500 characters. It should be a one to three paragraph explanation of your character- a brief history and personality synopsis is all that is needed.


There is no 'news ducks'.


You may have two active characters. You must also obey the following rules:

  • Your alts may not be in the same faction (court, bureau, motley, etc).
  • Your alts should not cross paths, should not be in the same scene, should not benefit from each other in any way, shape, or form.
  • Do not plot or niche hog (e.g. do not create alts with the express purpose of being the main crafter AND the main seer/prophet AND the main hedge/shadow scout and etc.).
  • Do not involve your alts in the same plot.


Apostle of the Dark One get the See Spirits merit rather than the Second Sight merit as it makes no sense for a tradition that is restricted to working with spirits to be able to see ghosts, but not spirits.

Changeling Kiths

The Ask-wee-da-eed blessing, "Taste of Ill Luck":

  • Once per day, by spending a Glamour point, force another to re-roll a successful roll at -1 die in the hopes that the re-roll fails. This re-roll is as if the original roll did not happen, so all other modifiers, including willpower spends, apply without needing to re-spend them. Players may not change their actions between rolls.
  • Take a +2 on touch attacks when activating the Hearth contract. The kith can curse (or bless) someone this way with even the most glancing touch, even a very near miss is enough for the Wyrd. This replaces the original "+1 to Hearth rolls" kith ability.

Rules - Changeling

The entitlement The Charmed Circle (Equinox Road, p 40-43) has been altered slightly. No social merits are gained upon joining (and therefore not lost upon leaving), and the Friend or Foe ability may be activated once per month, lasting that month.


You may not change between any major templates. You may not change between any minor templates. You may only go up, from none to minor/major, or from minor to major. (Merits that act like templates are not included in this clarification.)


As of December 2017, there is no freehold pledge in place.

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