Russell's Vitals
Name: Sgt. Michael X. Russell
Race: Psychic
Shortdesc: Bi-racial man standing 5'11 with short buzzed black hair and dark eyes
Position: PAPD Patrol
Fame: None
Temperament: Warmly Inquisitive
Themesong: Anything from "The Best of the 90s!"
Charles Michael Davis as Sgt. Michael X. Russell

RP Hooks

  • Law - Enlisted patrol officer for the Port Angeles Police Department
  • Community Volunteer - Holiday soup kitchens, toy drives, donation banks, as part of his civic duty he donates a lot of striving to improve his native city
  • Native He grew up Port Angeles when it was nothing and now it's something different
  • Psychic You may have heard him

NPC Squad Car Partner

Gregory Peck, a probationary trooper learning the ropes under Russell. He's 5'10 and around 170lbs with questionable performance. He's also a bit slow, not quick witted and second guesses everything but the young man has heart.


Wants to make friends. For what purpose it is anyone's guess. Learned he lives in the woods and has family out there: Syl and Ryl. Guess I've got an invitation to visit. Strange man. I'm betting he was high.

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