Veronica's Vitals
Name: Veronica Lambert
Race: Human
Shortdesc: Short curvy light brown with black hair.
Position: Talent Manager
Fame: Child Star ("Mandy On A Mission")
Temperament: Ambitious, greedy mother hen.
Themesong: Some Call It Magic - Raven Symone
Raven Symone as Veronica Lambert

“Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.”
― Marilyn Monroe


  • Talent Manager: She's your vehicle to stardom. For a price.
  • Child Star: She was Mandy in the TV sitcom "Mandy On A Mission".
  • The Occult: She's secretly into searching for hidden knowledge.


  • Audgrim: The River King. This is a pretty strange deal.
  • Person: Blah
  • Person: Blah

Veronica's Movies

  • Hacking Is Wack: An Afterschool Special about the dangers of hacking. Mocked widely today.
  • Witch Clique: A Z-grade version of "The Craft" about rival cliques who were actually witch covens.
  • Killer Camp: A slasher flick about…a summer camp for slashers. A parody that had a great idea that was poorly executed.
  • Attack of the Butterfly Women: A weird almost psychedelic flick that tried to be too many genres at once and failed miserably at all of them. Total MST3K fodder, with a dance scene that comes out of nowhere for no good reason. Veronica got to sing.


Picked from an audition at a Louisiana mall, Veronica Lambert became a darling of advertising at age 5, shilling burgers and breakfast cereal. Her parents moved the family to California, and this allowed their little girl to make her big break as Mandy in the sitcom "Mandy on a Mission" at the age of 11. Veronica starred as the titular Mandy for 5 seasons. She was able to parlay her Mandy fame into a pop album (with one hit) and a few movies, but her career was pretty much over by the time she was a legal adult. No longer being in the spotlight was quite a blow, and Veronica didn't take it very well. Rumors spread of drug use, anorexia, and worse. But it was the "worse" that actually saved her life.

She'd dabbled in the occult in her off camera time on the set of the teen movie "Witch Clique" (a Z-grade version of "The Craft"). Now she delved deeper, and made contacts with some…interesting people who worked in Hollywood. Without any sense of irony, they called themselves a cult, and shared a deep and loving relationship with the Dark One, whom they called Satan. And somehow, being around a bunch of Satanists gave Veronica a new (but twisted) sense of self and purpose. She was going to regain all the power and prestige that she'd lost, and more, but starting this time as a talent manager. She'd be the one behind the stars, moving them at will. And Satan was going to get her there.

She's in Port Angeles because she'd had a dream. A recurring vision that shook her awake, night after night. She determined that she needed to head northwest to find answers to the questions in her dreamscape.

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