He's a Hoot
Name: Dakota Alistair
Race: Changeling
Shortdesc: 6'1", lean man covered in dark red fur: likely brooding.
Position: Man-At-Arms
Fame: 1, PNW Rocker
Temperament: Cold
Themesong: As We Fall
Michael B. Jordan as Dakota Alistair
**As We Fall - Mako** Bloodstains washing underneath the waves, I'll be reaching out to keep you safe.
**Delirium Trigger - Coheed and Cambria** When you're cut short of misery will you pray it be the end?
**Trust Nobody - J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Jeezy** I fall to my knees, Lord knows I'm misshaped. Why everybody I get close to you always gotta take. Can you Him this message cause I need his advice. Wanna ride on these motherfuckers, and don't think twice.
**Eu Sei - Libra** Eu já fui, eu não estou Eu sumi. Eu não sou mais eu. Eu não planejei, não foi por querer. Mas eu sei, o erro foi meu.

"As long as I have floor under my feet
While I can walk
As long as I can be alive
While my time is not here
Maybe I will not win all the time.
And I may even fall
I just want to keep my soul strong.
Raise your head and follow"

- Pitty, Guerreiros São Guerreiros


  • Portland Native: He isn't from Port Angelos, but he's visited every now and again when close.
  • Dog Person: He'll pet almost any dog he sees, and rarely ever without his own. Unsurprisingly, he can't stand the sight of cats, and the allergies only make worsen his ire towards the furry felines.
  • The Drowned Reverie: The lead singer and guitarist of prog rock band. They've done shows across the Pacific Northwest for the last two years, although never anything big nor major.
  • Changeling: He's one of the Lost. Specifically, he was taken by The Swarm in 2012.
  • Brother: Dakota has been a Pilgrim of the Endless Road since early 2016. He welcomes any questions, although he may initially be shy to answer at first. His final Kith manifests itself as soft melodic tones that accompany his every word.
  • Summer Court: Dakota has been a member of the Iron Spear since the Easter of 2015. His anger has never cooled, and likely never will so long as The Swarm exists.


  • Misha: No, sweetie, you're not short. You're just vertically challenged.
  • Laish'o: Just eat them.

Desc - Mien

At somewhere around 6' Dakota isn't that much taller than the average. His frame is lean, if not oddly thin despite the presence of defined muscle. The Ogre's features are still rather youthful, although the near constant, silent, judging scowl does him no favors. His eyes are bright red save for a black slit that goes down the middle.

His body is covered in light red hair save the bit of white centered around his face .Dakota often dresses in dark clothes, and his styles errs towards the utilitarian. His hair sits as a short set of dreadlocks while the sides are shaved off.

This Summer's mantle expresses itself as the faint beats of a drum. During the use of Clauses his presence is accompanied by a harsh, stiflingly warm breeze.

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