Denver's Vitals
Name: Denver Branford
Race: Changeling
Shortdesc: Tinyogre with flames and lava
Position: Brawler
Fame: Destroyer of the West Winds (breaker of the weather, whoops!)
Temperament: Tempermental
Themesong: Hold Me Down - Halsey
Tatiana Maslany as Denver Branford

"If you can't handle me at my worst, I don't blame you. That shit's crazy."


"Look, if you're not mad enough to bare knuckle box? You're not that mad."


  • Changeling: She is one. Though she is currently new to town and looking to make some friends.
  • Summer: Always willing to stand in front of the fight.
  • Underground Fighter: If you follow the sport, you might recognize her as one of the up and comers in the world of underground fighting.
  • Mouthy: She tells it like it is. That mouth will probably get her into trouble one of these days.
  • Weapons: Do you like weapons? She loves weapons. Probably a great way to get a conversation started.


  • Audgrim: I never knew a heart could feel like this.
  • Eddie: Same page. Carries a lot of anger for a Winter.
  • Ida: I'll fight by her side any day of the week. Twice on Sundays!
  • Bea: She loves getting tossed. Chops things. Plus, candy!
  • Penny: Quiet but smart.
  • Quiet: Us ogres gotta stick together. Awesome dude.

Desc - Mien

At the shorter height of around five foot three, Denver is built like a gymnast. Her long dark hair falls to just about the woman's hips, flames licking around the bottom and occasionally twisting up and through the strands. Every now and then, the fire engulfs her hair completely, leaving the strands molten oranges and reds. Her skin is tanned, with small crevasses carved in random lines, filled with what looks to be thinly restrained lava. It never spills, just sort of teaming beneath the surface of her skin. Her eyes are a searing shade of crimson, teaming with ill-restrained emotions.

Blue jeans wrap around lean legs, tattered artistically and likely purchased that way. There's a little flare at the bottom of the jeans, revealing a pair of red sneakers that are half hidden underneath. There's a half inch of exposed, lightly tanned skin between the top of the jeans and the bottom of her t-shirt. The t-shirt is black with a picture of a white trash can. Written on the trash can it just says 'your opinion'.

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