Eddie's Vitals
Name: Eddie Brundle
Race: Changeling
Shortdesc: A scrawny insomniac in a dirty overcoat
Position: Snoop for hire
Fame: Zip
Temperament: Cynical, abrasive, irreverent
Themesong: Hank Williams - I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive
Jeffrey Combs as Eddie Brundle


  • Changeling: Not a very good one.
  • Winter: Better at this.
  • Private Eye: Very good at this.
  • Obnoxious: World's Greatest.


  • Ida: It's complicated.
  • Bea: Sweet like antifreeze. Couldn't do without her.
  • Penny: Funny as a dead clown. So pretty funny, actually.
  • Audgrim: He looks up to me. He'll learn better.
  • Denver: I know her name and she knows mine. I guess that's trust, whether I like it or not.
  • Fie: Gone, or not, who can tell? I still talk to her, sometimes.
  • Sydney: Maybe we can use each other.
  • Gwen: She's a peach. Sweet and fuzzy on the outside, with a wrinkled little pit of cyanide in the middle.

Desc - Mien

Standing on the short side of 5'7", broad-shouldered but thin-limbed, there's obviously something insectile about this Beast. He looks to be somewhere in his forties, but between the haggard cast to his features and his mutations it's hard to say for sure. His skin is light gray and a little rigid, like a shirt with too much starch, and dark gray shadows underline his eyes. His eyes are enormous bulging orbs easily four times the size they should be, all pupils and red-brown iris with no sclera at all. His hair is black, brushy, and unkempt. His mouth is wide and curls into a natural smile that makes him seem always a little too pleased with himself. Small, wiry, insectile hairs sprout across around chin and jaw like a perverse mockery of a five o'clock shadow. The same hairs are visible on the back of his hands, hands too long and too thin with an extra joint at the end of each finger.

He's usually found wearing the same battered gray overcoat— a stained gray affair with a slit cut horizontally across the back. Poking out of that slit are a pair of transluscent insectile wings, like those of a bee or a housefly. One could be forgiven for mistaking him for homeless at a glance. Beneath that he wears a powder blue jacket with a loosely affixed matching tie, a wrinkled white button-up shirt, light gray slacks, and a pair of badly scuffed black dress-shoes. No matter the weather his hair and shoulders seem faintly damp, and the faint scent of chill winter rain clings to him like aftershave.

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