Finn's Vitals
Name: Finn Walker
Race: Changeling
Shortdesc: Aging Frat Boy
Position: Photographer
Fame: Once and never again King
Temperament: Party like it's 1989
Themesong: "The Joker" - Steve Miller Band
Jamie Bamber as Finn Walker

Hold my Beer!


  • Changeling: Spring Fairest Playmate. Former prisoner/member of the Wild Hunt.
  • Spring: Member of the Spring court. Was Spring King for about 30 seconds once.
  • Photographer: He owns a little photography studio and lives in an apartment above it.


  • Jamie: Best friend and brother in their escape from the Wild Hunt

Desc - Mien

This Changeling is clearly one of the Fairest, with features at once sharp and beautiful. He is just shy of six feet tall and muscled, with a jaw smooth and free of any facial hair. Brilliant violet eyes peer out from a bronzed face. His short-cropped hair is in various shades of greens and browns like the woods themselves. His ears are long and pointed, extending slightly away from his head. His eyebrows have no arch but instead sweep in a slight upwards incline. His skin seems to glow from within. He's wearing a white button down shirt, khaki knee-length shorts, and leather sandals.

Desc - Mask

Finn is what one might call an overgrown frat boy. He looks like he's in his early 40s although he carries himself with a college guy swagger. He's wearing a blue striped button down shirt, khaki knee-length shorts, and leather sandals. He's a little short of average in height, but he makes up for it with muscle. His chiseled jaw has a day's growth of stubble on it and his dark hair is kept short on the sides and in back, but longer and messy on top. His blue eyes and his mouth are both surrounded by faint lines from an inclination towards laughter.

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