Gwen's Vitals
Name: Gwen Dolin
Race: Changeling
Shortdesc: Wind-up girl
Position: Uncertain
Fame: N/A
Temperament: Mental-unstable.
Themesong: Until The Levee - Joy Williams
Astrid Berg├Ęs-Frisbey as Gwen Dolin
**I Found - Amber Run** I'll use you as a warning sign. That if you talk enough sense, then you'll lose your mind. And I'll use you as a focal point, so I don't lose sight of what I want.
**Let Me Touch Your Fire - Arizona** I'll never leave you on the wire. So let me touch your fire. I'm cold, sick, and I'm tired. So, baby, let me touch your fire.
**Precious - Kevin Garrett** I left my heart for the road, 'cause I didn't need it. She wanted my flesh and bones, and I let her keep it. And I am the one to blame, for what's left me he has changed.

I see a ghost out on the water, I swear it has my face.
I bend and drink the lonely down, the lonely down.
There's trouble on the river, and whispers in the trees.
I can feel it all around, all around.

I'm going to stand, I'm going stand here in the ache.
Until the levee on my heart breaks.


  • Changeling: Gwen Dolin is an Elemental of the Manakin kith. She's an adept crafter and artificer. Having made several things for different people throughout the Freehold.
  • Spring: Once upon a time she was all about the renewal of life and growth… Not so much anymore.
  • Winter: Bad things happen to people, and they happen to Gwen so badly that now she's bitter and sad.
  • Bartender: She owns and tends the Blue Moon Bar out by the airport.
  • Bikers: She used to be affiliated with the now mostly defunct Reapers MC.
  • Unstable: She isn't the most sane person….


  • Tyla: Little faery-lost girl, little fae-touched woman. Lamb amongst the thorns.
  • Lucas: Gone.
  • Olivia: Gone.
  • Stone… where is my Stone? I hope he comes home from Canada soon.
  • Velvet: Gone.
  • Jack: Gone.
  • Eddie: …you scrawny little coat rack.
  • ida: Lovely, sweet girl. What she sees in that despicable coat with legs I'll never know.

Desc - Mien

Around 5'4" with strands of golden-red ribbons and strips of bronze metal for hair. This woman is some sort of automaton. Her skin is some sort of pale blue metal. Her joints are all affixed with balls, that same metal but a little darker. Her eyes are bright blue gems that never seems to blink or blink too much and too fast. They tend to stare off unfocused as well.

She wears a pair of dark blue jeans that have holes in the knees, and a heavy black sweater. The arms of the sweater are just a little too long, and swallow most of her hands. Only her fingertips can be seen. Over the top of the sweater is a leather jacket that is equally, just a little too long. Her shoes are scuffed work boots.

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