Jamie's Vitals
Name: James Alexander Gunther Jr.
Race: Changeling
Shortdesc: Tall, green eyes and brown hair, athletic
Position: Paramedic
Fame: Faithful Sidekick
Temperament: Netflix and Chill
Themesong: "Ride the Wind" - Poison
Tamoh Pennikett as James Alexander Gunther Jr.


  • Changeling: Spring Beast Truefriend. Former prisoner/member of the Wild Hunt.
  • Spring: Member of the Spring court.
  • Paramedic: Member of the local Fire Rescue.


  • Finn: Best friend and brother in their escape from the Wild Hunt

Desc - Mien

The Lost before you is tall, standing about six and a half feet with broad shoulders and lean, powerful musculature that bespeaks endurance. He is covered with velvet-fine coat of dapple-grey hair, longer and thicker on his head and down the back of his neck, forming a short and bristly mane. His ears come to a definite point, and at times will wiggle a bit independently of each other. Powerful legs end in heavy hooves and a long silvery tail pokes out of his jeans to nearly sweep the floor. His eyes are a pale blue.
He tends to wear button-fly jeans and tee-shirts and around his left wrist is a heavy silver ID bracelet with flat links. On a leather thong around his neck there's a pewter medallion with wavy lines etched into it.
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