He's a Hoot
Name:Knight de Cuisine Kato Ibori
Race: Changeling
Occupation: Lincoln High School Chemistry Teacher
Position: Man-At-Arms
Fame: N/A
Temperament: Excitable, curious
Themesong: Supernova
William Catlett as Kato Ibori
**Supernova by Ra** And now I close the door, melding a resurrection. Living through every war I underscore the pain. Windows of fantasy, shadows of expectations. Drowning in agony I set this body free
**Headstone by Djerv ** I'm coming for your headstone, bringing a crew or doing it alone.
**Themata by Karnivool** It's so good to see, this world is alive. It's so good to see, this world is a lie.
**Anger as Beauty by Hawksley Workman** Melt your silver down. Kiss your lover's face. The sirens start to sound, and you're caught up in the only place where the honesty of fear makes a battle like a song falling on your ears.
**Never Settle by Jeezy** I want it all: brand new socks and draws, and a bitch so bad you don't see all the flaws. A two door that go vrmm every time you hit the pedal You want the same? Just don't never settle

"The ticking moments beat against me like broken waves in a desert. Lolling envy cascades beneath a yellow sky, dying slowly in a casket of infinite density. Aiming too high, the arrow misses and makes its mark on a setting sun. Reaching up, there is no one but the echoes of potential that rattle and bang against what could have been. Having regret, we find the ego wanting more, needing more. The frozen walls melting into the childish night. The time has come to open our eyes and be blinded by the sun"

- Ra, Supernova


  • Aurum: He was taken into the service of The Duke of Darkwater, and tasked to the existence of a cook. The worst of it was being the tester of whatever madness the crews found, and found himself sickly for some time until he grew resistant to the insane crap he had to eat during his capture.
  • Argentum: Kato is first and foremost an alchemist. He's dabbled in other magical affairs via tokens and contracts, but the hermetic sciences have always been his forte. As such he's willing to take the parts, pieces, and whole bodies anyone is willing to give him - usually trading something crafted for whatever is left over.
  • Mercurius: He initially sought out entry into an august order of chefs for his own experiments, but as he began his apprenticeship under such a knight he grew to realize why mundane food had tasted so goddamned awful. It didn't have the tastes he'd grown use to in Arcadia. He does cook for other people from time to time, but they usually get regular food and as a form of payment when he needs something collected. The leftovers from his experiments and crafting usually end up on his plate later that night.
  • Cuprum: Kato isn't the most violent person when he's in the real world. Whether it's all an act or not he's vastly different when exploring or dealing with anything of a Faerie nature. He's willing to kill almost anything from the Hedge without a second's hesitation, and eats of the Hedge's bounty without a single worry - for better or worse.
  • Ferrum: Kato is a Summer, and proudly a member of it. He doesn't express that well enough in the real world; and it usually comes out in the defense of the Court, whatever Freehold he currently resides in, or his students.
  • Stannum: He doesn't have the best reputation with Hobs, and it shows in his interactions. The more sapient and humanoid hobs are relatively safe, but he's been an earnest hunter of those of a more bestial bent. Things have somewhat changed after what he perceives to be the extinction of the dracotoads in LA, but he still can't fight who he is.
  • Plumbum: Kato is one of those Changelings that killed his Fetch at the first opportunity, and reclaimed his former identity. Since recouping and repairing what was left of his life he opted instead to move to the burgeoning Port Angeles than remain in San Francisco and the painful memories associated with it.


  • Vezhakku: Too much sulfur and we blow it up. Too little and we set it all on fire. So, what next?
  • Laish'o: Just eat them.

Desc - Mien

  • Kato is fairly middling in height at 5'11", and even more average in build. His relatively thin, but doesn't show much in the way of muscle. His green skin has a few scratches here and there, and the worst of it is a jagged scar and the missing top of his left ear. The other shows that they were both pointed, and he has gold earring in his left lobe while a silver one is in the right. The oddest thing about him beyond the odd smells always present is the clockwork right hand.
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