Nina's Vitals
Name: Nina May Barrett
Race: Psychic
Shortdesc: Flyaway hair and a big ol' badge.
Position: Police Detective
Fame: Hometown girl makes good
Temperament: Driven
Themesong: My Least Favorite Life - Lera Lynn
Rachel McAdams as Nina May Barrett

I'll take trust over love any day of the week. It's worth more and is in shorter supply.


  • Detective: She's been with the PA police department for 10 years.
  • Hometown Girl: From the wrong side of the tracks; her sister's a known petty criminal and junkie.
  • Psychic: On the down low.
  • Unseen Sense: The presence of Changelings gives her chills.



The Barretts are Port Angeles born and bred, though none can claim the city has done well by them. Solidly lower middle class from a blue collar background, Father Barrett died younger than he should have from a stress-related heart attack. Mother Barrett is still around, if one can call early onset Alzheimers "around"; part of Nina's paycheck goes to keeping her in an assisted living facility.

In their youth, she and her sister took vastly different paths through life. To outside eyes Nina seemed instilled with a strong sense of justice and bone-deep ambition. What they didn't realize is that her need for order, for normal, for rules being followed, was the result of the strangeness which has chased her for as long as she can remember. The power she possesses might be useful, now and then, but it isn't natural, no more than the strange chills she feels around some of her acquaintances. So hers was the lawful path, chasing a career in the police force and entering a detective's track.

Audrey went the opposite way. She fell into a rough crowd, dropped out of high school and started putting anything she could get her hands on into her veins. Nina still suspects it's Audrey's rap sheet which delayed her own promotion; she only made detective three years ago, well behind the average for the department. The delay (as well as an adulthood spent with Nina's offers of help denied) has driven a deep wedge between the sisters.

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