Mr. Quiet
Quiet's Vitals
Name: Mr. Quiet
Race: Changeling
Shortdesc: Mr. Hyde meets Lurch meets the Hulk.
Position: Usher at the Princess Theater
Fame: N/A
Temperament: …Quiet.
Themesong: Phantom of the Opera
N/A as Mr. Quiet

My dreams were filled with frightful things;
Warblers riding ravens' wings.
Obsidian bodies flocked in rows,
Walking slowly over trees.

Stiff dead children sailed dark seas.
Warblers riding on their backs.

The ravens marched in close formation,
An army of dark purpose,
Taking warblers to the shore
To ride their grim escorts.

What frightful things must abide
In this gentle heart of mine
To summon images like these.
I dare not try explore.


  • Changeling: Mr. Quiet arrived in Port Angeles many years ago with another Autumn Courtier, Vera Vile, and has been a fixture at the Princess Theater ever since, working as usher and caretaker of the establishment. Even after Vera's departure from Port Angeles, Mr. Quiet remains the vigilant guardian of the theater, keeping the place running even in her absence.
  • Autumn: Quiet is a long-time member of the Autumn Court of Port Angeles.
  • Princess Theater: The Princess Theater is an old rundown theater in Port Angeles, housed in one of the oldest buildings in the city and well past its glory days. Manned by a skeleton crew, the theater specializes in playing horror movies of all types, and is widely rumored to be haunted. Once a favored gathering spot for the Autumn Court of Port Angeles, it remains to be seen if the finicky Lost will move on along with the times or not.
  • Strong, Silent Type: Dim-witted, but physically imposing, Mr. Quiet has always been a gentle giant. He rarely involves himself in politics or social aspects of the Lost, and for better or for worse, seems to prefer a life of silence and relative solitude. Update: This has recently changed due to an episode in the Hedge. How it changes remains to be seen.


  • Vera Vile: The Horror Queen, owner of Princess Theater, an Autumn Fairest who now resides in California. Mr. Quiet is her loyal manservant who is left in charge of the Princess in her absence.
  • Mr. Tuttle: Janitor/handyman of the Princess. Old man who is slightly insane and senile, ensorcelled mortal who lives at the Theater.
  • Mrs. Mills: Part-time manager of the Princess. Ensorcelled old widow who, unlike Mr. Quiet and Mr. Tuttle, does not live at the Princess. She takes care of the administrative side of things, like paying the bills and arranging for movie and play schedules.
  • Miss Charlotte: No one is sure who Miss Charlotte is. Only Mr. Quiet and Mr. Tuttle speak of her.
  • Mister Wright: No one is sure who Mister Wright is either. Only Mr. Quiet and Mr. Tuttle speak of him.
  • Lucas: "The Doctor". Old Autumn leader, but seems to be gone now.
  • Eddie: "Bug-Man Brundle". Old Autumn, not anymore.
  • Denver: "Fire-Girl". Fellow ogre, fiery.
  • Audgrim: "All-Grim". Violinist, horny.
  • Bea: "Bee-Lady". He remembers her from before. Provider of honey and foods.
  • Penny: "Pennies". Old Autumn friend. Scary Clown little-sis.
  • Finn: Ex-Spring-King. Not so Kingly no more.

Desc - Mien

The curiously-named Mr. Quiet is just that: quiet. He may be a man of few words that borders on being monosyllabic, but his presence is rarely overlooked. Monstrously large, Mr. Quiet towers at over seven feet in height and built like a brick wall. His features are ugly and brutish, with short white hair flat across a sloping forehead, beady yellow eyes staring from beneath prominent brows, and a broad mouth filled with stone-like teeth under a pug nose. His complexion is chalk white, with ugly scars criss-crossing over his face and body. Though his head is larger than most people's, it is still dwarfed by the massive, muscular shoulders that it sits on. The barrel chest, thick torso, thick arms and large hands all point to a man who is strong through hard work rather than exercise. It is not unreasonable to estimate that he would weigh in at an impressive 400 pounds, a veritable giant amongst men.

Odder still, is that this brute is dressed in an old-fashioned black butler's suit, with a white light-green shirt and what appears to be a leather vest beneath the oversized jacket, and a pair of black dress pants and shoes that certainly must have been tailored to his size. The only thing missing is a tie, although it looks like the collar isn't quite large enough to accommodate his thick neck. All of his attire are in tatters, as if ripped and torn by his bulk, or rotten and moldy with age. His ensemble casts Mr. Quiet in a paradoxical light, a monstrous brute dressed as a gentleman, as if he were some horrific fusion of both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

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