Sydney's Vitals
Name: Sydney Lauren Rae
Race: Human
Shortdesc: Blonde woman in her mid-30's
Position: SAC Pacific-NW Region, FOPIB
Fame: N/A
Temperament: Empathic, professional.
Themesong: How do I Live? - Trisha Yearwood
Monica Potter as Sydney

Every good citizen makes his country's honor his own, and cherishes it not only as precious but as sacred. He is willing to risk his life in its defense and is conscious that he gains protection while he gives it.

~~ Andrew Jackson



  • Bureau: Sydney is a veteran agent of the Federal Occult & Paranormal Investigation Bureau who worked the Pacific Northwest region — and particularly around the Port Angeles area. In that time she has made contacts with some of the local Lost, and is thought to be somewhat sympathetic to them. Many years later, she has returned to Port Angeles with a promotion to SAC of the Pacific-NW region.
  • Social Worker: Sydney has always maintained a cover identity as a social worker, employed by the Federal Social Services, though she mainly works as a case manager these days. It is a good cover since it grants her a lot of freedom with her schedule, as well as access to many cases that might have paranormal implications.
  • Changeling-Savy: As normal humans go, Sydney knows a lot about the Lost. She had first-hand experience dealing with them, witnessed some of their conflicts with other paranormals, even befriended some of them. She arguably knows more about the Changelings than most agents in the Bureau, but even then her understanding of their world is sketchy at best.
  • Unseen Sense: One of the reasons Sydney has been successful agent of the Bureau is the fact that she is sensitive to paranormal activities… especially the Wyrd.


  • David Cunningham: Ex-boss, retired Bureau SAC of the Pacific NW Region. Cold, secretive, efficient, but a product of his time. I plan to move the Bureau away from its Cold War mentality.
  • Agent Harris: Agent, Police Officer.
  • Agent Haddad: Agent, Police Officer.
  • Agent Jones: Agent, Science Guy.


Following an investigation of a mysterious abduction of a young boy, the Houston office of the Federal Occult & Paranormal Investigations Bureau recruited Sydney Rae — who was the single mother of the boy and proved to be sensitive to paranormal activities — as a field agent. Upon completion of her training Sydney was reassigned to the Port Angeles office, under the cover as a Federal Social Services advisor.

It was in Port Angeles that she made significant inroads into understanding the world of the Lost. Over the course of her investigations, Sydney came to know — and even befriended some of the local Changelings. Eventually with the help of some of the Lost, Sydney was reunited with her son Billy — now a scarred and adult Lost himself after taken by the Gentry. Their reunion was not a joyous one, and as much as Sydney wanted to make things work between them, she was forcibly relocated to the Baltimore office… after her SAC Cunningham found out about her association with the local paranormals and judged her to be a potential security risk.

For the next eight years Sydney worked along the eastern seaboard, gaining much needed experience not only in the field, but also in office politics. She steadily moved up the ranks, and by 2017 she was ready for a senior position when the Port Angeles SAC spot became open with Cunningham's retirement. After a flurry of applications, interviews and internal discussions, Sydney returned to Port Angeles after almost a decade, but now as SAC of the Pacific-NW region of the Bureau.


Though no stunning beauty, Sydney is nonetheless a pretty woman whose attractiveness comes mainly from an ageless, honest quality. At five-foot-five, she is slight of build, with sandy shoulder-length blonde hair, the side-swept bangs complementing her features nicely. There is a hint of sadness on her face, in her blue eyes and lips, an emotional reservation that never goes away. It gives Sydney a vulnerability that makes her appear more approachable and sympathetic to many.

She generally prefers conservative clothing, including her work attire. It consists of a dark gray office dress perfect for the professional workplace; a gray jacket is worn over a simple white blouse, and the hem of the matching gray dress reaches just above her knees. She only wears simple makeup if she bothers at all.

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