I'm bigger than my body.
I'm colder than this home.
I'm meaner than my demons.
I'm bigger than these bones.

And all the kids cried out, "Please stop, you're scaring me"
I can't help this awful energy
God damn right, you should be scared of me
Who is in control?

~Control -Halsey



  • Name: Velvet Davis
  • Court: Autumn
  • Virtue: Charity
  • Vice: Wrath
  • Seeming: Wizened
  • Kith: Brewer

Themesong:Tea Party - Kerli


  • Changeling:
  • Autumn:
  • Barfly: Easy to find her hanging around bars, absorbing information.
  • Sugar High: She owns a little niche bakery in town with spooky looking goodies. They are spookily delicious.
  • Criminal: She was into some gang related activity when she was fresh out of the hedge. Her knowledge, as well as her links to the Black Market have followed her here.



An ethereal sort of grace surrounds this woman. Hers is most certainly an athletic build, tall and slender with long, lean legs. Pale skin is accented by a pure white cloud of hair that falls like a wild curtain long past her hips to settle mid thigh, occasionally pulled into thick braids in order to stay neat and out of the way. Long, curved ears that betray her as a Wizened stick out from within that mane of hair, earrings sparkling in lines down to the lobe.

The bubble goth style of her clothing may draw a bit of attention; A white lace corset wrapped tightly around her chest, deep purple leggings and a pair of tall, strappy boots that end just over the top of her calves. Her blue eyes sparkle all too knowingly, a faint smile usually found twitched across her lips, mildly deranged.


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